CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 22

“You couldn’t even get Kyle and now you want Bryan, Gabriella, you are the cheap slvt here not me”.

She frowned at me.

“And if I were you, i’ll stop being b!tchy at least you got the pity you wanted”. I continued. “And don’t even think you have a chance to get Bryan back because he doesn’t go back to wasted and used trash like you”.

She frowned. “Fvck you!!”.

“Fuck you too b!tch”. I fired her. “And to even think I was friends with someone like you”. I told her.

“You think that I was wrong for leaving Bryan, huh?”.

“If you loved him as you claimed then why did you leave him for Kyle?”. I asked curious.

“Because of what he did. You may see him as a saint but when you find out about his flaw then I’m sure y’ll leave too just like me”. She told me.

I scoffed. “I’m nothing like you”.

“Fine then, lets watch out”.

“I don’t have time for this”.

“You know, if you really like Bryan then you wouldn’t have k!ssed Kyle”. She glared at me before walking away.

Wait!! How did she know that Kyle k!ssed me? Could she have … Nah!!

“That was epic”.

I turned back. “Justin?”.

“I never knew you could do that”. He said.

“You watched all that?”. I asked surprised.

“Yep and you went cr@zy with those words”.

I sighed. “She was pissing me off”.

“Oh, are you going to class now?”.

I nodded. “Yeah calculus”.

“I have the same class, lets go”.

I stopped. “No thanks, i do not want to cross paths with Kimberly”.

“Trust me, she wont do anything. You are Bryan’s little girlfriend”.

“I wouldn’t say girlfriend”. I said as we walked to class.

“Have you guys k!ssed?”. He asked.

I blushed. “No why?”.

“Just asking”.

We got to class and went in, all eyes at me well mostly the girls who were glaring at me.

“Do you know anything about Calculus?”.

I sat next to him. “Not that much”.

“Good, we are on the same page here”.

I snickered. “So you don’t know Calculus?”.

“More like I’m not interested in learning at all”. He replied.

“Then why are you in school?”. I asked amusedly.

“Thats what every kid my age do and besides I’m here for the Soccer”.

“Oh yeah you are the captain”.

“Yep but the only reason I attend classes is to get my grades up, if they are not up then I’m out of Soccer team”. He explained.


“So whats up with you and Bryan?”.

“Why do you keep asking that?”.

“I really want to know more just in case”.

“Incase of what?”.

“Okay that was too harsh for Kyle to say that to you”.

“And to think Kyle chose that slum over me”. I said angrily.

“Sapphire, just chill, okay?”. Evelyn said.

I sat down furiously. “I cant do that, i ‘m pissed off right now”.

“Kim is coming so we can find a way to get at that Elsa”. Evelyn said.

“What do you have in mind?”. I asked.

“Kim can only help us if Justin is involved”.

“But Justin is not involved in this Elsa stuff”. I said concerned.

She winked at me. “I have it under control”.

The door opened and Kimberly came in.

“I got your message”. She sat down. “So whats up”.

“Elsa Reyes”. Evelyn told her.

“I thought we are past that issue”. Kimberly said confused.

“Can you believe Kyle k!ssed her? I saw it this morning”.

“Are you telling me that girl k!ssed Kyle again? D@mn, she went too far”.

“Thats what I’m telling Sapphire, we should show that Elsa girl who’s boss”. Evelyn suggested.

“Maybe Kyle is just playing her, you know how he does. He always come back to you”. Kimberly said.

“Not this time, i’m certain that he likes Elsa”.

“How sure are you?”.

“He called me his fvcking buddy because of her and said we had nothing special”. I replied.

“Kyle did that to you?”. Kimberly asked shocked.


“Thats why we should find a way to drag Elsa down to the low”. Evelyn said.

“But how do we do that?”. I asked. “I mean she has people on her side”.

Kimberly agreed. “Sapphire is right, she has Bryan, Carl and Kyle”.

“And apparently Justin”. Evelyn added.

“Wait!! Justin?”. Kimberly shouted.

“What do you mean by Justin?”. I asked confused.

Evelyn waved her phone. “Dawn just sent me a message, Justin and Elsa are seat partners in Calculus, they also went to class together”.

“How dare that Elsa? Justin is my boyfriend”. Kimberly hit her fists on the table angrily.

“Tell Dawn to send a pic”. I told Evelyn.

“Sure thing”.

I faced Kim. “Look that Elsa is trouble and we need to get her out fast”.

“That Elsa is gonna regret coming to SpringCity High”. Kimberly gritted.

I smiled inwardly. If Kimberly is in, that means Elsa is getting it for good. That serves her right for trying to take Kyle away from me.

“Here is it”. Evelyn showed Kim her phone.

“I swear I’ll kill Elsa”. Kimberly said furiously.

I smiled at Evelyn, we must got what we wanted. For Kimberly to get angry at Elsa and thats just what we need.

Get ready. Elsa Reyes.

“I have an idea”. Evelyn said.


“You know Elsa shouldn’t be able to have anyone, not Kyle, not Carl, not Justin and not even Bryan”. She said.

I raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about?”.

“We need to make sure she has no where to go to if something happens”.

“And do we do that?”. Kim asked.

“By taking everyone away, but first Bryan”.

I crossed my arms. “Bryan?”.

Evelyn smirked. “Bryan for sure likes Elsa and I know that if we can turn it to hatred then we can ruin her”.

“Lets just try to divert Bryan’s attention from her. Who knows? He might be her weakness”. Kim added.

I laughed inwardly. I’m so happy.

Elsa Reyes, you took Kyle away from me and I’m gonna get Bryan.

“And thats what happened”. I said to Beverly as we took a seat in the cafeteria.

“That girl got some nerves”. Beverly said.

“Are you not supposed to sit with them?”.

“I got kicked out of the cheerleading team”. She replied.

“What? When?”. I asked surprised.

“Long story”.

I poked her. “Come on, Beverly tell me”.

“They had it in for you and wanted me to be part of them but I refused”.

“You gave up your cheerleading position for me?”.

She smiled. “Of course, you are my bestie”.

“But what did they exactly want?”.

“Sapphire was looking for a way to being you down so she asked me how she can do that like your weakness or something but I didn’t tell her”. She explained. “And she used my nude photos against me”.

“That was when Carl helped you?”.

She nodded. “Yeah”.

“Beverly, what if she had uploaded those pictures?”.

“Well thanks to Carl, she didn’t and thats why I owe him one”.

“And thats why you are going on a date with him”. I teased her.

“Yeah yeah back to that Gabriella stuff, what did she mean by that?”.

I shrugged. “I don’t know”.

“But seriously Elsa, there’s something we are missing here”.

“I’ve thought about it and I looked for possible reasons why Kyle could hate Bryan”.

“Probably because of a girl?”. She suggested.

“Yeah but maybe something more than that, maybe something extreme”.

She nodded. “You are right because why would his girlfriend leave him after hearing it? It must have being something horrible”.

“Bryan cant be that horrible”.

“Elsa is defending Prince-charming”. She teased me.

I hit her playfully. “Stop it”.

“But seriously Elsa, you are totally falling for Bryan and thats way too cool”.

I looked at her. “You think its gonna work out?”.

“Of course and forget Gabriella, just trust Bryan and i’m sure if there’s something he wants you to know, he’ll tell you”. She assured me.

“Thanks Beverly, you are the best bestie ever”.

“Awww, i’m blushing”. She cooed.

I laughed. “You need a checkup”.

Beverly frowned immediately.

I turned back and tried to look but my sight was covered immediately. Something was thrown on me and I smelt … Spaghetti. I removed it from my face but there were more on my hair.

I stood up and saw Sapphire laughing along with her crew. How dare she?

I went to a table and took a milkshake then walked to Sapphire throwing it on her.

She shrieked as the whole cafeteria gasped staring at us. She moved her hand but to slap me but she was held back.

“Sapphire, are you out of your mind?”. Kyle shouted at her.

“You are on her side?”. Sapphire shrieked.

“I warned to stay away from her”. Kyle said pushing her.

I ignored them and left the cafeteria running away. I stopped by a locker and removed strands of spaghetti on my hair dumping it in a nearby trash bin.

My hair felt slimy as I touched it.

“Are you okay?”.

I turned to see Kyle. “What do you want?”.

“I just wanted to see how you are doing”.

“How I am doing? Your stupid girlfriend just embarrassed me right back there”.

“I’m really sorry for what she did and__”.

I cut him off. “I don’t wanna hear it, just stay away from me Kyle”.

“Thats the problem”. He shouted. “I can not stay away from you”.

“Kyle”. I started to say.

“Elsa, you are the first girl I’ve ever met that has just maybe managed to take my breath away, when I k!ssed you, it was as if my cold heart was melted”.

What the hell is he saying? All i hear are just cheesy words.

“Kyle I don’t get you”.

He walked closer to me.

“What are you__”.

He interrupted me with a k!ss.

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