A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 11 – The End




Diane got dressed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. She met Dora already preparing something for them so she offered to help out and struck a conversation with her,

” So how was your night Dora?”

” It was very fine and peaceful, how about yours?” She answered.

Diane replied with a broad smile, ”it was fine too”.

Dora laughed and leaned on the wall, “hmmmmm, there must be something behind this smile, I have never seen you smile like this since we came into your house. Tell me, does it have anything to do with your marriage? What’s the latest? Did you poison him or what?” Dora asked and broke into laughter.

”I did worse, if you must know”. Daine replied.

“I am really dying to hear that.”

“Let’s just say my husband has realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness for ill treating me since we have been together. The greatest of it is that he confessed his love to me last night and even wanted us to seal that up on the bed this morning.”

”Oh My God!! Don’t tell me you denied him that” Dora shouted and ran around in laughter.

“Before nko?”

“You don’t mean it? So what happened next? Any juicy gist on touch, kissing and all those romantic stuff even though you denied him the main act?” Dora asked in excitement.

“Well, there was hugging and kissing, aside that every other thing is place on hold for now” Diane said giggling.

“Girl, you lucky escape it this morning but I guess you won’t at night because I know your hubby is anxiously waiting to devour you. Congrats dear, am so happy that both of you had finally made up and ready to make your marriage work.” Dora said hugging her.

They served breakfast and called their lovers to the dining to eat.

After they were done eating, Alfred got up and planted a kiss on Diane’s check who was sitting beside him and said that he had to leave for work.

Andy and Dora left saying they need to do some shopping as they were preparing for the wedding.

Diane was also preparing to leave for work when she got a call from Michael to hurry up to the office because he has missed her face and really want to catch up on the latest gist about her marriage.

She checked the time and saw it was already past 11 a.m, she hurriedly applied her make up. While doing that she remembered Bella’s flight was scheduled to arrive by 12 noon. “Oh my gosh, why do I just forget that my best friend is flying into the country today?” she said to herself making a puppy face to the mirror in front of her.
She quickly sent a text to Michael that she wouldn’t be coming to work but would see him later in the day as she had to pick her friend from the airport. She got to the airport just at the time the plane landed and was stretching her neck to view each person coming out of the plane until she caught a glimpse of Bella. She was so happy to see her that she almost jumped to go carry her down the flight of the plane.

Immediately Bella got to the lounge and her luggage was checked and given to her, they both hugged and exchanged pleasantries giggling like two little kids that has lost contact for years.

Diane took Bella home, she freshened up and gave her light snacks saying she will take her to he restaurants where she work to go eat. After Bella had rested for a while, they both left the house. So that they could see Michael and for Bella to have lunch.

They got to the restaurant and Bella was served food to eat. Daine took her to Michael’s office after eating. On seeing Bella, Michael was shocked and so was Bella, they immediately jumped on each others neck and hugged tightly. Both of them were very close friends for some time while Michael was stil in Nigeria but they lost contact before he tried to London and couldn’t communicate again. Though it’s been years but they never forget each other.

They stayed happily glued to each other and Daine just stood there watching with her mouth opened and was wandering if they had known each other before.

When they finally broke free from themselves, they exchanged pleasantries and got into old talks which led to present hist on work, marital status and other issues of life. They were both engrossed in their conversation and lost in their own world that they completely forgot about Diane’s presence.

Diane on seeing that they had forgotten her had to clear her throat to remind them of her presence. When they heard that, they both to turned to her direction, laughed and apologized for keeping her lost.
They explained to her how they had met some years back, how they had been close friends and how they lost contact with each other.

Diane was happy to hear their little story which she noticed has some elements of love attached to it even though they didn’t state that clearly. She was so joyous that she had gotten them reunited even though it was by chance. She was also happy that her one and only best friend will now have a lovely love life as she had known Michael to be a caring man and the dream man of most ladies. She knew her friend will be happy to love again, in fact her coming over to London to see her was a blessing in disguise. She let them catch up on few things while she was fiddling with her phone as she was on chat with Alfred.

Michael pleaded with Bella to stay over at his house for the mean time before she would go back and also pleaded with Diane to let Bella stay at his place.

After much pleading, they both agreed that Bella stay with him for some days so he drove them to Diane’s house to get her luggages after which he left with her.

Michael really took care and treat her nicely her like a queen. They both fell in love with each other in the few days she was with him.

Diane after Bella left to Michael’s house waited for Alfred who promised to be home early to continue what they started in the morning. She went about with thought of how her s*x would be like through out the day and made up her mind to try it out with her hubby no matter what that night.

She had longed waited to be a woman since her wedding night and now that the opportunity has come, Alfred was keeping her up really late. Though angry, she was determined to wait for him. She later got tired of waiting and put a call through to him but while the phone was ring the bell rang and she ran to open the door because she knew it was him.

Alfred known he had offended his wife by keeping her waiting, had to stop over at a mall to buy her flower and other things he knew she would like to make up for staying late at work.

When she opened the door, he hugged her and told her how much he had missed her but she stood still and refused to hug him back faking anger.

He gave her the flowers and things he got for her with an apology, “am sorry for coming home late my love”.

She smiled, hugged him and collected her gifts from him.

She loved the colors of the flower so much that she was admiring them when she went to the kitchen to get him his food.

She was stil standing with the flowers in her hands when Alfred hugged her from behind and said, “I can’t wait to have you baby”

She turned to face him and replied, “you have to eat and take your bath before we talk about that.”

“The thought of you alone had filled my stomach that I don’t want any food, it’s you I want for dinner and as for the bath, that can wait for later”

He took the flower from her and dropped it on the kitchen counter then carried her off to their bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and started k!ssing her all over, he undressed her and also did same. He was really gentle with her when he went into her because he knew it was her first time.

They spent almost the whole night making love, bonding and been intimate with each other. They were both happy and felt nothing but pure love. Though she was quite shy to look at him after they finished. Got up tied a towel around her to go take a bathe but he dragged the towel down leaving her n@ked and then he went closer to her and k!ssed her.

While they were engrossed in k!ssing a knock came on their door.

“Who is that?” Alfred asked

“Its me, Andy.”

Diane was startled but Alfred spoke up, “we’re busy over here guys, we’ll be out later”.

Dora laughed out loud and shouted, ”I want to hear Diane’s voice too and this made them all laugh.

Diane shouted again, “oh my Dora, hope you catching fun?”

” Yes,” she replied

They left and retired to their room while Alfred carried his princess in his arms to the bathroom.


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