CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 41 – 50

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 41.🍂

Still finds it hard to believe she’s gone, like gone forever

I cleaned the tears in my eyes and sat on the chair sighing, I already have headache from too much crying

I stared around the sitting room admiring the pictures we both took together, the happy moments

Still can’t believe this is how it feels when you have no parents

I put my hand inside my pocket and brought out the envelop, have always been scared Of opening it cause I can’t take another heart breaking speech but curiosity was killing me

I tear off the envelop and stared at the letter “To my Only Son, Damien” I sighed and rubbed my eyes before finally reading it

“Dear Son, I know you will find it hard to cope when am gone but its much better now am gone though I will miss you a lot”

Just at the first read tears was already filling up my eyes that I have to try to control it

“You’re indeed worthy of a son, you are the best thing that had ever happened to me, I can’t love you less”

This time I allow the tears to fall down my cheeks , “I love you too mum”

“I have always wanted to tell you this Damien, But I just don’t know how but I guess am saying it now…my death isn’t the end of your road son, I hope you can forgive me for this”

Is there anything she hid away from me? What could that be? I turned over the paper and continue reading

“Damien, I and your father aren’t you real family, we are just your foster parents….…”

I stop and reread the part again then let go of the paper and it meets with the floor

No way!


I paid the taxi off and hurriedly rush into the compound where I meet one of the guards

“Hey is mister back?” I asked him and he just nodded

I swallowed the lump in my throat and opened the door

The lights were off making it unable for me to see what was in the sitting room, I smiled a little

At least it made it easy for me to avoid Noah cause am sure he will screw me for keeping late nights

But just as my left leg touched the step the lights came on, I trembled and turned around to meet Nosh standing right beside the entrance door with his hands fondled

I removed my gaze and face the floor before he cleared his throat taking a seat

“What’s the time?” His voice keep up

This time his voice wasn’t deep nor harsh…it was down and same time sweet in my ears

Gosh am felling deep for this guy! I took my eyes to my wrist Watch before replying him

“21:16” I simply replied

“Do you realize it’s late?” his sweet voice came up again

“Yeah and am sorry……went out to visit a sick friend”

He sighed and turned on the television, I stood for some seconds and turned to walk to my room when his voice came up again

“How are you feeling?” He asked not taking his eyes off the television

Wait? Did he just asked how am feeling? Like how am feeling!!!

“Huh?” I mouthed with my mouth strunked out

“Am ……am fine thanks” really I found my self blushing hard

“Okay” he said

I smiled and walked into my room , I took off my cloths and walked into the bath tub

As the water touches my skin I felt my body getting heated

Just imagine how it will feel being in Noah’s arms and having him kss below my thigh

That will be the most happiest day of my life, I smiled and took my bath then put on my Night wear and fall on the bed turning off the lights


A knock woke me up, I stared at the alarm

I thought maybe the knock wasn’t on my door so I led back on my bed and just then the knock came up again, this time louder

I stood up immediately and rush to the door, Who could be knocking by this time of the night?

Just as I opened the door Noah fall into my arms holding his chest

“Noah……” My voice trailed off

“Call my …” he muttered handing me his phone then he shut his eyes


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