CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 28

“I can’t believe Carl is in a relationship with that girl”. Evelyn complained.

“I think they make a great couple”.

I frowned at Dawn for saying that and she quickly apologized.

“Don’t worry, Evelyn. We’ll get this fixed”.

“Get what fixed?”. She snapped at me. “You haven’t even gotten Kyle”.

I rolled my eyes. “I have Kyle under control”.

“And this worst thing is that Kimberly has been avoiding us”.

“It must be because of Justin”. I suggested.

“Whatever, the only thing on my mind is how to get Carl”. Evelyn said.

“How about i include Beverly in my revenge plan for Elsa?”.

“Revenge plan. I like it”. Evelyn smirked.

“How is that going to get her away from Carl?”. Dawn asked.

“Threatening would do the job”. I told her.

Evelyn shook her head. “Nah, she won’t fall for that but tell me more. What have you got in mind for Elsa?”.

“Don’t you want it for Beverly”. I asked.

“Lets deal with Elsa first then Beverly will see what we are capable of”. She replied.

“Okay then if you say so”. I smirked. “Let me give you a hint, the plan involves Mason”.

I saw more than what Kyle said about him, i saw a broken and shaken guy trying to hide his fears, insecurities and sufferings.

I threw my hands around him, he drew closer to me as he wrapped his hands around me pulling me into a warm hug.

I finally pulled away. “Thanks for telling me everything”.

“Are you okay with what I told you?”.

I smiled at him. “Its okay, even if what you did was really bad. What matters is that you are really sorry and you regret it”.

“I’m happy to have someone like you”.

My cheeks flushed. “Thanks”.

He moved his face close to mine and I closed my eyes thinking he was about to kiss me.

“What are you doing?”.

I opened my eyes to see him staring at me weirdly.

“I, umm”. I cleared my throat nervously.

He chuckled sweetly and placed a k!ss on my forehead.

He bursted out into laughter and I became confused.


“Nothing”. He said amid laughter.

I turned back and saw Carl and Beverly by the entrance of the garden making funny faces at us.

I laughed when I saw then together, they look sweet together.

I looked back at Bryan and I got to admit, he looks cute while laughing.

I k!ssed him on the cheek softly.

“Ooh”. I heard Beverly coo.

“Am i interrupting something?”.

I pulled away to see Carl.

“She’s waiting”. He said.

I looked sideways to see Beverly waiting for me, i took my backpack and hugged Bryan before I went after Beverly.

“Hey”. I said as we walked out of the school garden.

“So what happened?”. She asked.

I sighed. “A lot of this”.

“That was some emotional moment there”.

I looked at her. “You heard everything?”.

She nodded. “Yeah every single little thing but I won’t tell”.

“Thanks”. I said with a smile.

“So?”. She nudged me. “Are you guys a thing now?”.

I blushed. “No, g0sh!! Beverly”.

“Seriously? Come on, its clear that he likes you”.

“He never asked me out”. I reminded her.

“So? That doesn’t mean anything. Make the first move”.

I gasped. “What are you insinuating?”.

“Just give him a little push”. She advised me.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not doing that”.

“But you guys would make a lovely couple”.

“Just like you and Carl”. I teased her.

“We are not dating yet”.

“Hmmm, so all those dates is what?”.

She shrugged. “Outings?”.

I laughed. “Just admit it, you guys are totally in a relationship”.

She squealed excitedly. “Carl is just so sweet, everything he does is charming”.

“You like that much?”.

“Umm hello? He is the reason I joined the cheerleader team”. She explained.

“Yeah right”. I told her.

“I need to go to the restroom, Elsa please go with me”.

“Sure”. I agreed.

We went to the girls restroom and Beverly did whatever she had to do. Then she came back to the sink washing her hands.

“And the best thing is the texts i get from him every morning and night”. She added.

“He must really like you”.

“If it isn’t little miss slut”.

I turned to see Sapphire and Evelyn coming in.

I crossed my arms. “What do you mean?”.

“We are not here for you, Elsa”. The Evelyn of a girl said. “I’m here for the b!tch that stole my boyfriend”.

“Excuse me?”.

“Carl is mine”. Evelyn said.

Beverly scoffed. “What is it with you girls being obsessed with guys that don’t even give a fvck about your existence”.

“Wow, give it up for Beverly”. Sapphire clapped her hands. “Need I remind you who you are talking to”.

“Look Evelyn. Beverly is dating Carl so you better get that into your dumb head”. I told her off.

“Did you just call me dumb?”.

“So what if she did? What can you do about it?”. Beverly asked.

“I’ll show you what we can do”. Sapphire smirked at us and left with Evelyn.

“Okay that was weird”. Beverly said.

I faced her. “Do you think they are gonna do something stupid?”.

“Just ignore them, Elsa. Thats the best we can do”. She said.

I sighed as I walked into my house, i can’t seem to get her out of my head ever since I k!ssed her.

This is so dumb. Girls have never acted this way to me, i thought she was gonna come to me but hell, i was wrong.

I walked up the stairs and went to my room lazily, i opened the door and stepped in dropping my backpack. I went to my bed and flopped on it tiredly.

I was expecting to her to come to me but i was surprised when I saw her with Bryan after school closed.

Why were both of together by the parking lot? Why is this even bothering me anyways? After i saw them together, i couldn’t even think straight.

Why am I acting this way? I don’t want to see both of them together at all. I can’t bear seeing her with him.

I closed my eyes and her face popper into my mind immediately. Elsa Reyes.

A knock sounded on my door, i groaned before sitting up on my bed.

“Come in”. I said.

The door opened and a maid came in.

“Sir, your Mum calls for you”.

“Tell her I’m on my way”.

She nodded and left.

I stood up and went out the door heading down the stairs.

I stopped when I saw my Mum laughing with the person I never thought would appear in my house.

I clenched my fists. “What are you doing here?”.

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