A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 11 – The End




“Hey! Mike! What are you doing here?” Diane asked?”

“I own here Dee but I’m always busy with my other companies so I have someone who takes care of it. Is this the place you got the job you told me about?” He asked.

“Yes” Diane responded.

Michael reminded her that he had already told her he owned a restaurant but maybe she couldn’t remember and she agreed but was surprised that Michael was her boss.

They both left for lunch afterward.


Alfred quickly came down from the car with Celestia. He was in a hurry to go in to be sure the lady he saw walking out of the house was not Daine.

Tina short form for Celestina kept calling him to slow down but he paid deaf ears to her.

He got upstairs but couldn’t see anyone in, he searched Daine’s room and didn’t find her so he opened her wardrobe and was shocked to see there were lots of fancy clothes with bags and shoes there. The types Tina wore which he bought for her sometimes. What he just saw in her wardrobe made him concluded that the lady he saw must have been his wife. He decided to stay back home throughout that day despite Tina kept pestering him.

”Why are you being so worked up? Fine let’s go out and chill. Maybe to a club or karaoke bar you know?” She said with a naughty smile with her hands going up and down his body.

Alfred actually wondered in his mind what type of woman she was. Tina saw that her actions didn’t move him so she decided to get naughtier, she undressed before him and tried k!ssing him, it got very intimate but at a point he stopped and told her to dress up as he wasn’t in the mood. He left for his own room.

Tina felt frustrated and dressed up, she went to his room and sat beside him but immediately, his phone rang. It was Andy.

“Hey man! How are you doing?”

They talked for a while after which he told Alfred that his mom wanted to come over there but he told her to relax as he knew everything was fine but he’d be coming over there with his girlfriend.

Alfred was confused, he didn’t even know what to answer he just said “okay” and asked him when he was coming.

“Maybe tomorrow” Andy replied. Alfred was shocked that he didn’t realize when he shouted ”what!”

Andy asked if he was okay, he lied and said ”yes”.

He ended the call and checked the time, it was some minutes past five already so he decided to drop Tina off at home and do some tweaks in the house before Andy came over with his girl, this means he had to go shopping too. He took his keys and they both went downstairs and zoomed off in his car. She kept insisting on following him to wherever he wanted to go but he refused.

“Why are you acting this way? You’ve changed a lot, are you trying to be faithful to your so called wife or you want to find a new girlfriend?” she asked.

Alfred hushed her to keep shut in anger and told her to get down as he was already parked in front of her gate.

She got down angrily making a baby face but he just zoomed off nevertheless. He got to a mall and bought lots of things consisting of bed spreads, groceries, toiletries and some other things that would come in handy. He left for home immediately and arrived to see Diane’s shoes outside.

This meant she was back so he hurried into her room forgetting to knock, she had a short towel tied around her body exposing her long smooth legs and perfect thigh.

She turned back to see him staring at her and said, “courtesy demands you knock before entering someone’s room so why didn’t you?”

Alfred didn’t know what to say so he just went out and told her to come outside when she was done. Diane only smiled as she noticed he was becoming calmer towards her.

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