CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 24

I watched as Elsa went out the main door. This girl is just something else.

I went back to my room and flipped through clothes in my wardrobe looking for the perfect choice.

Carl had said casual but I don’t even know what Casual is.

I finally decided on a Gray sweater that says ‘bad’, ripped dark jeans and white low cut converse. I took my handbag and shoved my phone in it.

I swept my blonde hair over my shoulder before wearing bangs.

I went out of my room going down the stairway and stopped surprised to see Carl, he was laughing and talking with Tristan.

“Carl?”. I asked surprised.

He stood up. “Hey Beverly”.

“He’s the hot dude you are going out with?”. Tristan asked.

I blushed. “Tristan!!”.

Carl chuckled. “Yeah I’m the hot dude”.

My cheeks flushed at what he said.

“So shall we?”. He asked.

“Tristan, i’ll be back later”. I told Tristan.

We went out of the main house and walked towards his car in the driveway.

Before I could open the door myself, he ran around and helped me in. It kind of reminded me of those rich people and their chauffeurs.

“Thanks”. I said as I got into the car.

He sat at the driver’s seat and started the car driving into the streets.

“So where exactly are we going?”.

“We”. He paused. “We are going to the batting cages”.

Isn’t that where people practice batting? I wasn’t so sure about this.

I started fidgeting on my seat.

“Are you okay?”. He asked.

“We are going to batting?”. I asked in disbelief.

His face fell. “You don’t like it?”.

“No!”. I quickly reassured him. “Its just that I’m not good at sports and I don’t want to embarrass myself”.

He chuckled. “Well I like sports so I decided to share my interests with you”.

“But I can’t play”. I argued.

“So? Its a date not a competition besides I’ll teach you”.

“See? I suck!!”. I exasperated sending the aluminum bat clanking to the ground.

“Try again”. He said giving me the bat.

“Carl?”. I called.


“Can I ask you something about Bryan?”. I told him.

He stared at me weirdly. “Is this about Elsa?”.

I was taken aback. “How did you?”.

“Well I do know that Kyle must have said or told something to make her curious”.

“Is this how it always is? Kyle deceiving his girlfriends?”.

“Yep”. He replied.

I wanted to say something but he turned his attention back to what we were playing.

“So back to the bat”.

“I can’t play”.

“Let me help you”.

He wrapped his hands around me and held my hands in place around the bat. A ball shoot out of the machine making me block my face.

“Relax, Beverly. I’m not gonna let the ball hit you”.

I knew he wouldn’t.

Another ball popped out and Carl moved my arms to swing the bat, the ball hit the fence and was now rolling back to us.

“I did it”. I shouted.

Carl looked at me. “You did it? Or we did it”.


He rolled his beautiful eyes. “Now you are going to try again but this time, only you”.

“I don’t think I can do this myself”.

“Just try, Beverly”.

He gave me an encouraging smile, handed the bat to me and backed up against the fence.

I waited for the swoosh of the cannon before I swung. I whacked the ball, it didn’t go as far as it did with Carl but I still hit it.

I giddily let go of the bat and leaped into Carl’s inviting arms which gladly caught me and spun me around.

“Did you see that? I hit it”. I cheered.

He laughed. “You did kinda great”.

“Can we try again?”. I asked eager to swing the bat again.

“Sure but lets go meet some friends”.

He held my hand as we ventured into the hallway. “Hey Justin, Tommy”.

We approached a kinda muscular guy who I guess its Tommy. He and Carl did one of those bro hug things which I never for once understood.

“Sup, man. Who’s this?”. Tommy asked.

“This”. Carl said tangling our hands together. “Is Beverly”.

I smiled at him. “Hi”.


I looked over to see Kimberly with Justin and she was waving at me. Weird, i thought she doesn’t likes me. I gave her a little smile.

“Is she the hot cheerleader you mentioned?”. The tommy guy asked.

“Yep she’s the one”. Justin shouted at where he was.

I looked at Carl, did I just see a tint of blush go through his cheeks.

Carl talked about me? Flattering.

“Tommy Barkers”. The guy said.

“Beverly Smith”. I replied.

“Soon to be Beverly Kris”. I heard Justin said.

“Dude!! You gotta shut that trap mouth”. Carl told him off.

“So are you two like a couple?”.

“She’s my girlfriend”. Carl replied.

“Oh finally you’ve gotten over Brie”.

Carl glared at Tommy immediately.

“Who’s Brie?”. I asked Carl.

Justin ran over. “This dude talks too much”. He said and dragged the Tommy guy away.

“C’mon lets go batting”. Carl took me back to where we were before.

“Who is Brie?”. I confronted him about it.

“Uh, no one”. He replied nervously.

I crossed my arms. “Carl”.

He sighed. “Brie Lawson. She’s Kyle’s ex girlfriend”.

“Is that it?”. I asked.

“She’s the reason behind this Bryan and Kyle issue”. He continued.


“Lets just say something happened to Brie that made Kyle develop a hatred for Bryan”.

“Did Bryan do something bad?”. I asked curious.

“Whatever he did back then, he was not in his right state of mind. I really don’t care about it anymore because he’s my best friend and whatever happened is in the past”.

“What happened to Brie?”.

I stopped at Bryan’s place as I stared at it, should I go in? His house was really big.

I knocked on the gate but no reply, then i sighted an intercom at the front of the gate and pressed it, a buzz sound came up.

The gate unlocked and I stepped in.


I looked sideways to see a man, maybe he’s the one who opened the gate.

“I’m here for Bryan Stark”. I told him.

He took me to the main house and I stopped seeing Victoria. She was at a swing in front of their porch, her head buried in a book.

“Vic”. I called.

She looked up. “Elsa?”.

The man or Gatekeeper, i presume, left and went back to the gate.

I smiled. “Hey”.

“You came to see Bryan”. She said.

I nodded. “Yeah, is he in?”.

The main door opened and a girl walked out probably like in her early twenties.

“Tori, who’s this?”. She asked.

“Bryan’s girlfriend”.

Did Victoria just call me Bryan’s girlfriend?

I blushed. “I wouldn’t say girlfriend”.

“Oh Elsa, nice to finally meet you”. She pulled me into a hug.

After a while she pulled away. “I’m Mia, Bryan’s older sister”.

She looked strikingly gorgeous. She had light brown hair just like Bryan but this time, sage colored eyes.

“I guess I don’t need to introduce myself since you know me already”. I told her.

She flashed me a smile. “Yeah by the way Bryan is in”.

She ushered me into the main house and I gaped in wonder. Everything was really classy in here and looking wow.

“Bryan is somewhere around here. I’ll just go out with Tori”. Mia said and left.

I walked around nervously, she didn’t even tell me why Bryan is. G0sh!!! This house is really large.

I walled ahead on the tiled vinyl floor and finally got to the kitchen which was so like wow. I wanted to leave but I paused seeing Bryan.

He sat on the kitchen counter eating an apple with his phone in his hand.


He looked up and his apple fell down in shock. He quickly got down and picked the apple throwing it in the trash can.

“How did you know where I live?”. He asked staring at me.

I crossed my arms. “Why were you not in school today?”.

“You missed me”. He stated with a smile.

I shrugged. “Maybe, i thought you were dead”.

“If I was dead, why would you care?”.

“Probably because I’m your girlfriend”. I joked.

He chuckled. “Let me guess, you met my sister. Mia”.

I nodded. “Yep”.

He smiled as he walked out of the kitchen, i followed him as we walked back into the sitting room.

“How was school?”.

“So boring and you would not believe what Sapphire did to me”. I said angrily.

He sat on a couch. “What did she do?”.

“She threw Spaghetti on me, like literally all over me”.

“But you washed it out”. He pointed out.

“Yeah Beverly helped me out. Is there anything you wanna tell me?”. I asked.

He looked at me. “Like what?”.

I sat on the couch. “I don’t know, you tell me”.

He shrugged. “Apart from the fact that you look beautiful right now, i have nothing to say”.

“Bryan, we need to talk”.

He sat up. “If its about fighting then I’m not gonna teach you now”.

“No not that”.

“Oh then what?”. He asked.

Okay!! How do I do this? Elsa, just say it.


I exhaled. “I need to know what happened between you and Kyle”.

He frowned. “Whats all this?”.

“What are you not telling me?”. I asked him curious.

“Kyle told you to ask me, didn’t he?”.

“I just need to know why he hates you so much”.

He stood up. “I can’t tell you, Elsa”.

“Why not?”.

He faced me. “Because I don’t want you to leave me”.

“I’m not going to do that”. I told him.

“Thats what y’all say at first”. He paced around.

I stood up. “Bryan, just tell me. How am I caught up in all mess?”.

“You are not caught up in any mess”.

“I just need to know why Kyle keep hurting you, why is Kyle bent on getting closer to me?”.


“Kyle. He told me he likes me”.

Bryan sat back on the couch and buried his head between his knees. He really looked fragile.

I crouched in front of him. “Bryan, i promise i won’t judge you”.

He sniffed. “What I did was really bad”.

“How bad was it?”. I asked softly.

He looked up, i could see tears glistening in his eyes.

“It was really bad and I was supposed to go to Jail for it”. He said tearfully.

“What?”. I asked shocked.

His tears dropped.

“What did you do?”.

“I never meant to hurt Brie”.

Brie? Who’s that?

“Who’s Brie?”.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. “Brie Lawson”.

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