A NIGHT’S MISTAKE: Episode 1-10


©? Authoress Adaobi ??


Darla’s eyes squeezed shut as the ruthless CEO squeezed her bvm roughly ready for a hit.

“You’re so beautiful secretary…I wanna see what you’ve got down there! ”

Darla knew she shouldn’t be doing this but she badly needed the job.

After going through the interview at Golden Range, the ruthless CEO had asked for a night stand with her else she was gonna lose the secretary work.

Darla is running out of patient. She badly needs the job.

It had not been easy at all to get a job and she has a sick mother to take care of.

Out of patience,Darla agrees and met with the married CEO in his hotel.

“You made the right choice cos you are gonna keep the job.

This is a secret between us. I’m married and none of this should go out.

This night never happened,hmm?” The CEO said, smiling.

Darla glared at his s*xy face and nodded. She gets undressed, ready for this.

But what Darla didn’t know back then was that she was about making the greatest mistake of her life.

She shouldn’t have…

That night when the CEO took her vrginity and pride,she thought it was all over and she could have the job.

But did it really ended there?

Did it really remained a secret??

This is a heart racing piece by me and I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna miss out.



©? Authoress Adaobi ??


?? Darla ??

Not until I was done having s*x with Martin Brooke did I realized how guilty I felt.

He has a wife… somewhere and I had the big guts to sleep in his bed.

But it doesn’t really matter now, did it? Yeah, I’ve done it and that’s all that matters.

I came down from the bed and began dressing up at almost seven.

Martin who’s gonna be my new boss stirred and looked at me. “Going already?”

“Yes.” I returned gruffly.

I heard him laugh silently. And I cursed silently too.

“Look, um… Miss Dilly…”

“It’s Darla.” I corrected stiffly.

He shrugged. ” Whatever. You don’t have to be so pathetic cos you got the job.

Just like I said yesterday, this never happened.” Martin said again.

I looked at him. ” Yes sir. When do I start work?” I asked.

“Monday morning. Late coming… Forbidden. So, you were a vrgin? I was your first so I might treat you specially. ”

” Thank you Mr CEO but I don’t want a special treatment. I only need this job. ” I replied immediately.

” Oh yeah. For your sick mother. ” Martin chipped in to my amazement.

I stared at him.” How did you know about my mother?” I asked.

Martin laughed. ” I know whatever I wanna know.” He replied arrogantly.

I turned and picked up my bag. “I beg to take my leave now.”

He pulled open a drawer and took out some money.

He threw it across the bed to me. I stared down at the wad of cash before me and looked back into his face.

“Take it. That’s half of your salary. I paid you in advance.

You can start treating your mother from there. ” He said.

I stood transfixed. I didn’t really know if I should accept or reject the money but all the same,
I bent and retrieved the money from the bed.

Nodding, I looked at him. “Thank you.”

He waved me off. “It’s your salary. Why thank me? You may leave now. ”

Once I stepped out of the hotel, I breathed in a sigh of relief.

Finally I’m gonna start working and be able to help mom get well.

Let me do a little introduction about myself…

I’m Darla Delaware. Twenty four year-old-lady.

Also an only child to a single mom… Life hasn’t been so nice a bit.

I couldn’t get to go to the university like most of my friends did.

But with my brilliant nature, I was able to attend a lower school and made great progress.

With that I obtained a brilliant CV and that got me the secretary job.

I took a cab and it drove straight to the hospital where mom is admitted.

I payed for her daily drugs.

She was surprised but I tactfully told her I got a job finally in a big company and that I was payed in advance.

Monday morning came bright and clear but it was a bad beginning.

I woke up super late!!

I couldn’t believe it was actually seven already and I was supposed to be at work by seven thirty.

I practically ran to the bathroom and had a quick shower.

I dressed up in some of my new work cloth and brushed my hair in haste.

Standing at the bus stop for a cab was another big problem.

I stood there for almost twenty minutes. By the time I finally got to work,it was almost eight thirty.

“The new employed secretary?” A lady asked as soon as I walked into the reception.

I nodded anxiously and saw her roll her eyes.

“I should have given you the key to your office but you are late.

Mr Martin asks to send you into his office immediately you come…if ever you were gonna come.” The lady said.

I raised an eye brow and walked off.

I heard her grumble behind me but I ignored her and traced the CEO’S office instead.

When I finally got in front of his door,I forgot my manners and pushed the door open without a Knock.

I gasped loudly immediately I walked in and saw the sight before me…..

Mr Martin was having an@l s*x with a woman…on his desk

Both n@ked and sweating badly…right inside his office.


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