“Gently, gently, alright that’s it, great job, now I’ll walk with you slowly”

A nurse uttered patiently and encouragingly as she helped Louise with the clutches.

Since Louise had been in coma for a long time and coupled with the accident that affected her legs, she couldn’t walk properly and needed the help of clutches to move.


Beads of sweat formed on her face as she was using a lot of energy to walk

The nurse guided Louise out of the hospital ward to the hallway for a little walk cause according to the doctor’s analysis, stretching the muscles would help in quick recovery and so Louise had to do that little exercise everyday as a therapy.

The nurse was very helpful as she kept on making little little chitchats here and there to keep her company.

The only worry Louise had was how they would be able to afford the Fees from now, Velvet was just 16 and had to quit school to help hustle for money to take care of her hospital bills.

“There are still good people in the world Louise, an anonymous identity cleared off your hospital bills and even paid for extra care for you in advance, you’re very lucky”

The nurse’s statement brought Louise out of her thoughts as her eyes widened

“C-could you be mistaken?
She asked unable to grasp what she heard

“I’m not mistaken, the person clearly said the payment was for Louise Hill and you’re the only one with that name in this hospital” The nurse confirmed

Louise was shocked and moved to tears

Ever since the misfortune that befell their family, nobody showed them love or even care

Even the so-called friends of her family turned their backs on them when they went bankrupt

Even when their mom died, nobody cared, her mom had always been a kind woman, helping the needy and lends money without hesitation to her friends but when things went south for them, they all disappeared like air.

So who was kind enough to pay her bills?

This question kept whirling in Louise’s head.

Deep in her thought, she missed a step and fell backwards, the nurse was taken off guard and couldn’t catch her in time.

Louise braced herself for the pain that was to come but the pain never came

it took her awhile to realize she was being held in a pair of arms and they didn’t belong to the nurse, that moment a man’s cologne drifted into her nose and she immediately looked up to see her saviour

The man was very much taller than her and she had to strain her neck to be able to see his face.

Apart from Reed, she hadn’t gotten this close to any man before

Ryan looked down at the pale looking girl in his arms, steadying her , he turned to the nurse

“you should be more careful with your patients”


Oh my gosh, Louise that was Ryan Donovan!
The nurse exclaimed excitedly after Ryan left them.

Louise furrowed her brows trying to process what the nurse said.

“Wait a minute, that man is Ryan Donovan?
Louise asked stupified, she could still perceive his manly scent

Louise what are you thinking!

“Yes he is, oh he’s so cute, I’ve had a crush on him since high school days”

Louise shook her head at the nurse’s daydream
She couldn’t deny though, the man is handsome.

“I’m tired already, please can we go back?

Louise asked weakly, she was totally drained out, it seemed as if she had taken part in a marathon.

that being said, the nurse guided Louise back to the ward.


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