CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 30

I sighed as I walked down the stairs, someone has been ringing the doorbell repeatedly.

I stopped when I saw Tristan. “You were here all this while?”.

He shrugged. “Yeah why?”.

“Someone has being ringing that damn doorbell”. I told him.

He turned his attention back to the his phone ignoring me.

“Couldn’t you open it?”.

“I did”.

“Then why is the person still outside?”. I asked frustratingly.

“Just go open the door”.

I rolled my eyes in response as i went to the front door opening.

“Hey Beverly”.

“Kimberly?”. I asked surprised.

“Can I come in?”.

“Uh, sure”. I answered.

She came in and saw Tristan. “Oh the little crap is here”.

“Let me guess, he didn’t open the door for you”. I frowned.

“He did but he shut in my face”.

I sighed. “Just ignore it, so why are you here?”.

She fiddled with her fingers. “I know we are not friends considering what I did to you that day but I’m sincerely sorry about that”.

I crossed my arms. “I know you are only apologizing because of Justin”.

“I’m not okay, i just feel guilty for what I did back there”.

“You could have ruined my reputation”.

“And I’m sorry about that”. She apologized again.

“Why are you here?”. I asked curious.

She went to sit with Tristan. “G0sh!! I’m a bad person”.

“You got that right”. Tristan said.

I shot him a glare and she shrugged.

“Sapphire is really crazy, i tried to stop her but she just wouldn’t”. She continued.

“What are you talking about?”.

“Its Elsa”.

Tristan dropped his phone. “Back it up there, what have Elsie got to do with Sapphire?”.

“Sapphire hates her guts because Kyle is in love with Elsa which makes her annoyed and really bad”. Kimberly explained.

“That guy that was with flowers?”. Tristan asked.

“Yeah that guy but thats not the point”.

“Kim, just spill it”.

“Sapphire plans to drug Elsa and have something terrible to do to her”. Kim blurted out.


“Like get someone to take advantage of her or something?”.

“What the fvck!!”. Tristan cussed.

Sapphire have outdone herself this time. She has no idea what Elsa has gone through and she plans to do this.

“Quick. Call Elsie up”. Tristan said nervous.

I took my phone and scrolled through my contacts looking for Elsa. I finally tapped on it and the call went through.

She picked up at the first ring.

“Beverly, whats up”.

“Elsa where are you?”. I asked worried.

“I just came out of the Library, i’ll be back home in like 20 minutes. Why?”.

“I’ll come pick you up but for the mean time just watch out”. I told her.

“What are you__”.

Her voice was cut off immediately, i looked at my screen and saw the call was disconnected.

“What happened?”. Tristan asked.

“I don’t know”. I said lowly.

“I think Sapphire has her”. Kimberly said.

“What?”. I shrieked.

“Fvck this”. Tristan cursed pacing around.

“Where do we find her? Or Sapphire?”.

“I don’t know, only she and Mason knows about this”.

“Mason?”. Tristan asked.

Mason. That means the boys would know where Mason is.

“Kim, call up Justin while I call Carl”.


“Because we need to fvcking find my sister, d@mmit”. Tristan yelled. “Keep up”.

“Tristan”. I warned.

“Sorry about that”. He apologized.

“Kim, we need to tell them because they are Mason’s friends. They know him”.

“That means we have to inform Bryan too, he is Elsa boyfriend”.

I nodded. “You are right but I don’t have any idea of where he might be right now”.

“Kyle’s place probably, i heard him talking about reconciling with Kyle over the phone when he called Justin”. She admitted.

“Okay then, we are going over to Kyle’s place”.

“Don’t angry at me”.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”.

“Elsa. Mason has her and I’m guessing its because of me”.

“I’m confused here”. I said.

“Justin just called saying something about Elsa gone missing because of Sapphire”.

“How are you sure of that?”. I asked him.

“Dude!! Her number is not going through”.

I ran my hands through my hair nervously.

“Calm down”.

“What do you mean calm down? Elsa is somewhere I don’t know of and you are telling me to calm down?”. I yelled at him.

“We’ll take care of this, i’ll try to contact Mason”.

“If he fvcking touches her, i’m gonna beat the balls outta him”. I said angrily.

“Vi0lent much”. Kyle teased him.

“Just fvcking call that idi0t”.

I heard screeching, i looked up and saw a car coming through the opened gates.

“Who’s that?”. I asked Kyle.

He looked at me. “Justin”.

And truth be told, Justin came out of the car along with Kimberly, Carl and Beverly.

“Whats this I hear about Elsa?”. Carl asked immediately.

“I’m trying to call him up but it doesn’t go through”. Kyle complained.

“He switched his phone off”. Justin announced.

“Fvck d@mmit”. I hit the wall repeatedly.

Carl dragged him away. “Calm down, we are gonna find her”.

“How are we gonna find her, huh?”. I shouted at him. “Just tell me”.

“How the fvck am I supposed to know?”. He yelled back at me.

“You guys should cut it out”. Justin said coming in between us.

I faced Kyle. “You better call that psychotic girlfriend of yours”.

“Sapphire is not behind this”. He replied.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?”.

“But Sapphire said she has it coming for Elsa”. Kimberly told him.

“Okay look, Sapphire might hate Elsa but she’s not the cause”. Kyle spoke up.

“What the hell are you saying?”. I said gritting my teeth.

“I might have planned this with Mason before hand”.

I stared at him confused.

“I wanted the same thing that happened to Brie to happen to Elsa”. He spoke quietly. “I was thinking of that”.

“You were planning on raping Elsa?”. Carl shouted.

“I was okay but not anymore since I fell in love with her”.

Justin rested on the porch not saying anything while Kimberly held him.

“You are such a m0nster. How dare you try to do that to her”. Beverly spoke up amid tears.

I clenched my fists. “Who else knows about this?”.

“Sean”. He replied lowly.

“I’ll dial Sean right now”. Justin said making a phone call.

“Man, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that Mason had other plans”.

“Of course, he would. That guy is a pervert, he knows Elsa is vulnerable”. Beverly replied worried.

I sat down at the small tiled stairs leading up to the main door. I placed my head between my legs as I thought of Elsa.

My jaw tightened as I thought of the fact that Elsa could be m0lested by Mason. G0sh!! She’s gone through a lot.

Tears dropped slowly from my eyes bit by bit as I became more furious.

I stood up immediately. “I apologized. Didn’t I?”.

“I told Mason that the plan was off, i didn’t know that he had other intentions”.

“Why did you bring up the plan in the first place?”.

“I wanted to do that to spite you”.

“What else did you want from me?”. I asked tearfully. “I apologized like a bazillion times and I even tried a lot”.

“I just felt you hadn’t been hurt enough”. He shouted.

I was taken aback. “Hurt enough? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through these last years? Huh?”.

“Bryan, just chill out”. Carl tried to soothe me.

“I lost my fucking mother, did you know how that felt?”. I asked pained. “My Dad disowned me and what else, my sister keep having panic attacks of which I caused”.

“Bryan, dude, calm down”. Carl tried to hold me but I moved backwards.

“I have recurring nightmares about that night that makes me feel guilty of what I did to Brie. I had to go to a stupid fvcking therapy session that drained me out and you said I haven’t hurt enough”.

Its official. I hate your fvcking guts, Kyle.

“I never meant for Elsa to be in this dip shit”.

“I never meant to rape Brie either”. I fired back at him.

Beverly gasped. “What?”.

I faced Kyle. “I swear if I don’t find Elsa then I’ll beat the pulp out of you”.

“You think I don’t care about her too?”. He shouted.

“Well you have a bad way of showing it”. I replied.

“Look, i feel remorse to the fact that I caused it but getting angry at me won’t bring back Elsa”.

“I found the address”.

We turned to look at Justin waving his phone at us.

“What?”. Beverly asked.

“I had to force the truth out of Sean and he gave me the slightest idea where Mason might have taken Elsa to”. Justin explained.

“Give me the address and I’ll be on my way”. I told him.

Carl dragged me back. “No way, we are all going together”.

“I do not want you guys with me”. I said angrily. “Especially that Motherfvcker”.

“You can call me that but I’m going with you to find Elsa anyways”. Kyle said walking past me.

I frowned. “Even if I let Carl go with me, there’s no way you are coming”.

“Why are you acting like that? I told you, i had no idea that Mason had other intentions for her”. He said frustratingly.

“And how am I sure that you are telling the truth?”.

“I love her, dammit. And you know, i would never let anyone touch the girl I like”.

Kyle was right, when it comes to people he love. He’s always overprotective.

“Fine”. I told him. “But to make it clear, Elsa Reyes is mine, got that?”.

“Aye aye captain”. He teased me.

“If you two are done, can we now go help my best friend?”. Beverly shouted.

“We are on it”.

Mason, you are gonna fvcking regret ever trying to touch whats mine.


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