A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 11 – The End




As they got upstairs Diane was confused about what to buy as there were many types of clothes to choose from, Michael tapped her and smiled and asked, “which type of clothes do you want to buy?”

She replied,” I haven’t told you about this but I tried searching for a job and I went for the interview today so I was asked to come back tomorrow so I need to look presentable and nice.”

He agreed to help her and they walked around to choose some clothes.

He picked some clothes for her and asked her to try them on. She looked good and more beautiful in them so they paid for it along with some shoes and handbags.

When they got to another session of clothing, she decided to pick some herself and tried them on for Michael to see but he told her they were too shabby, unprofessional and too simple.

She picked another and tried it.

“Wow, This is perfect you look stunning in it!”

Diane smiled and said,” we’re definitely buying it” they gave each other a high five for a job well done. She picked some jeans, hoods, gowns and sneakers too.

They were both famished after the shopping and decided to go down to have lunch. People who didn’t know them would think they were dating or married because of the way they were acting.

Diane bought a hood and wrist watch for Michael to thank him, she handed it over to him after lunch. He was so touched by her gesture and loved the hood. He asked her when she got them because they were together all through the shopping period and he never saw her pick any thing for him. She said nothing but only smiled.


Alfred came back home to an empty house, he called Albert to inquire about Diane’s whereabouts but he knew nothing either. He waited for her to come back for a while and became hungry so he checked the fridge to see if she kept any food for him, he saw something to eat, luckily for him, he found left over food and for some reason he felt happy to have seen it. He warmed it and ate. Not too long after he was done eating, he decided to peep outside and was surprised to see a car dropped Diane off.

When Diane came in, he was already furious. ”Where are you coming from and whose car did you just step out from?”

No, reply.

” Huh! I’m talking to you”

Diane just walked up to the fridge to warm the leftover food but she didn’t see it so she asked, ”did you take the food I left here?”

Alfred was shocked, ”I’m asking you important questions and all you can care about is the food?”

Diane responded,” please the next time you see food in the fridge do not touch it, if you feel hungry and want to eat, tell Albert to make you something. By the way I went for an interview today and if it works out you’ll get your credit card back“.

Michael felt disappointed for a while, he didn’t even know what to say. He watched her walk out and he felt empty and anger towards her for the first time.

He received a call from Celestina his new girl inviting him over for dinner at her place. He managed to reply her and then left.

Diane felt a little bit hurt for talking to him in that manner but Michael told her that it could be her last resort so she had to.


The next morning she dressed up and was about leaving when she got a call from Bella, they talked for a while and she told her the latest going on. Bella commended her for taking such steps believing it would work, she promised to call back as she had to leave.

She dressed up looking stunning and left the house. Alfred with Celestina sitting beside him was on his way back from Celestina’s house since he passed the night with her. He was about driving in when he saw Diane, he was shocked and couldn’t bring himself to believe it was her he had just seen. A part of him wanted to stop her to be sure she was really Diane because he had never seen her dressed this smart and beautiful since he had known her but he later concluded that she can’t be the one. She on her part didn’t even act like she had seen him, she just went her way without even greeting him.


She got to the restaurant and was lucky to be the second person to arrive so she went in after the first person. The director smiled seeing her looking nice and beautiful. He agreed within himself that she would be good for the job. He told her the amount they could offer her and when she agreed to take the job, he told her to start immediately. He called a staff to direct her to her corner and brief her on what to do around there.
She was to welcome people into the restaurant and call waiters/waitresses to attend to them.

The work seems hectic that morning that she already was hungry before afternoon. She called Michael to know if he was free to have lunch with her since she was already enjoying his company. Of course he agreed to her offer. She was packing her bags and arranging to leave when she saw Michael coming down from the elevator, she was shocked and wondered what he was doing here.

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