CHILDHOOD CRUSH :Episode 21 – 30

?Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 23

“Kyle I don’t get you”.

He walked closer to me.

“What are you__”.

He interrupted me with a k!ss.

I pushed him away cleaning my lips. “Don’t you ever do that again”.

“Elsa, come on, just admit. You like me”.

“What the heck is your problem?”. I shouted.

He scoffed. “My problem?”.

“Yeah your problem because you always cause trouble for everyone being the proud and conceited jerk you are”.

“Is that how you see me?”. He asked softly.

“Thats how you are”.

“You also think I’m the bad guy too, why cant you just don’t judge me for once?”.

“You don’t want me to judge you? Then just stop all this, you can’t just kiss me out of the blues”. I told him.

“Elsa, i like you”.

I paused. “You like me?”.

“For some reason, i can’t stop thinking about you and__”.

“Kyle please just stop this, i like someone else”. I said interrupting him.

“Just give me a try, Elsa”.

“And how am I sure that you won’t play like all the other girls just like Gabriella”.

He didn’t say anything.

“Kyle, please I do not want you near me at all”. I said and walked away.

“Its all because of him, right?”.

I stopped and turned. “What?”.

“You are refusing me because of him”.

“Okay fine, I admit it I like Bryan”. I told him.

“Well thats a pity because you don’t really know who he is”.

“What are you talking about?”. I asked confused.

“I’m talking about the fact that he’s hiding himself under a true facade”.

“I don’t know what he did to you that made you hate him that much but I’m sure Bryan has an explanation for whatever he did”.

“So he hasn’t told you what he did?”. He chuckled. “Thats why you are defending him”.

“I’m defending him because I know Bryan”.

“You don’t know Bryan and you do not know what he is capable of”.

“Why do you keep painting him like a bad guy or something? What did he ever do to you?”. I asked curious.

“Ask him yourself when you see him”. He said and walked off.

What the hell did he just say? What is he talking about?


I looked ahead to see Beverly coming towards me.


“Are you okay? Sorry about what Sapphire did back there”. She said concerned.

“I’m fine, just that my hair isn’t in a good condition”. I told her.

“Come on, lets go wash your hair”.

I followed her to the girls locker room and I washed my hair in one of the shower cubicles. Beverly found a towel and dried my hair with it.

“Do you think Bryan is a bad person?”. I asked all of a sudden.

She paused. “No why would you say that?”.

“Kyle, when he talked to me, it felt like__”.

“Just ignore Kyle”. She said interrupting me.

I sighed. “But Bryan must have done something extreme for Kyle to hate him that much”.

Beverly looked at me. “Elsa, Kyle wants you to hate Bryan, thats just it”.


She cut me off. “No buts, talk about something else”.

“Kyle said he likes me”.

She removed the towel and my hair fell down past my shoulders, it was still curly but kinda wet. She gave me my backpack as we went out of the girls locker room.

“Beverly, did you hear what I said?”. I asked as we walked.

“I heard you”.

“Won’t you say something?”.

She stopped. “I thought we were past this issue of Kyle”.


“He’s only out to get you and you will be classified as stupid if you succumb to his desires”.

“But what if he’s not lying?”.

“Elsa, you have to choose, i thought you liked Bryan then why do you care if Kyle likes you?”. She asked me.

I sighed. “I don’t know, its just that I wanna know what happened between both of them”.

“Stop this stupid curiosity, if Bryan wants you to know what happened, he will tell you”.

“What if Kyle is right? That Bryan is hiding himself under a true facade?”.

“What If Bryan actually did something horrible to Kyle, will you leave him like the others?”.

I ignored her question.

“I just asked a question, will you leave Bryan for Kyle just like Gabriella did?”.

“If I find out the truth then I’ll decide”.

The bell rang signaling Lunch break over.

“You know you have got to make up your mind, Bryan or Kyle”. She said and walked away.

I thought of it as I went to my next class, Bryan or Kyle? I do like Bryan a lot but what if they are secrets that I don’t know?

“Finally school is over”. I said to Beverly as we walked out of the school buildings.

“Yeah I can not wait to get home”. Beverly said.

“So you can prepare for your date”. I teased her.

She rolled her eyes. “You are not okay”.


We looked back to see Carl coming over.

I nudged her. “Your boyfriend is here”.

She blushed. “Elsa just stop it”.

“Hey”. Carl smiled at her.

“I’ll wait by my car”. I told Beverly and left them to talk.

I went over to the school parking lot and walked to my car.

I looked around, where the heck is Tristan? I finally sighted him among some group of freshman, he seemed to be the leader because they were all focused on him.

Then he exchanged handshakes with them before running over to me.

“Where is Beverly?”. He asked looking around.

“Are you still angry at me?”. I asked lowly.

“Maybe”. He replied.

“How about I buy you whatever you want? Huh? Do you like that?”. I asked him.

He turned to me. “I want a brand new skateboard”.

“Okay fine, i’ll get it for you”. I agreed.

He hugged me suddenly. “I can’t stay angry at you, Elsie”.

I hugged him back. “I love you so much, Tristan”.

He pulled away. “But i’m still getting my skateboard right?”.

I ruffled his hair affectionately. “You cheat”.

He removed my hand. “Stop that”.

“Oh right, your dumb girly fans might be watching”. I mocked him playfully.

He rolled his eyes. “At least I have girly fans”.

“How was classes?”. I asked him.

“Victoria wasn’t in class”.

I looked at him. “Yeah Bryan wasn’t at school too”.

“Do you think its__”.

I cut him off. “Don’t think about it, she’ll show up tomorrow”.

“Why are we standing by the car anyways?”. He asked.

“I’m waiting, she’s still talking with her boyfriend”. I told him.

“Beverly has a boyfriend?”.

“He’s right there”. I pointed at Carl who was still talking with Beverly.

“Oh”. He faced me. “What about you?”.

“I don’t have a boyfriend yet”.

“Your love life sucks”. He said.

I hit him playfully. “Dumbs”.

“Hey, watch it”.

I laughed at his expression then I looked ahead to see Beverly coming towards us.

Tristan sighed. “Finally, i wanna get some rest”.

We got into the car, Beverly seated at the front beside me while only Tristan was at the back.

“So how was it?”. I asked her as I drove.

She squealed excitedly. “We are going on a date at a fancy place”.

She told me all about it as I drove to her house, i parked by a curb as usual and we got down. Tristan went out of the car and ran into the house.

“Is everything okay between you guys now?”. Beverly asked.

“Yeah we made up but I owe him a new skateboard”.

She laughed. “Classic Tristan”.

“Beverly”. I called as we walked into the house.


“Do you think I should tell him the whole thing?”. I asked.

She stopped. “Maybe you should wait when you are ready, okay?”.

“Yeah you are right. Now tell me more about your date”.

She smiled. “He’s picking me up by six”.

“Will your Mum let you?”. I asked concerned.

“Of course”. She replied.

We went up the stairs and I followed her to her room.

“So what are you going to wear?”.

She flopped on her bed. “I really don’t know, Elsa”.

“Well good luck on that, i’ll be in my room if you need me”. I said and walked out.

I went to my room stepping in, i closed the door behind me and dropped my backpack a side.

I sat on my bed as I removed my shoes, i’m really happy for Beverly. She got asked out by her crush and everything seems right for her.

Unlike me, it took years for Kyle to notice me. When Kyle had told me he liked me, if it was the former me then I would have jumped for joy.

But now I refused him and because of Bryan. I flopped on the bed as i thought about him. Bryan Stark.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Minutes later, i came out and dried myself before changing into casual clothes.

I walked out of my room and went to Beverly’s room. I knocked before entering and met her pressing her phone.

“Elsa, what do you need?”.

“Do you know where Bryan lives?”.

“Aww, Elsa wants to go look for her prince charming, how sweet”. She teased me.

“Haha, very funny”. I said sarcastically.

“Why do you wanna know where he stays?”.

“So I would maybe find out why he isn’t at school today”. I told her.

She sighed. “Fine, i’ll ask Carl”.

“When you have his address, tell me. I wanna check up on Tristan”.

She nodded and I left her room heading towards Tristan’s room. I opened his door and met him on his phone.


“Yeah?”. He said still staring at his phone.

“I wanna head out for a little while, can you stay alone?”.

“Yeah sure”.

I turned to ho but he stopped me.


I faced him. “Hmm?”.

“Can I go out with some friends? Just a few friends”.

“Sure but be back before 6”. I told him and left his room.

I came out and met Beverly standing by the stairway.

“Did you get it?”.

She nodded and showed me her phone.

“Can you locate it?”. She asked.

“I was born in SpringCity, remember? I can find his house”.

She shrugged. “Okay but when you get there, just text me”.

“Sure thing”. I told her.

“But why do you meed Bryan’s address?”.

“I told you before”.

“The truth, Elsa”. She said.

I sighed. “I need to know if Bryan is as bad as Kyle says”.

“Okay then what if he is really bad? Will you leave him?”.

I paused. “What?”.

“Think about it, Elsa. If Bryan is just like Kyle says then are you gonna leave him just like the others?”.

I ignored it running down the stairs and went out of the main house. What Beverly says reminded me of what Gabriella told me. That if I know the truth then I’ll leave Bryan.

I need to know whats going on between Kyle and Bryan. If there is more to this and maybe if Kyle is right about Bryan.

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