DEEP SECRETS : Episode 21 – 30



09:00 PM, IN THE CITY.
By nine pm that evening, the city was agog as the news of how Julia Idris and few politicians made shocking s*x videos to destroy their political opponents, hit the airwaves. Shocking clips of the videos were screened on television stations. Names and faces of university girls who had died in the previous 0rgies in Mayo’s fun house were screened. Julia Idris went for cover when Steve’s lengthy confession about how much Julia Idris, Elizabeth Sekwa and Chief Baribote paid to have the videos made came on. While the nation grappled with what was being shown to them on television stations, another juicy bit hit them. It began with a picture of where Julia Idris’ husband was buried some 18 years earlier. After that, the face of the president, Manga Idris, filled the face of the screen with the rider,

“Who is Manga Idris?”

Covering the picture on the screen. That was shortly followed by a woman with Ghanaian accent explaining how Julia Idris killed her very husband to marry her uncle. The picture of Julia Idris’ only surviving son by her legal husband in prison was shown before the woman told the nation how the boy was sent to the gulag because he opposed his mother having anything to do with her uncle.

Billy Sekwa had paid for demonstrations to be choreographed across the nation and had his boys mixed into the demonstrators. His plan was to have his boys wreak havoc during the demonstrations to heat up the society and put immense pressure on Manga Idris and Julia. Several politicians were gunned down that night and some hotels were blown up. Before Manga could think of how to act in the situation, money bags had begun to change hands for his impeachment. Billy was serving them the same meal they served him when he was in office. The four governors who were part of the team which made the videos were blown to bits on their way to the presidential villa for an emergency meeting with the president. The most shocking part for President Manga was that he had no clue how someone found the grave of Julia’s husband. He also did not know much about the s*x videos. In every part of the country women poured out into the streets, condemning the killing of their daughters in s*xual 0rgies supposedly sponsored by the government.

Billy was having fun watching Julia and her uncle/husband, overwhelmed by his antics. They had not seen that coming. Though they made efforts to control the damage which the breaking news caused, they still could not stop what had begun. Young men who had been heavily armed and well paid were everywhere shooting at the enemies of Billy Sekwa in the name of demonstration. The heads of the army and police were quick to turn their backs on Julia and her husband. The calls from the president and his wife to have soldiers and policemen move into the streets to quell the vi0lent demonstrations were ignored. All forms of lies were conceived and sold to the public about Julia and Manga Idris.


Emilia had her house well barricaded by armed men she sent for the moment the news hit the airwaves. Not many people knew her and so the news about her in the media had little immediate impact on her. She was presented to the public as a pr0stitute from Italy. Shocking images of her in s*x positions were on television stations and on the internet. Her mind had gone off the man Annabel covertly sent to her when the news broke. She had thought to make a run from the city, but when she saw the spate of vi0lence in the streets she knew it was too risky to do that. She had to sit back in her house and hope for the storm in the city and nation to blow over. She made frantic calls to Mayo and Elizabeth but none of them picked. Elizabeth was already on her way to Liberia, her plane was in the air when the news about the videos broke. All the people she dialed, from Leroy, Sekibo, Elizabeth, Baribote, Bimpe and down to Steve, not one amongst them picked her calls. She could tell that something had been going on long before the news broke in the media; particularly about how Sekibo, Leroy and Chief Baribote went missing.
Short of ideas about what to do, she went back into her bedroom and paced about frantically. Then she remembered that she had a fine dude waiting for her. She had no clue the guy was a seasoned a$sassin sent to her as a gift by Annabel. The thought of the guy alone left her leaking her mouth. She sent for the guy as she needed something to take her mind off what was going on in the city and around the nation. Being the sort of person she was, s*x was the only thing which could transport her mind out of her immediate surrounding. When the guy entered her bedroom she ordered him to remove his clothes, thinking him to be one of the boys her friends occasionally sent to her to have s*x with and pay a few change. The guy had an expressionless look on his face. Emilia could not read him. Men always looked at her lustfully when they saw her body, but this one was acting like he was bored with her. Emilia took a few steps toward him and ripped off his shirt like it was paper. The guy did not even wince, he just stooped. She slapped the guy hard across the face and asked,

“Is that how you want it? You like it vi0lent, right? I can give it to you any way you want it!”

Like a monkey leaping from branch to branch, Emilia jumped on the guy. The guy caught her mid air and flung her on the bed.

“Wow! No one has ever treated me like this! You are different. It’s been a long time I saw a man who gave me such a treat!” Emilia shouted,

clearly overtaken by lust surging through her body. She spread herself wide on the bed and invited the guy. For once the guy smiled, he had just realized he was going to have fun before breaking Emilia’s neck. But he also was completely ignorant of how strong she was. He removed his clothes and jumped onto the bed. Emilia sat up to grab his male 0rgan and he served her two quick hot slaps to the face. Instead of crying in pain, Emilia m0aned like she was having fun. The guy was madly turned on. He had not seen a lady like her. He thought himself a master of vi0lent s*x, but he had seen a lady who seemed to best him in that. He took on Emilia vi0lently and she gave him a lustful m0an which sent the pleasure in him to the roof top. He fought hard to subdue her to the point of crying for him to slow down, but instead she seemed to want more. After about an hour both of them lay beside each other momentarily spent. Emilia felt tasty and stood up from the bed to go get some water. As she headed toward the door, she noticed the tattoo on the guy’s back. Her heart skipped a bit. She knew what the tattoo meant and who wore it. The guy was a trained killer and she could then understand his extremely strong and professional performance in bed.
Managing to keep her fears down she made her way to the kitchen. By the time she returned the guy was ready for another round with her. She knew what she should do, but the allure of the sort of s*x the guy offered her was too much for her to resist. She put the thought off her mind and offered her body to the guy completely. The guy worked hard with her body until the two of them were yet again spent. By this time, Emilia was dreaming about spending her whole life with this guy, but she had to find out who he really was. She slipped her hand under her pillow and removed the safety pin on her pistol. She held it ready to fire bullets through the pillow. She positioned her b–bs in a way to distract the guy from what she was holding under the pillow. The guy read the muscles on Emila’s right arm and calculated was holding something under the pillow. He began to k!ss her slowly making his way toward her right hand. Emilia felt uncomfortable and asked him to stop. The guy took that for a cue that she knew what he was doing and decided to talk about the tattoo which he had figured out she knew what it meant.

“I am a trained a$sassin, but I am not here to kill you. I think you know what the tattoo on my back means,” he said with a plastic smile on his face.

“Yea, I was going to ask you what it means. I know I have seen it somewhere before. I want to know how you got that because I am already head over heels about you. You are one man whom I can say is better than Mayo in bed. I like you a lot.”

“Who is Mayo?”

“I don’t expect you to know, he is a s*x lover like me. So how did you get the tattoo?”

“I was trained by the Zebra league. I joined them five years after my university graduation without a job. I had my training in the art of killing in Libya.”

“I haven’t seen you in the art of killing, but you look d–n good. So what are you doing in my house? You didn’t come here for my handouts, did you? You seem well off to me. If you didn’t come to kill me what else could have brought you here? I know I have quite a lot of enemies.”

The guy smiled and drew closer to Emilia. He was hoping that his ar0used body would distract her and have her think he was in the mood for another round of s*xual romp, but Emilia was beginning to think hard about what a guy like him was doing in her house.
The guy let his hand wander around Emilia’s thighs for a moment, probing into her body. When Emilia m0aned in spite of her fears, the guy aimed a judo to her throat. He should have waited a bit longer before unleashing the attack. Emilia had seen his hand coming for her throat and so raid her left arm in defense, thereby reducing the impact of the judo which was meant to impair her windpipe and paralyze her. While she choked at the vitiated impact of the judo which hit her throat, she squeezed the trigger of the gun she held under the pillow, lodging several bullets into the guy’s chest. The guy fell to the floor and lay in his pool of blood. Emilia still struggling to breathe fine, dragged herself out of the bed and hit the floor heavily. Crawling on her knees to leave her bedroom, she left the gun beside the supposedly dead a$sassin. By the time she had reached the door to crawl out of the room to call for help, the a$sassin rolled around and picked the gun lying next to him. He aimed it at Emilia who had her back at him and squeezed the trigger twice before passing out. Two bullets flew into Emilia’s back. She let out a brief, high pitched cry and hit the floor as blood gushed from her back and stomach. There she lay breathing irregularly. Her guards who had heard her cry, ran toward her bedroom.

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