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Chapter 91



He stood by the window, staring at the vast and beautiful street. His mind was filled with thoughts about her.

His fore finger found it’s way to his lip and he smiled remembering the kssing moment



“Kss me” she said without realising, staring at his cute eyes affectionately.

She had loved him right from first sight and though he ended up being her jerky boss but he still remains her secret crush..

Dwayne smiled knowingly

“Is that what you want?” He asked in a whisper but she gave no response, instead her eyes remained glued to his, staring without blinking.. like a dummy

He shifted closer to her and cupped her cheeks, leaning in slowly without breaking the stare.

He watched her shut her eyes slowly, waiting expectantly for his lips on hers and he smirked, deciding to play her a bit

He kept leaning in and was about slamming his lips on hers when he diverted her lips to her ears, his fresh breath brushing against her bare skin in the process, sending shivers down her spine

“I thought you said your body is the temple of the Lord, doesn’t it include your lips?” He said sarcastically in a whisper

Her eyes flew open immediately, She felt so stup¡d and embarrassed at the same time

“He keeps playing me, guess he feels nothing for me.. I’m so confused” her mind said sadly

She pushed him away from herself, avoiding his gaze in embarrassment

“I’ll be leaving now, thanks for the treatment” she stuttered quickly still evading his gaze

She got down from the b.ed quickly, proceeding towards the door but Dwayne did the unexpected making a gasp escape her lips..

He pulled her back to the b.ed, making her lie flatly on her back as he came on top of her

“Don’t leave without your Kss” he said in a flirty tone, her eyes widened.. she tried speaking but her tongue betrayed her making her words come out as a stutter and stammer..

Her eyes were still widened when she watched him close his eyes, crashing his lips madly on hers..

At a wavering instant, the shock cleared off her face and she found herself closing her eyes, slowly giving in to the ksss

She had never done this before..!


Not even once!

It was her first time!!

His lips tasted like berries while hers were like that of chocolates.

The coldness of his tongue ring made her crave for more of him as their tongues rolled..

Their lips made cute sounds as they kept swimming in a pool of pleasure, kssing passionately

He kssed her affectionately, spreading her arms on the b.ed as he interlocked his fingers around hers..

Sck¡ng possessively on her lips was something she wished will never stop

She couldn’t ask for more..

Neither could he..!

It was a moment they both wished will never stop

Their lips continued coiling passionately, colliding affectionately with emotions.

Dwayne’s hand slipped under her blouse, and he fondled with her bbs directly since she’s not wearing a b.ra.

“Boss!..” Cindy moaned softly letting out a gasp. No one has ever made her feel this way

The feeling was paradise on earth!!!

Her moan triggered him more and all that was ringing in his head was to do ¢razy things to her..

He broke the kss to pull the her blouse off her body, and immediately her bbs showed up, he kssed them ro.mantically, then he pulled her tips teasingly.

“Ohh” Cindy gasped, driving harder at his hair.

The feeling was driving her ¢razy..!!

He attached their lips again, fondling with her bbs at the same time, throwing her into a world of pleasure..



Dwayne smiled broadly

“I like her.. I’ve always did” he thought

“Cindy, I promise to turn you to a complete bad girl, until you forget about anything called holiness”


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