DEEP SECRETS : Episode 21 – 30



12:18 pm, The Helmsman’s holding house.
Clara, Stella and the detective working for them and his men were led into a room. Minutes after they were brought in, Clara and Stella were led to another room. Eve and Stanley sat beside each other holding guns and still acting like they had not seen either Clara or Stella before. They were at work and wanted it driven home to the two ladies. The helmsman was standing beside a giant screen as though he was about to make a presentation. The large screen on the wall flicked on and a video clip began to play. The video was the one in which Bimpe, Steve and Clara, told an unidentified man that the s*x videos may have been made by Stanley and Eve. When the video was done playing, Clara’s mouth hung low in shock.,

“That is not what happened!” Clara protested.

“Please lecture us. What actually happened in the video we just watched?” Eve asked.

Immediately a man entered the room. Clara recognized him very well. He was the man whom they spoke with in the bar the day the video clip she just watched was recorded. Clara was surprised to see him.

“Clara! Tell us what happened!” Stanley shouted.

“Steve and Bimpe asked me to accompany them to a negotiation. I was under the impression that they were pitching for a job, using your name. I was told a group was looking to hire someone to make an X-r@ted s*x video for them. Steve and Bimpe used your name that night for the job. I remember being asked if you could make adult s*x videos and I said yes. Already Bimpe had asked me to say that. Stella and Chucks can bear me witness to this, some weeks ago I recalled this event in my house. I think Bimpe and Steve sold false information to this man standing here about you and Eve. I know it was about a video. I was asked if you had made s*x videos before and could make some and I said yes. Steve even showed this man the video we made about that time in Mayo’s house and told him that you, Stanley made it. The video was not meant to leave Mayo’s house and yet he brought it out. Stanley, I know you did not make that video, Mayo did. They were making money by betraying you and Eve. I was paid three million for my part in the meeting two days later! I didn’t make sense of what actually transpired in the meeting until recently.”

“Stella what do you know about what Clara just said?” the helmsman asked, inching closer to her.

“I think she might be saying the truth. I can remember her telling us in her house what she just narrated. I think Chucks should be here too to corroborate Clara’s claim.”

Stella had hardly finished talking when Chucks walked into the room. Immediately Clara figured out they were being watched from another room.

“Stanley, Clara is telling you the truth. Bimpe and Steve used her just like they did with the rest of us. You know Clara, she won’t do that to you,” Chucks said.

Clara was jittery, desperately hoping to be absolved of her alleged wrong.

“We can’t trust anyone especially after what happened to us. Clara, all this done for you is to buy you a little longer time to live until your claims are proved false or true,” Stanley said not bating an eye-lid.

Though that was not what Clara wanted, she was however happy to avoid a bullet to her head for the time being.
Clara was quickly ushered out of the room. Stella was bothered when Clara was let out of the room. She wondered what might have been dug up about her. She didn’t have to wonder for long when Martin Sekibo’s recorded voice began to play in the room,

“Three years ago I was invited to a meeting in Ghana by Chief Baribote. The purpose of the meeting was about how to bring down his political opponents and their supporters. He played for us a video he had obtained from a woman; I suppose she is one of your friends. Her name was… ehmm… Amaju… who now?”

“Amaju Stella,” Chucks’ voice came on.

“Yes! Amaju Stella. He had met the woman in Abuja in a business conference; after the conference they ended up in the same bed. The lady, Stella, had played the video for him to show him how to make love to her. The video was a little lengthy and shocking. Baribote was stunned to see the faces in the video… Baribote stole the video from Stella and asked me to kill her. Two days after, I was asked to kill Stella, the hit was called off,”

The audio recording had to be paused because Stella leapt out of her seat and tried to kill herself with a guard’s gun. After she had been restrained and tied to her chair, Eve persuaded her,

“Killing yourself won’t change a thing. Your filthy lifestyle brought all these on us all. Many have died and more will die! Whether you believe it or not, their blood is on your hands. I need you to get angry and not trying to kill yourself. You are going to fix this Stella.”

Like a child, Stella nodded. The Helmsman began to play the audio recording again,

“Why was the hit called off?” Chucks’ voice asked.

“I was not told, but later I overhead Emilia telling Chief Baribote that Mr. Amaju wanted to handle the matter his way.”

“So, my husband knows about my secret life?!!!” Stella yelled at the top of her voice.

For about fifteen minutes, all Stella did was cry and openly confess her sins like she had never confessed them before. Her eyes which were full of adultery, were finally open, and for once she could see how filthy her life had been. Of all her friends, she was the only person at this stage to truly repent of her evil ways. As the pictures of what she did with her body played through her mind, she almost vomited on the floor. Her eyes were red and her voice hoarse. Eve, in spite of her anger, had to go console her. Finally, she asked,

“Can I speak with my husband please?”

“Not yet, Stella. We want you to help us get close to Baribote. He has to go down for what he did. Amongst all of us here, you are the only person who can reach him without his being suspicious,” Stanley explained.

“I want to let my husband know I am very sorry for the things I have done. Please let me speak with him” she pleaded tearfully.

No one said a word to her. While she waited for an answer, the door to the room swung open and Martin Sekibo entered the room with cuffs on his hands.

“Stella, your husband is a close ally to Chief Baribote. I just got off the phone with Emilia a few minutes ago; your husband is getting married to a South African lady and it is happening today…”

Martin explained before Stella cut in with a high-pitched plea.

“God please forgive me!!! Please! God please help me!!!” Stella cried.

When Stella had calmed a bit, Martin continued,

“Emilia thinks that Chief Baribote was able to convince your husband that he did not know you were his wife at the time he slept with you. We think there is some truth to that. What no one knows is what your husband is up to at the moment. He may want you dead or may want Baribote dead. We just don’t know. However, we do know that he is still meeting with Baribote for business purposes. Also there is a group out there, mailing the s*x videos from the nvde parties to the relatives of all your friends. Your husband has received his and it may be the reason he decided to cut ties with you.”

Done with his explanations to Stella, Martin moved over to where Stanley and Eve sat and whispered to them,

“Leroy is on his way, I told him to meet me here.”

Stanley went over to the Helmsman and told him what Martin said. The Helmsman placed a call immediately to Annabel and asked her to come over. All the men in the room left in a hurry, leaving Stella behind still tied to her chair.
In a room upstairs another meeting began.

“Leroy is on his way here. Stella is going to lead Chief Baribote to us. Now we have to device means to reach Mayo, Bimpe and Steve,” Eve said.

The door busted open, Annabel walked in and took a seat. For Annabel’s sake Eve repeated herself. Annabel raised her hand and said,

“I think I can help with picking up Mayo.”

“Leave Mayo out for now, you don’t have yet what it takes to bring him down…” the detective working for Clara and Stella said.

“Why do you think I don’t have what it takes to do that?” Annabel asked, looking peeved.

“Mayo is too diabolical. If you go for him now, he is going to mess things up for you. Allow him to think he is safe from harm. A friend of mine is on his way back from Haiti, he is the sort of guy who can match Mayo voodoo for voodoo. I will suggest we go for the others,” the detective replied.

“If that is the case then, let’s go for Chief Baribote, picking him up will help us get to the other high placed targets like Julia Idris and Elizabeth Sekwa,” Annabel said, conceding to the detective’s approach.

“We have to speak with Billy Sekwa, he needs to know his daughter is one of those behind the videos. That way we can cut Elizabeth’s influence and take out Emilia a lot easier than it would take. I also think that Billy can help us distract Julia Idris. There has to been some dirt in her life. She is not a saint. Billy is her sworn enemy, he must have something on her,” Chucks explained.

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