DEEP SECRETS : Episode 21 – 30



Four Hours Earlier, The Ark Restaurant.
Chucks and his private detective arrived at the restaurant in a Hyundai Accent. Armed men in black suits were already waiting for them. Chucks was carrying a brown leather bag which he held unto firmly. The private detective followed him, his eyes darting about and his right hand on his gun. The armed men in black moved in numbers and circled them.

“Are you Chucks?” one of them asked.

“Yes, I am,” Chucks replied with his hand on his gun.

“Come with us,” the man said.

Still forming a wall with their bodies around chucks and the detective, the men in black led them into the restaurant building. Once inside, more armed guards in black suits, moved toward the door and barricaded it with their bodies. Chucks and the detective were led upstairs. In a corner of the grand, exclusive restaurant was Billy Sekwa. Some distance closer to Billy, Chucks and the detective were stopped and armed men formed an arc around them.

“I want to hear what you have got, Chucks,” Billy Sekwa’s baritone voice thundered.

“You don’t just want to hear it; you want to read it. I have it all documented,” Chucks said as he tried to open his bag.

The sound of guns being cocked, filled the air as Billy’s men pointed their guns at Chucks and the detective. Both men raised their hands in the air.

“Billy, I am not here to kill you. If I wanted you dead, I wouldn’t have come here myself…”
turning to one of the guards, Chucks handed him the leather bag and said, “Give Billy what is inside.”

The guard opened the bag and removed a file. He walked across the large restaurant and handed the document to Billy.

“The information that file contains all you need to know about the videos and who made them,” Chucks replied.

Billy opened the file and began to skim through while his men pointed their guns at Chucks and the detective. A few minutes later, Billy looked up at Chucks in disbelief and waved at him to come closer. His men lowered their guns and stepped back. Chucks and the detective walked over to the table where Billy sat.

“How did you get this document?” Billy asked still looking stunned.

“The man who was killed at the nightclub prepared it. He was part of the plan from the beginning. We believe he was killed for this.”

“So my daughter set me up for this?” Billy wondered aloud with his mouth wide open.

“Speaking of the man who was killed at the nightclub, I think Maxwell might be behind his death,” Billy continued.

“Why did you say that? Chucks asked.

“I know the owner of the nightclub. He is like a boy to me. He said Maxwell was in the club alone that night and met with the man. If you had not brought me this document sooner, I would have sanctioned a hit against Maxwell’s daughter, Annabel, and all her brothers and sisters. Before now, I was of the opinion that Maxwell was working covertly with Julia Idris while pretending to be a friend.”

“We will look into the possibility of Maxwell being the one who killed the man at the nightclub. But for now there are some things you need to know. Emilia as you have read there is your arch enemy, Baribote paid her to bring you down…”

“Where is Baribote now?”

“Don’t bother about him, he is a dead man. You have to act fast and make use of the information you have here against Julia Idris, the governors and the ministers working with her. We have evidence that some of your private guards are double agents. They are working for your daughter and Emilia. If they find out what you know now, they are going to use the double agents to kill you.”

Billy Sekwa was shaken by that piece of information. “Which of them?” he asked removing his gun from its holster.

“We don’t know which one. However, you can deliberately pass them different bits of wrong information and wait to know which of them would spill what you told them.”

“Hold on,” Billy said and began to place a call immediately to his chief hitman.

“Hello Pete, I am changing targets. Forget the Maxwells, they are not the ones. Shift your focus to my daughter Elizabeth and Emilia.”

“Okay sir,” Pete said and dropped the call to climb back on Elizabeth who was with him in the bed.

“Who was that?” Elizabeth asked.

“It was your father.”

“Who does he want you to kill this time?”

“If I tell you, you would stop having fun with me. When we are done, I will tell you,”

Pete said, forcing himself into her like a man in the act of a r@pe. Elizabeth did not mind. She was full of lust just like her father. The abuses she suffered in the past had left her bent and twisted. She held unto Pete, crying out for more of his vi0lent thrusts.

Back at the Ark Restaurant, Billy invited one of his trusted guards and whispered to him,

“Do you know where Pete is at the moment?”

“I think I have a pretty good idea where he is sir,” the guard said.

“Good. I want you to go to him now. If you find him with my daughter, kill both of them. If you find him alone, bring him here. I also want you to send some men to Emilia, I want her dead.”

The guard left. Turning to Chucks and the detective, Billy said,

“Since I don’t have much time to live, let me make the best use of the little I have. It is time to bring down Julia Idris and the people who did this to me. Make sure you don’t miss it. Tonight, the holy and righteous Julia Idris will become public Enemy number one. I already have a lot of dirt on her, with what you just gave me, I will bury her alive.” He began to walk away and suddenly stopped. “Are you aware that our current president is not Julia Idris’ husband?” Billy asked.

“Why would you say that sir?” the detective asked.

“Young man, if you want, I will take you to her husband’s grave. The president is Julia Idris’ uncle. Julia killed her husband and married her uncle for power. She did not remove me from power because I was corrupt, she simply wanted power. All she does are based on what her w!tch doctors tell her. Hahahaha! Tonight, not even a thousand w!tch doctors can’t save her.”

Parking Lot, The Ark Restaurant
When Chucks and the detective made it back to their Hyundai, Chucks placed a call to Stanley,

“Stanley, Billy is on it. He already has dirt on Julia Idris. He will add what we have given him to the secrets he has about her and blow it in her face. All the governors and the ministers who conspired with Julia to bring him down are going to fall to night. His killing squad are already on the move.”

“Good job Chucks. I think it is time for us to take a back seat and watch the show. Return here as quickly as you can.”

“Something came up while I was speaking with Billy. He said it was Maxwell who killed the man at the nightclub. You might want to let Annabel know about it.”

“Okay Chucks.” Stanley was shocked by that piece of information.

He knew that Jimmy, the man who was killed at the nightclub, was Maxwell’s half-brother. Why would Maxwell kill his brother? Stanley thought as he looked for Eve to break the news to her.

“Babe, what is it? You look shell shocked,” Eve asked.

“Maxwell killed Jimmy at the nightclub.”

Eve took steps backward and covered her mouth in shock. She stepped closer and whispered,

“Could he have known he was his half-brother?”

“We can’t tell. But he killed him nonetheless. Maybe he killed him because of the videos. You know, Jimmy was part of it.”

Eve shook her head showing she did not agree with him,

“I think Maxwell killed him for much more reason than that. Look, this guy is in the center of every secret unfolding right now. He died for much more than the videos.”

Stanley’s phone rang. The caller was an unknown number. Stanley wondered if to take it. Eve motioned for him to take the call.

“Hello, who is this?” he asked.

“Stanley, I don’t want you to tell Annabel what Chucks just told you over the phone about Maxwell. Leave me to handle that,” an elderly female voice said.

Stanley was shocked to his bones. How could someone have known about what Chucks told me minutes ago? He thought. He could tell his phone had been bugged.

“Who are you?” Stanley asked.

“I am Idara Maxwell,” the elderly female voice replied.

“I don’t know any Idara Maxwell.”

“You are not meant to. Come over to my house right away, I can help you finish off this case.”

The phone line went dead. As Stanley tried to explain to Eve what was going on, the Helmsman walked into the room with three heavily armed men. Neither Stanley nor Eve had seen the three men before. That moment, Stanley knew the Helmsman was working for Idara Maxwell.

“Did an old lady invite you to her house?” the Helmsman asked.

Stanley nodded. “Come, you and Eve, let’s go honour that invitation,” he continued.

Both Eve and Stanley were taken out of the house through the back door to go see the mysterious Idara Maxwell.


The enchantress hired by Bimpe to offer the twelve pigs and to perform autri on three girls was working at lightning speed. On the altar were the twelve pigs, all tied up. The enchantress removed all her clothes and picked a long razor sharp knife; ascending the seven steps which led to the altar she began to make incantations in an inaudible voice. All the pigs began to squeak loudly as if an invisible force was squeezing them to death. When the enchantress had reached the altar, she turned to two of the men who had come with her and beckoned on them. They were both without their clothes on. They climbed the steps with amazing difficult, struggling to make each step. In their hands were the same kind of knife the enchantress had. On the altar the squeaking of the pigs was at feverish point by now. When the two men got to the enchantress, they began to touch her indecently. She did not resist them, rather she gave herself to them. Amazingly the pigs stopped squeaking and a surreal swoosh of s*xual lust began to fill the small temple. The enchantress did her best to endure the amorous touch of the men. When the lust had so much filled the little temple that even the ladies who came with them were m0aning as if they were in the act of s*x, the enchantress and the two men broke into 0ccult chants and turned on the pigs with the knives in their hands and began to sl@ughter them.

Much like in movies, horned, monstrous, small, winged demonic beasts began to bust out of the altar ripping everything in their path apart. The three ladies Bimpe instructed to be prepared for Mayo walked toward the altar and began to bathe with the bl00d of the pigs flowing down from the altar. It was a creepy, h0rrifying sight. AS the ladies washed their bodies with the bl00d of the pigs, the enchantress and the two men staggered down from the altar, looking drained. She set a native pot on the first step to the altar and stepped back as though she was afraid of what would come out of it. In just seconds a thick black smoke belched out of the pot and enveloped the three ladies bathing with bl00d. When the smoke lifted, the three ladies were on the floor unconscious. The two men lifted them one after another and ran out of the altar to put them into their bus. The enchantress dressed quickly while the men carried the ladies to the bus. The two men had time only to put on their shots. They acted as if they did not run from Mayo’s fun house in that moment, some evil power would take them over.

On the drive away from the fun house, the enchantress placed a call to Bimpe.

“Hello Bim, why didn’t you tell me Mayo had brought in new spirits. I almost died there. Your money is now twice the amount we agreed.”

“Did it work?” Bimpe asked, sounding hysterical.

“Yes, but it won’t be long before he finds out what we have done. He joined himself to new spirits. We have to get the girls to him while the ritual is still fresh.”

“Take the girls to my private house, I will meet you there,” Bimpe said and dropped the call.

She ran downstairs, got into her car and drove off. Fourteen minutes later, she was at her private house where the enchantress and her workers were already waiting for her. They cleaned up the three girls and revived them back to consciousness.

“I have a job for the three of you. If you succeed at it, I won’t have you send you to Italy or Malaysia. I will simply settle you with any amount you want,” Bimpe said.

The three girls having no memory of what had been done to their bodies looked at each other excitedly.

“Madam, I think it will be hard for any man to resist us. If it is just to have s*x with a man, we are ready for it,” one of them said.

“I am glad to hear that, but this man is no ordinary man. Somethings will happen when he goes into any of you. You must not run. Stay with him until he dies. If he doesn’t die, then you can run. You must run out of his room uncover. A car will be waiting for you downstairs. The girls who looked excited a moment earlier, suddenly wore the look of dismay on their faces.

“You want money don’t you?”

The girls nodded.

“Here is your chance to make the money. Now let’s go do this,” Bimped encouraged them. Muttering words unclear to those around her, Bimpe led the girls to her car, two other men joined them and they drove off to supply the girls to Mayo.

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