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Chapter 101

The Next Day..

Grave Yard

Here she was, sitting beside her sister’s grave in grief.. cladded in all black with a black scarf as her cries echoed loudly in the air

Deanna’s tears were uncontrollable, She couldn’t fulfil the promise she made to Mariana of protecting Cathy and the guilt overwhelmed her that she could not control her tears


This was the same thing that happened six years ago ,

Watching in grief was her best friend was being buried and now its happening again

Claribel stood with red and swollen eyes, as she dropped the bouquet of flower on her grave

The pain of losing someone was so saddening especially someone who fought for her till her last breath

Her tears fell freely as the little memories of her flashed in her head increasing the determination of hers to kll Roxanne at all costs

Dylan was on his wheels in sadness

He was the cause of her de.ath!

She was trying to protect him!!

Andrea was also sad and mourning for the beautiful soul that d!ed in terrible pains

“Catherine!, why did it Have to be you!!!’ Annabelle screamed as she wept bitterly

The mortuary attendants watched in pity

The atmosphere itself witnessed and felt the grief of the sorrowful mourners

Suddenly they heard a voice that made them froze

“Where’s my Catherine!!!”

That was his voice


They all turned back and gasped seeing the unexpected

Claribel’s eyes widened on seeing them


Chairman Langford, Sophia and his son!!!!


Chairman Langford, Sophia and his son!!!!

Dylan blinked repeatedly to be sure he wasn’t seeing things.. like how the h’ll did they locate them! And to worsen it all, his father came along..

Each step the trio took, caused a rapid increment in the number of heart beats skipped in their hearts..

Deanna was completely shocked as she watched with her mouth flown open..

“Granny…” Alexandrea muttered in a whisper though they all heard due to the silence in the graveyard

Tristan’s eyes were red like he had been crying, his swollen eyes was also an evidence to prove.

His eyes caught Cathy’s obituary picture and his tears fell as he slowly fell on his knees

“Nooooooooooo!!” His loud scream echoed in the air as his tears fell freely and uncontrollably

He turned to Deanna

“Where’s she?!” He said hoping his thoughts were wrong and that she wasn’t really dead.. but that was the most impossible hope he ever had

It was fking true!!

Sophia rushed to Dylan, surprised to see him on wheels and amongst millions of words he could utter

The only words he found himself muttering was

“What are you doing here..?”

Claribel shook and shivered on her spot as her eyes locked with chairman James’.

He had never liked her even at the dinner weekend and right now it was like she was facing the real dvil himself

“So it was you… Huh” James smiled dangerously

“I… I…. did nothing….” She found her self muttering and immediately bit her lip for being too forward

“You had my son and grand daughter in custody despite all my efforts to find him huh .. you kidnapped my children!!” He yelled, fuming in terrible anger

“Dad…!” Deanna cautioned

“Stay out of this Deanna, I’ll come back to you” he yelled still with his gaze on Claribel

Sophia was busy hugging her son and grand daughter in tears, they’ve been missing for sometime now and she has been worried as h’ll

Tristan on the other hand was engrossed in mourning her..

His first love..


Annabelle kept watching like she was watching a show

“How dare you!!” Chairman James yelled harshly again and Claribel kept shaking like a puppy.


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