DANGEROUS LOVE: Episode 11-20

? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 14?

Written by: Tamara Blair

4 days later,

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

For the past 4 days,i have been completely avoiding Brandon,it wasn’t easy but it worked.

I try not to get paired up with him for any activity.

“Nikky,guess what?” Bella asked as she entered our room


“I just saw Brandon talking to a girl”

“Okay,so how’s that my problem?”

“They were really cozy with each other,she even pecker his cheeks”

“Really,do you know the girl?”

“No but she’s really pretty”

So because i stopped talking to him,he decided to hangout with another girl.

What’s my business? He should marry the girl if he wants to.

“Nikky,i think someone is trying to steal your man” Bella said and i rolled my eyes.

“Brandon’s not my man,so he can do whatever he wants”

“Nikky, when are you gonna keep doing this to yourself?”

“As long as am completely sure am over Brandon”

“Good luck with that,now come on, let’s go outside”

Before i could say no,she dragged me along.

We got outside and i saw Brandon with another girl,she was feeding him popcorn.

I won’t deny that am really angry seeing them, that’s the more reason i need to get over him.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?
I haven’t been able to talk to Nicole, I know she’s avoiding me.

Now,am just using Ashley to pass time,i really miss Nicole.

“Um.. Ashley,i need to go talk to someone”

I walked over to talk to Jason and Micheal.

“Have you been able to talk to her?” Jason asked.

“No,bro, she’s really avoiding me”

“Go to her when she least expect”

“Yeah, that’s what i will do”

I looked around and i saw her talking to Zach.

Oh,that idi0t,i hate him so much.

We were close friends not until after what he did in middle school.

I watched them walk away holding hands.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

After that walk with Zach’s, decided to go to my room and sleep.

I saw Brandon, i turned around to go but he carried me bridal style.

“Brandon,put me down”

He carried me to a quiet place and placed me down.

“We need to talk”

“I don’t have anything to say to you”

He ran his hands through his hair,he was putting on all black which made look so good.

“What’s up with you,Nicole?”

“Nothing,i just want to be alone”

“Or you just don’t want to talk to me because i see all day with that brat called Zach”

“He’s not a brat, You know what,am out of here”

“You are not going anywhere unless you tell me what i did”

“You wanna know?”

“Yes,i want to know”

I grabbed his collar and kssed him on the l!ps,he responded so quickly.

I just couldn’t stop myself from kssing him,am really in love with Brandon.

I pulled away away and he was so surprised, then i walked away.

? Chelsea’s P.o.v ?

I saw that b*tch kiss Brandon, she’s so done for.
She thinks she can have Zach and Brandon all to herself, she’s so wrong.

I won’t let you have Brandon,he is mine.

Nicole Norman,your doom awaits.

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