BY Melody


Liam was sitting by the mirror of his room, adjusting the sleeves of his white shirt to prepare for work.

The door gave a gentle thud and his hazel eyes gazed over to the mirror.

His wife, May, was standing behind him, dressed in a white nightwear with a ‘couple portraits’ in her chest.

He h!ts the table gnashing his teeth with anger.

He stood up carelessly and walked towards his wife, p!nning her hands to the wall, the protrait crashing on the bare tiles.

“Tell me May, Just tell me!. What do h’ll do you want from me!” He yelled, shooting his d.eadly gaze at her eyes.


May stared at the unusual d’vil in front of her. She was used to his yellings unlike before when she’d break down into tears.

She had decided to be strong and fight her place in his heart.

She gulped down slowly, and lowered her gaze to the portraits that fell on the floor.

A single tear drop fell off her eyes as she tried to speak.

” i…i…just want you…to love me in the normal way. The way a wife deserves.” She muttered in a careful whisper.

“A wife deserves?” There was a smirk on his gorgeous chin.

She nodded her head naively and stared at his eyes, sniffing in her watery nose.

Liam grinned and fisted her palm more tightly.

“You say. But I’m sorry. I don’t remember… making you my wife,,…”


Liam cole had a fatal accident that almost left him d.ead.

Before then, he was a loving and caring husband to his beautiful wife, May.

He cherished her because no other woman could possess her inner beauty and strength

She was a young naive girl who would do anything to make her husband happy and comfortable.

She even spared her bI.ood to save him while he was almost dying.

This couple were beautiful, very young and fruithful in every areas.

May had something to be envied for. She was happy being Liam fortunate wife, the only wife to the handsome creature.

But after the accident, Liam got a serious Amnesia that tends to make him completely forget about his past.

He lost his memory- Even his memories of the good times with his wife. Therefore he couldn’t remember who his dear May was.

He turned heartless, uncaring and he forgot the loving and awesome husband he used to be.

May tried to make her husband see and recover to the past in anyway possible even if it was very impossible.

But her effort were futile and brings in more problems, earning her more hatred from her husband.


Do you think there’s a clash to why Liam had an accident?

Who could be behind it? And why?

Will Liam continue to oppress his wife or find true love at the end?.

*Not every love story has an happy ending.*

Pls grab your popcorn and join me in my beautiful love story




BY Melody



Inside a regular patient’s room, the holter monitor machine was beeping confidently every each second.

Laim was laying lifeless on the hospital bed, wearing a piece of blue uniform.

He was breathing in and out slowly, taking each breath with difficulty.

His forehead was bandaged around his face and his lips were red and stained with bI.ood.

May moved closer on her seat and rested her palm on his arm. She faced the doctor and pouted.

“When is he going to be alright?” She asked, bending her small brows curiously.

The doctor finally moved and leaned himself on the hospital headboard.

“This is the tenth time you’d ask me this question, Ms May.”

” I just need to know if he’s going to be alright to follow me home tonight” She said rushly.

” Well i don’t think so. But let see how his health goes on for the rest of the day.” He said and May slumped her shoulder sadly.

The doctor sighed as he stared at her.

” See May…” He began to walk towards her and he pulled up the girl from the chair by her shoulders.

She stood up willingly and stared up at the doctor’s lazy boring eyes.

“There’s something you should know as well, About the big problem I wanted to tell you ” He said.

May eyes that was blinking with little life earlier had began to fall like an unwithered plant.

“Your dear husband had a serious brain injury and it left him with amnesia.”

“Amnesia? What’s that?.” She asked looking blunt.

“You see, Amnesia occurs when he can’t remember some few things or perhaps completely everything.” He said and May creased her brow up the more.

“He can still remember few things like how to eat, walk, bath, talk, laugh and few others like a normal human. It takes time for him to remember things like you or his family.” He said.

“Wait. He wouldn’t know me too?” Her eyes bulged out and she tried to move towards Lewis but the doctor held her shoulder firmly in place.

“May. All you need to do is to make him remember. It might take pretty much longer and sometimes, the victim might not be able to.” He said.

“But I’m his wife. I mean…he’s supposed to remember me. I’m more closer to him. Why wouldn’t he remember me?” She asked as her throat ran dry painfully.

The doctor looked into her wet eyes and he could feel through her pain.

Amnesia was a very heartbreaking disorder that could drag a whole family by the neck. He wished he could help but he was now clueless.

Such a young poor wife, he wondered what she was going to do now.

“Doctor. Please tell me its not true. Tell me he’ll be fine! Okay!” she said, looking at up him.

The doctor curled his lip, staring at her with zero emotion.

He knew anything he’d say would be pointless so there was nothing to drag about.

She turned around to face her husband.

“Liam…sweetheart..” she grabbed her chest, pouting her lips as she walked up to his hospital bed.

“Doesn’t he have family relatives?” The doctor asked from behind.

May stopped in her tracks still pouting her lips.

“He does. I guess none of them is concerned about him right now. They only sent his bills, that’s all.” She said and the doctor shaked his head painfully.

She continued to step towards him before leaning her palm on the bed, resting her other palm on his forehead.

“Sweetheart?” She said in a whisper before rubbing his forehead and scattering his ink dark hair around.

“It’s May. Your wife. I know you won’t remember any body else. But Please…don’t forget me especially.” She said and her whelmed up eyes finally broke down tears.




Laim is working in his private office, the cold air was enough to keep his fingers moving on the keys.

He ruffled his hair and picked up his already warm coffee, sipping out of it.

“The coffee is warm.” He said with his deep menancing voice that could send hot chills to a skin.

Michelle folded her arm, sumging a stupid look at him.

“It’s warm. You didn’t drink it for over thirty minute since i brought it to you.” She said and Liam looked dazed into his screen.

“Get me a new cup of coffee” He said without turning to stare at her.

Michelle gasped and walked sluggishly towards his table.

She picked his cup and mimicked him by raising the cup above his head to pour it on him.

She knew she was fried to ashes if a single drop reached his hair tip.

She brought up the coffee dispenser machine and poured out a coffee for him, afterwards she placed it carefully on his table.

Mitchell is a grumpy and arrogant girl, around her late teens.

She applied as a personal assistant to the Oh- so popular and breathtaking boss of hers.

Yet, she saw no reason why Liam didn’t take her attractive despite her cool short dyed hair and piereced skin.


Liam cracked his neck joint with his arm and stood up removing his coat, to expose his broad and perfect body.

“It’s Six. Get my cars ready.” He told his personal assistant, Mitchell.

“Your cars. Okay.” She spat annoyingly while rolling her eyes around her eyeballs.

She stepped out of the room, taking off her uncomfortable suit before hanging it around her shoulder.

“Everytime. Get my cars ready!. Get my tea ready. He does nothing for himself!.” She rumbled as she left.

“He opens that stupid mouth of his to tell me to do things like I’m his slave huh! Stupid, stupid!” She kicked the elevator walls before stepping out uneasily.

She collided into a shoulder purposely.

“Watch were you are going, blind bat!” She spat and continued to walk away.

She brought out his car keys and turned on the car before picking out a bottle of soda.

She leaned on the car, sucking through it as she looked into space.

Ater she was done with the can, she threw the can through the window into the car.

“Stupid ! lame ! car!. The tyres are crying for help yet he uses his money to do some other lame things.” She smuged and folded her hands.


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