DEEP SECRETS : Episode 21 – 30



Stella who had left the hotel room with the guards, returned to take up the task of patching up Steve’s shattered knees. Her presence did not offer comfort at all to Steve. He could tell a lot had already happened before they found him. Stella did her best to avoid eye contact with him. Besides Mayo, he was her next best s*x partner. While Stella worked on his knees, Steve whispered through pain,

“So you are part of this?”

“So you planned to kill Eve and Stanley to cover up your sins. What gives you the moral strength to question me for being here?” Stella shot back at him.

Steve’s mind game was not going to work on her. That much he could see. When Stella was done, they began to question Steve. To their surprise, Steve did not deny any of the claims Sekibo, Leroy and Baribote made about him.

“I am not going to lie my way out of this. I did all that. I know you can’t figure out why I would do such things, but I did them. I don’t know if tendering an apology would mean anything to you. I am sorry, Eve,” Steve said.

The way he spoke, it was clear he had already given up on life. While he blabbed, Stanley and the Helmsman took their time to study the document which he had brought for Baribote.
The document contained graphic details about the plan to make the videos. It detailed who would be in the videos and how to cover them up in case they caused a public outcry. It also showed a secret plan by Emilia to sell the videos to some Americans. That deal was meant to fetch her about twenty-five thousand dollars. It was obvious, Jimmy, Maxwell’s half-brother, who was killed in the nightclub put together the information which was in the document. He was part of the plan to make the videos and had begun to gather the information to make extra money by the side. He knew the people that would be in the videos, and was certain that they would pay a fortune to know who made the videos and where the videos were. The guy was thorough. He explained in details how Bimpe and Steve wired Mayo’s house with video cameras, how much Emilia paid for that. He left no detail out. There were also some details in the document which suggested he was the one who drove Billy Sekwa’s granddaughter, Marion, to the nvde party the night Billy Sekwa slept with her. His account did not leave out Julia Idris and Elizabeth Sekwa. How much they committed into the project was clearly stated in the document.
Stanley liked the bit of details which showed how Julia Idris took part in the making of the videos. He knew making the document public would destroy her. Stanley thought fast as he skimmed through the document. To destroy those who made the document, he won’t even have to go after some of them bearing a gun. All he had to do was send the document to Billy Sekwa, the governors, the ministers and the celebrities who were tricked into Mayo’s nvde parties where the videos were recorded. The revelation in the document would lead to a bloodcurdling killing spree. As for Elizabeth Sekwa, Stanley knew that with that document mailed to her father Billy, she would be slaughtered the next day or go on the run the rest of her life if she would manage to escape her father’s murderous rage. There was still a bit of information to find out. Stanley wanted to know if Steve knew who the man he killed in the nightclub was. Only he and Eve knew that Jimmy was Maxwell’s half-brother.

“You killed a man in a nightclub to get this document. Are you aware who he was?” Stanley asked.

The answer Steve provided was unexpected.

“I did not kill him; some else did.”

Even Baribote was shocked to hear that.

“But you told me you took care of the job. You told Emilia the same thing. You killed the man!” Baribote echoed in surprise.

“I did not kill the man. He was in the throes of death when I met him in the restroom. I only had to search him and found on him some information which led me to the hotel he lodged in. I found that document in his hotel room. I did not kill him,” Steve explained, with his strength failing rapidly.

The gun wounds on his knees were bleeding him dry.

“Who killed him then?” Eve asked.

“Whoever killed him was in the nightclub that night to meet with him for the information he had. It wasn’t Leroy either, I was there before him. Whoever killed him was someone he already knew. I looked into his death and found out from some people in the club that night that he was with a man for over an hour before he was shot. Whoever was with him that night killed him. No gunshots were heard and he was shot at close range, seven times…” Steve said with his voice fading away.

“He is dying,” Stella observed.

The Helmsman made haste and gave him a shot in the arm to revive him. He followed that up and with two extra injections on his knees to kill pains. They applied more makeshift bandages to his knees and bundled him and Baribote out of the hotel, flagging their fake police identities to keep the hotel management from calling the police. When they made it out of the hotel, Annabel and her team gave them some cover. In a little over 45 minutes, they arrived at the Helmsman holding house. Dr. Larry was already waiting for them along with his two colleagues. They took custody of Steve and Baribote and wheeled them into a room furnished with medical equipment to treat them.

In the days which followed, Stanley, Eve, Annabel, Chucks, Clara, Stella, the Helmsman and his men met severally to fashion out how to bring down Emilia, Mayo, Bimpe, Julia Idris and Elizabeth Sekwa. In their meetings they decided to kill Leroy and Sekibo. The Helmsman made a light work of killing them by injecting each of them with 100mg of conium. Their bodies were taken out of the city and sunk into the ocean. They kept Baribote and Steve alive just in case they need them for the tasks ahead.


Bimpe walked into the room where Femi and his concubine, Linda, were and asked him to leave.

“We brought you here to save you from the assassins Maxwell sent after you. I think they are off your trail by now,” she said and left, leaving the door wide open for him.

Femi took Linda’s hand and led her out of the room. Outside the house, his driver was already waiting for him. There was no sign of Mayo. Femi and his mistress wasted no time to get away from the house. On the balcony upstairs, Bimpe stood and watched her husband driven away. As the vehicle disappeared out of sight, Bimpe made a call to some hitman,

“Hello, it is Bimpe, my husband just drove off the house. He is in an ash Toyota Highlander, follow him. Please make him disappear. I think Mayo will be watching him closely, so make sure his death looks real.”

“With what we have planned, the world will believe he died for real. Go prepare a funeral speech for him,” a husky male voice said over the phone.

As soon as Bimpe dropped the call, she placed another call to some other guy,

“Are the pigs ready?” she asked.

“We have all twelve of them, ma,” a lady replied.

“Move them to the fun house. I hope the men are with you,” she inquired.

“They can’t wait to do this ma. I am the one delaying them.”

“Have them offer the twelve pigs on the alter. Do it as quickly as you can and get out.”

“Consider it done ma.”

Bimpe made one more call, this time to Mayo.

“Mayo, I am making use of the fun house this afternoon. I have fresh girls I want to ship out to Italy. I thought you should know,” Bimpe said, covering her real intention with lies.

“Would I get to taste a few of them before you ship them out?” Mayo inquired jokingly.

“If you want to have the whole of them, I can send them over to you,” Bimpe said as an idea occurred to her.

“Mayo, in which hotel would you be tonight?” she asked.

“Do you need me? I thought you were mourning your broken marriage.”

“I have some fresh girls for you. They are one of the most honey ladies you will ever see. However, they have not really been banged hard. I can’t think of a better person to do the job. Should I send them over?” She asked, hoping Mayo would take the bait.

“For heaven’s sake, what are you waiting for? Send them right away, I will be at Eden Crest Suits! I will like to start this afternoon. Send them early. How many are they?” he asked, sounding excited.

Bimpe was happy he took the bait.
“I will send you three.”

“Send them now!”

Bimpe dropped the call and dialed back the lady she sent to offer pigs in Mayo’s fun house.

“I want you to perform autri on three ladies with the blood of the pigs. When you are done send them to me,” she instructed.

“Okay madam.”


Emilia was in the kitchen, it has been long since she cooked, she had a young man she recently met on Facebook to entertain, and for that reason went into the kitchen to fix him a meal. The young man had spent days with her, giving his strength to her in bed. He had fallen for her s*xy body and enhanced bre@sts. She being a mistress of lust, she knew how to keep the young man hooked to her body. She wore a see through top which barely covered her undies. She would often bend over to show off her vital parts to her new catch who stood by the kitchen door watching her.

“Have you done it in the kitchen before,” she asked, pressing her supple, nubile body against the young man.

The young man would have use a break from the frequent fun they had, but did not know her to turn her down.

“I really haven’t, but can it wait till I have had something to eat?” he asked, with a plastic smile on his face.

“It is better when you are cooking, I did it several times some years ago,” she said moving closer to the guy.

Just then her phone rang. It was Billy Sekwa. She sighed and went to pick her phone which was lying on the kitchen slab. The young man was happy and sneaked out of the kitchen.

“Hello Billy, what’s going on?” she asked.

“I think I know who made the videos, I am putting together a squad to pay them back for what they did to me,” Billy said.

Emilia’s heart pounded heavily as she wondered what Billy might know.

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