FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70



Farida left for Lagos. The trip to the airport and the flight wasn’t funny. She had to take a little overdose of pain killers as she couldn’t sit well. When she arrived, Wale had organized a vehicle to take them to her mother’s. Maami was surprised to see them but was glad to have them around. She didn’t have time to prepare for them so she had to put the extra room in order when Wale called her. Farida didn’t talk to anyone, she went to her room and laid on the bed. She soaked the pillow with her tears. She was there for hours not picking up any calls.

Maami came in to call her to eat. She observed she was behaving strangely. Then he noticed her pillow was wet. She turned her daughter and saw her eyes very red and could read the pain in them.

“Farida my daughter, what happened? Tell me what happened; I want to know”

“Maami, I want die”

“Die ke? I will not mourn over you. My daughter, talk to me. We will resolve it together”

“Maami, we cannot o. Sam killed me. I am dead. Nothing is remaining”

“Sam killed you? What did he do? How did he kill you? Talk now; stop speaking in parables”

“Maami, Sam pointed a gun at me and raped me”

“What? He raped you at gun point? Why didn’t you raise hell and noise in the whole house? Why didn’t you create a scene? That boy is as useless as they come. We are going back there. He will face the repercussion”

“Maami, I am never going back there; he raped me through my anus”

“What? He did what? Oluwa mi! How could he have? Why would he do something like that? Ah! What do we do like this bayi? It is not something another person should hear. How did it happen?”

Farida described the entire scene to her mother. She was still in tears when she narrated her ordeal. Her phone kept ringing but she didn’t pick up.

‘Who is calling?”

“Wale. I can’t face him maami”

“This is exactly what Sam wanted. You have to tell him what happened”

“I can never tell him. He won’t want me again”

“Farida, Wale loves you. He will get over it and still want you. Talk to him. Let him know and take it from there”

“I am ashamed maami. I just want to die. Why will Sam do this to me? He called me a slut. He treated me like one. I can never forgive him”

“Sam has to be dealt with. How do we manage Wale? He is my priority right now. You are making the situation worse by not talking to him. I will stay with the children, go to Abuja and talk to Wale”

“No maami, I can’t. if he wants to make love to me what do I say? I am badly bruised. He will ask questions, what will I answer? It will never be the same with us again and Sam knew that was why he did this”

“You need to see a doctor. We have to be discreet about it. Our school doctor can help. Let’s go there” Farida’s phone rang again and her mother looked at it. “Talk to him. He will land here if you don’t. Tell him anything but don’t let him meet you like this”.

“I don’t know what to say”

Wale had called Farida numerous times without her picking up. He called Monica to find out what happened but Monica told him nothing happened that she knew of. She too was worried about Farida’s strange behavior.

Monica had her suspicion so she went to her father to discuss with him.

“Something happened to Farida last night. Something terrible. She is too frightened to tell me. That’s why she left. Did Sam send people to threaten her or threatened her himself”

“I really don’t know. I had security personnel in the guest house. I will find out from them”

“We need to do that quickly to salvage the situation”

They got the information they needed from the CCTV. Sam was in Farida’s room and was seen leaving the room about an hour later. Sam did something to Farida. What did he do?

His father sent for him and asked him what he was doing in Farida’s room the night before.

“I went to discuss with her; she’s my wife”

“What did you discuss with her?”

‘We discussed our reconciliation. She is willing to come back to me”

“Is that all?”

“Yes. We made up. I only needed an opportunity with her and we resolved”

“So, where is Farida now?”

“She should be in her room”

“Really? You are not aware Farida left this morning?”

“Left for where?”

“We should ask you since you were the last person with her”

“She was not supposed to leave”

“If I find out you threatened her or did anything to her, I will make sure you regret living” Monica said to her brother.

‘You will take sides with Farida over me your brother? You can do nothing. Who are you? You are shamelessly moving around with a mouse calling him your boyfriend. Don’t let me get started with you. Where did Farida go?”

“Is that the question or what did you do to her yesterday?” his father asked sternly.

“We did what couples do. We made up. What is the problem? Tell me where she went, I will go and get her”

“You did what couples do? Sam, you raped Farida. Sam, I saw the blood stains; you r@ped her. Omg, no wonder she was so scared. You are a be@st. You are a m0nster. You will definitely suffer for this”

“S*x between a couple is not rape. What are you talking about?” Sam replied.

“You are evil. You are not my brother. I can’t be related to someone like you. Dad, you and mom created this monster; he feels more important than he really is”

“Sam, there is no way Farida would willingly give her body to you. Did you force her?” his father asked him calmly.

“It was consensual. She’s my wife she can’t say no”

“Dad, Farida needs help. What do I tell Wale now? I leaving for the airport. I am going with Hugh to the house. This is the worst New year ever. Thank you, Sam” Monica took off for her room. She was crying as she rushed there.

How could Sam have ruined a perfect holiday? This trip would have boosted his political career. In as much as she was not in support of her brother, she also didn’t want he to lose the election as It meant so much to his parents and the family. This charade would have given credence to his claims without harming Farida. Sam had to spoil everything.

She packed her things and asked Hugh to do same. They got to the airport and got the next available flight to Lagos. Her father made it happen immediately. She called Farida but she was not picking up. She called maami, Iya Farida, she picked up.

“I am on my way to Lagos. I know what happened to Farida. Stay with her I will be there soon”

“I want to take her to the hospital; she is badly bruised”

“Which hospital?”

“Our school doctor”

“Don’t take her yet. I will be there soon. In the next two hours I will be with you. Get her to eat and take pain killers. I’m on my way”

Farida refused to eat anything. Her mother made her drink watery pap and then take painkillers. Farida laid back on her stomach. Her mother was worried. Her daughter stopped talking she just laid down and stared into thin air.

Wale was worried. He had never been this worried in his entire life. He kept calling Farida but she refused to pick up. He called Monica and her phone was switched off. Since they were not coming back on the new year’s day as agreed, he had quickly dashed to the site in Kaduna yesterday before Farida’s call came that morning. He wanted to leave and come to Lagos but he wanted to be sure he was needed or at least know what happened. He came back to Abuja. He wanted to book a flight to Lagos but decided to try Monica again. This time she picked up.

“I have been calling you” he said immediately she answered.

‘I came to Lagos. I am going to meet Farida”

“What is going on?”

“She’s fine. I will get back to you soon”

‘She hasn’t been picking my call. I just came in from Kaduna. I am coming to Lagos”

“They are coming back tomorrow. I mean the children. They can’t be in Lagos. I am sending them to you tomorrow while I sort Farida out. I don’t think it is anything serious. I will get back to you”

“Monica, I am having a bad feeling about this. What is wrong with Farida?”

“There is nothing physically wrong with your wife. I will get back as soon as I get to her. I promise. Meanwhile, you need to tell your security not to allow anyone in looking for Farida’s mother except me”

Wale was still not satisfied. He was tempted to leave for Lagos but something was holding him back. He should have left since Farida called but he couldn’t place what was stopping him. He decided to wait for Monica’s call.

When Monica got to the maami’s house, she hurried into Farida’s room. Farida didn’t say a word. She had stopped crying and was just staring. She asked maami what she said happened but maami said they should go to the hospital first. Farida could not walk straight anymore. She felt drained. The driver of the vehicle had to help carry her to the car. On the way to the hospital, Farida opened her eyes, looked at her mother and said,

“You wanted me to go back to Sam. Imagine him doing this to me every day for leaving him. Maami, am I still alive? Am I here with you? What of Wale? Where is Wale?” Maami began to cry while Monica asked the driver to drive faster.

At the hospital which her father had arranged, Monica asked for a stretcher to bring Farida in. her mother was crying thinking Farida was dying. The doctor asked what happened, Monica explained she was r@ped. Then the doctor took her to the theatre to exam her. She didn’t allow Iya Farida in because of her condition, she only allowed Monica. Farida had the blank stare again. She didn’t flinch when they removed her trouser. She was wearing diapers. Why would Farida wear diapers? The questioned look was also on the doctor’s face. The doctor gently removed the diaper by cutting the sides. As she removed it, she observed the bl0od stain. It wasn’t much but she immediately knew what happened.

“Who is she to you?”

“My sister-in-law and best friend”

“Do you know who r@ped her?”

“Yes. Why?”

“He needs to be arrested. He sodomised her”

“What does that mean?”

“He raped her through the anus”

Monica fell to the floor. It was now she understood why Farida was acting like this. Sam was the devil. Why would he do this to someone like Farida? What did Farida do to deserve this treatment? She would never remain the same again.

The doctor explained her closely and told Monica she also had vaginal cuts and bruises. She would need to be stitched at the anus but before anything, she would have to take pictures and evidence of what she can see. Monica was indecisive of if she wanted her to. Finally, she agreed,

“Who did this to her? The person must have been really angry with her to be this rough”

“Her husband”

‘Omg! That’s a tricky one. A husband can’t r@pe his wife under the law”

“They were on a verge of having a divorce”

“How then did he have access to her?”

“It is a long story. How long will it take for her to heal?”

“Her physical body won’t take long but her mental health is where the problem is”

“I know”

Luckily, under very close examination, there were just few cuts and then bruises. Farida was put to sleep and then sutured. She was given intravenous antibiotics and painkillers. She was wheeled out to rest. Wale called again. Monica didn’t know what to tell him. She thought and thought and then decided to lie.

“We just saw the doctor; she caught a stomach bug. She thought it was something more serious that’s why she ran to her mum. She is receiving treatment. It is contagious so we are sending the children to you”

“She scared me. Where is she now?”

“She’s asleep. She will talk to you once she wakes up”

“Thanks Monica. I really appreciate”

Monica sat with maami by Farida’s bed. She couldn’t look her in the face with what she saw. Sam was a be@st. How would she tell her father what happened? She needed discretion. She would call her father later tonight.

Farida woke up some hours later. She seemed better. The pain had subsided. Maami went to get food for her to eat and also check on the children. Monica was left alone with Farida. She didn’t know how to begin but she knew they needed to talk.

“How do you feel now?”

“I feel much better. Where is Hugh?”

“He’s in my father’s house. He’s fine. Farida please tell me what happened. I know what happened, dad and I figured it out but I want to know what really happened”

Farida smiled at her. She had a lot to say but Monica was the wrong person to say it to. She failed herself; she didn’t take caution. She let her guard down. She wasn’t ready to talk about it.

Her phone rang, it was Wale. Wale her love. How would she tell him? How will she explain to him? What will he think of her? Which man wants a woman who has been abused?

Monica picked the call.

“Wale she just woke up. You called at the right time. They are taking her vitals, I will call immediately they are through” then she turned to Farida, “Do not tell him what happened until we figure everything out. Tell him it was a stomach bug. You were stooling and vomiting. Let him know it is contagious. The kids are going to him with Hugh tomorrow. It will distract hilm from coming here”

“You have thought about everything”

“What do I do? I feel like I am to blame. My brother is the devil. He will pay for all he has done. He will never go scotfree. Let me call Wale” Wale picked up at the first ring. She handed the phone to Farida.

“Hello love, how are you doing?”

“I am much better”

“Thank God. You scared the shit out of me. Never do that again. How do you feel now?”

“Still drowsy but much better”

“When can you come back? Or should I come over?”

“Who will stay with the kids?”

“Kufre is there and I can hire someone to join her”

“You have to be there with them. It is an opportunity for you to bond with them. If Monica isn’t there then you should be”

“Farida, is everything ok? I feel you are not telling me something”

“Everything is fine” Farida said with tears flowing from her eyes.

“I miss you. Miss you so much. And I love you”

“I miss you too. I will be with you soon”

“Ok. I will call you later” Farida ended the call.

Monica was also in tears. She sat on the bed and held Farida close to her and they cried together. She didn’t bother to ask Farida any question.

When maami came with food for her, Farida took a few spoons and dropped the food. Immediately her drip finished, she asked to be discharged. The doctor said it was ok for her to go home.

Farida was in her room all day while Monica arranged for the children to join Wale the next day. When she was sure everything was organized, she left to meet Hugh. She left at about 8pm.

On her way home, Monica called her father and gave him the bad news. He was so shocked he suffered a mild heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital immediately. That was his saving grace. He kept repeating “Sam will be the death of me”. Monica didn’t know what to do again. Her father was also hopitalised. Her stepmother advised her to stay with Farida while she took care of her father.

Hugh had questions when she came back but she sold the same stomach bug story to him. He was not buying it. How would she tell her lover her brother r@ped his wife both v@ginally and an@lly? It was too shameful for anyone to hear. She stuck to her stort. He didn’t say anything. He agreed to go with the children to Abuja the next day.

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