DANGEROUS LOVE: Episode 11-20

? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 20 ?

Written by Tamara Blair

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

It was evening time and I haven’t gotten any calls from Brandon,i want to give him space before I ask him questions.

I was in my room about to listen to music when one of the maids walked in.

“Miss Nicole,a guy is here to see you,he said his name is Zach”

Zach’s here but what does he want?

“Okay, thanks,i wil be down in a few”

The maid walked away.

I took the elevator to go downstairs,Zach was sitting on the couch.

“Hey” i said,he looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey, Nikky,can we talk?”


I sat beside him.

“First of,am really sorry for lying to you about those letters”

“Why did you lie?”

“Back in middle school,i and Brandon were really close friends but things changed when you came”

“How did things change?”

“When you came,i liked you at first sight but I also found out that Brandon liked you too,he would watch you everyday like a movie,he liked everything about you but the problem was that he was too shy to tell you”

Woah, Brandon haa always had a crush on me and he didn’t tell me.

” I wasn’t shy to talk to you but i couldn’t find the right words to tell you,so that’s how the fight began,i took the credit for the letters,am really sorry”

“It’s okay, we were really little”

“He loves you,Nicole, Brandon loves you and i hope you see that” he said and i smiled.

We hugged each other so tight.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?

“Now that you have told her, there is no turning back” Micheal said.

“Yeah,you two can be together”

“Yeah but…

“No but, Brandon,you can’t stay unhappy and single forever,you deserve happiness and Nicole’s your happiness”

“What if they find her out?”

“What if they don’t, Brandon you need to start taking risk,be with the one you love and if they do find her out,then fight for her’ Jason said

They are right,i can’t stay away from Nicole,am cr@zy about her, i just have to protect her.

“Just don’t let your secret interfere with your relationship,keep her safe,you can tell her everything when the time comes” Micheal said.

2 days later,
I was preparing to go to Nicole’s house,we haven’t talked since i got that suspension.

I was about to leave my room when Nicole walked in.

“You are here?” I asked surprised.

“Um.. Don’t you like it?” She asked pouting her lips like a baby making me chuckle.

“I do,i was about to come to your house”

“Well,i beat you to it”

We sat down on the bed facing each other and smiling.

“So Brandon,you have a lot of things to tell me”

“Okay,ask me”

“Tell me everything you felt for me during middle school?”

“Okay, that day you walked into the class as the new student,i was so amazed at how beautiful you are,you were really tiny”

“Brandon,i was little” she said giggling.

“That’s how i got the name Shawty for you, i was so shy to talk to you back then, that’s why i wrote letters to you everyday, Zach knew i liked you so he told me that he would talk to you about me but he took the credit for the letters instead, making you like him,i was so furious”

“That’s why you two became enemies”

“Yeah,so when we finished middle school,i thought i wouldn’t see you again but when i enrolled in Xavier high,i saw you again looking even more beautiful but you still liked Zach making me more furious”

“So you became a player?”

“I did that because I wanted to get you off my mind and because i kinda let my handsomeness get to you but you were special,you were the one girl who didn’t fall for my tricks”

“So..do you love me?” She asked looking away.

I held her chin to face him, then i kssed her.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??
His lips were so soft,oh,how i have missed his l!ps so much.

We pulled away, smiling at each other.

“Yes,i love you a whole lot” He said making me blush.

“I love you too” i said and hugged him

” Oh how i have missed your hugs” he said and hugged me tighter.

“So do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked and peckee my l!ps.

“Of course,yes”

We kssed each other again,this time p@ssionately.



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