THE TRINITY : Episode 11 – 20

??THE TRINITY ? ?EPISODE 11? Michael was shocked by the question. It was meant to be a secret that only two people could knew about. “Answer me; Are you Ismael’s father? Amah asked him again. “How do you know this, Amah? Michael asked. “Typical African! You answer a question with a question. I really don’t … Read more

Forgetting Dad : Episode 1 – The End

Forgetting Dad Written by Sonia Okehie Episode 1 The greatest scar that can ever be inflicted on a person’s soul is the one done by someone they love and trust the most. Fathers are supposed to be a girl’s protector and first love in an innocent way; but what happens when the one man that’s … Read more

The Proposal : A Short Story

The Proposal: A Short Story? (Written By Sonia Okehie) Every lady have their unique fantasy and dream of how they want that special day they say ‘Yes’ to the man that stole their heart; same with men, they also have their fantasies on how they picture that special day to go down. Well, in Jennifer’s … Read more

WHEN IT RAINS….IT POURS : Part 1 – The End

~WHEN IT RAINS….IT POURS~ By Onyinye Simon Ononobi ~PART 1~ I looked up frustratedly as droplets of rain hit my face and my head. Wow! I thought almost close to tears. This is just what I need to end the crappy day. I had gone to an interview that morning that progressively got worse as … Read more

FARIDA : Episode 31 – 40

FARIDA Oge’s Story Episode 31 Farida was excited when Monica mentioned Sam’s visit. She hoped change was at the corner. Monica insisted she suspected something happened to Francis. Finally, one morning, Monica banged at Farida’s door. When she came in, she told Farida she got a missed call from Francis. “What did he say?” “He … Read more