DARE TO LEAVE : Episode 11 – The End

Dare To leave Episode 11 Lucia was about to leave the store when a call came in from Bobby “Hello madam ” “Yes Bobby, what is it” “I am at an event now ” “And this is my business because ” “Because am here with your husband and the lady from the mall just walked … Read more

THE SOUND OF LOVE : Episode 11 – The End

THE SOUND OF LOVE BY RUTHIE LEE EPISODE 11 ** Zack’s pov ** Immediately Sarah left with Valery, I sighed and got on my feet people had been watching the scene but I didn’t care all I cared about was Sarah forgiving me and I won’t forgive my self If she doesn’t forgive me, I … Read more

FARIDA : Episode 71 – The End

FARIDA PART 71 Iya Farida knew Farida would not tell Wale about the pregnancy but will either ab0rt it or wait for him to find out. She didn’t want that. Now the divorce was final, it was time for Farida to get her life on track. Iya Farida wanted their wedding done quickly before Farida … Read more

FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70

FARIDA PART 61 Farida left for Lagos. The trip to the airport and the flight wasn’t funny. She had to take a little overdose of pain killers as she couldn’t sit well. When she arrived, Wale had organized a vehicle to take them to her mother’s. Maami was surprised to see them but was glad … Read more

FARIDA : Episode 51 – 60

FARIDA PART 51 Wale was summoned by his immediate family over the video. They made it clear to him they were not in support of him marrying Farida who was married. He tried to explain to them. “She is getting a divorce. She will be single soon” “She won’t be single; she will be a … Read more

FARIDA : Episode 41 – 50

FARIDA PART 41 Farida saw less of Sam from the days that followed. She would be asleep by the time he came home. She would just feel his hands on her body. That was the only way he woke her up. It would be difficult to keep up when work began. The morning she was … Read more

DARE TO LEAVE : Episode 1 – 10

Dare To Leave Episode 1 As early as 5am Lucia woke up to start her day, not because she has a work to get to at 7am but because she had to get things in order for her family She went to the kitchen and made breakfast alongside lunch, at 6am she woke the kids … Read more

THE SOUND OF LOVE : Episode 1 – 10

THE SOUND OF LOVE BY RUTHIE LEE EPISODE 1 [califiona 2002] ^ Sarah’s pov^ “How does it look mom” I asked my mom staring at my beautiful self in the mirror, “you look great honey” my mom replied smiling brightly .. ..sorry for not introducing my self, my name is Sarah Barclay am eighteen years, … Read more