FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70



Idara called Sam. She was crying frantically. Sam didn’t have patience for what she was saying as she was incoherent.

“As we were driving to the school, we were intercepted by a car and they took Samuel Junior away”

“What do you mean by that?”

“They had guns. They asked us to come down from the car. I was carrying Junior. They yanked him off me and ran into their car and drove off”

“What? Have you reported to the Police?”

“That is where I am now. Come down now”

Sam was confused. Who could be behind this? Who could take his son? He made some calls and then called the chairman of his party and told him what happened. The DSS was informed. Sam left Abuja for Akwa Ibom state. His wife was inconsolable. She was alone with the helps in the house. There were road blocks mounted; there searched everywhere.

The news filtered to Sam’s father. He didn’t say a word. When asked what happened to his grandson, he told them to ask his son. It was a confusing answer. His wife travelled to the village to be with them as Sam’s father refused to say anything.

Days turned into weeks. When he was asked if he had any issue with anyone, his mind went to Wale and Farida. He knew Farida couldn’t have done this; it wasnt in her nature and she was in faraway UK. But Wale was capable of doing this. Wale was arrested for alleged kidnap of Sam’s son. Wale called his father and Alhaji. Alhaji asked him to follow the police, he would handle it.

During his interrogation, Idara and Sam were present. Idara was seeing Wale for the first time. He was a cute guy, tall; about Farida’s height and jovial. He didn’t have an athletic build like Sam but he wasn’t lanky either and had a good physique. He was chocolate; light chocolate in colour. He looked nice and well composed. He didn’t look like one to pull this stunt.

Wale looked at Sam and his wife. He was also just seeing her for the first time. She was a complete opposite of Farida. She wasn’t ugly but she was not dashing either. She was just about average in height and looked like a size 18. She looked genuinely troubled but Wale believed it was a stunt by Sam and he didn’t fail to express it.

He had answered all their questions and written a statement. Sam asked him where his son was and he ignored him outrightly. The police stepped and asked,

“Why is this man accusing you?”

“Because it is something he can do”

“What do you mean? Talk to us”

“I dated his first wife and he wanted me out of the picture. He held a gun to her head, threatened to kill my child in her custody and r@ped her vi0lently. He even s0d0mised her just because he wanted me out of the picture. He could have made good his threat if she didn’t agree. That is who is accusing me of kidnapping his son. Why would I kidnap your son when I am no more with Farida?” there were stares and side talks. Some expressed shock at the revelation others refused to be distracte.

“You kidnapped him. You are waiting for the divorce and you are trying to force me to divorce her” Sam announced

“And the best way is to kidnap your son when your first son is with his mother in the UK. wouldn’t it be easier to kidnap that one that knows me? I don’t get involved in dirty deals. I won’t want harm to come to any child even that of my enemy. I did no such thing” Wale responded to him.

‘Is there any other proof you have that he is the kidnapper?” the IPO asked

“We had a fight and he threatened me” Sam answered

“Threatened you? Who threatened who? I just told you I have left her for you; how is that a threat?” Wale replied.

“From every indication, I do not believe this guy kidnapped your son. We have to get more evidence and even suspects” Police concluded.

Wale stepped out of the office to meet his father outside. The father asked for the details so his lawyer can get prepared but Wale knew the matter was over; Alhaji had squashed it.

Idara walked up to meet Wale, she greeted his father and the lawyer and asked to speak with Wale alone.

“I am sorry to disturb you. I know you are angry at Sam for all he did. I am just hearing the details of the rape for the first time. I need your help. Please can you help me beg Farida to forgive Sam. It is what he did that has come back to haunt us. I know Farida will consider me and not kidnap my child but for all Sam and I have done to her, please help me beg her to forgive us so my son will come back to me alive.”

“Madam, Farida holds no ill feelings towards you. As for Sam, he should ask her for forgiveness himself. That’s not your responsibility. We do not have your son. Our minds are not wicked like that. Your husband should be your prime suspect; he can do something like this just to frame me or Farida”

This case was becoming a battle. Two weeks after there was still no sign of the boy. Idara was almost running mad. She had begged Sam to tell her what he got involved in that they would take her son. Sam had no response. He had his suspicion.

Sam’s father came back home to the village for a meeting. At the meeting, the issue of the missing son came up. He told them Sam knew where his son was and they all should forget about the son. The story got back to Sam. Sam was furious. He wondered why his father would accuse him like that. He was tired of his unguarded utterances and needed to confront him. He came to the house and demanded to be let in. His stepmother asked the security to let him. he confronted his father about his utterances.

“Have you asked from the people who installed you as a member of the house of rep for your son? Didn’t they tell you there was a price to pay? I wept the day I found out you went to them. You sold your soul to the devil. As a good father, I appealed to them not to deal with you gravely. You got into the house and became a lord unto yourself. You refused to obey instructions and do what they say. I expected it. You are too heady and loudmouthed. You cannot be controlled or advised. What caused all this is Farida. Allow Farida travel for her Master’s you blocked the way. Grant her a divorce so your career can excel and then woo her back. You refused. You wanted her and your career. You can’t have both of them. Go and ask for your child from the people that installed you. Idara, your husband has your son. I pray he is still alive”

Idara landed on the floor. She believed her father-in-law, he never talked anyhow. She was in serious trouble. Her only son. Sam had a son with Farida so he stands to lose nothing. She grabbed Sam, “So you sacrificed my son because you have another son. You kept Farida’s son and gave them my son. Why did you choose my son? What did I ever do to you? You have been in Abuja cruising with different ladies, I didn’t fight you. As long as you take care of us, I am ok. Now you have taken my joy. Sam, please give me my son. I beg of you, give me my son”

Sam stood in total confusion. This was bad. No matter where he goes, Alhaji had connections there. Why would he do this to him? Was this pay back? Idara was creating a scene he didn’t need. He pushed her aside and left for Abuja. He had to meet with Alhaji immediately.

Wale needed to share the news with Farida. She had blocked every means of communication. He had to call Monica and inform her. Monica came to the house and also informed Farida. Farida was shocked when she heard the news. She had been under the weather for some days now and this news was quite devastating. Monica called her father concerning the kidnap, he repeated what he had always said. Monica reached Idara. Idara begged her to appeal to Farida to forgive Sam so her child can be found. Farida spoke with her and assured her she had no hands in her son’s disappearance and that she had forgiven and forgotten about Sam.

Finally, Farida unblocked Wale. She needed to understand what was happening. Wale explained to her what happened at the station. He recounted Sam’s accusation. His saving grace was Alhaji and his father. Farida wondered why Sam would want to rope them into the disappearance of his son. She became scared he would want to retaliate. She became a bit paranoid. Monica’s father assured her Sam was too busy looking for his son to retaliate. He knew who had his son.

Sam arrived Abuja and went to see the Chairman of the party. He explained to him that he had a suspicion his son might just be with Alhaji. the chairman asked him why he thought so, he said he had a deep conviction he was being punished for something.

The first day they went to see Alhaji, he refused to see them. This happened for two weeks until Idara came to join Sam in Abuja. Sam’s suspicion heightened with each passing day. His father was right. Why would they do this? Why would they hold his son hostage? He threatened to go cr@zy on Alhaji by creating a scene in front of his house until he sees him. the chairman advised against it saying he would be bundled away like a criminal and wouldn’t be seen again like his son. Sam became scared. It became clear he didn’t know what he got himself into. He appealed to the Chairman to help him. The chairman said to him, “There are two people that would speak to him now and he will listen. One person is your father, he holds your father in high esteem. The second is the boy you fought with. He is like a son to him. he is handling all his projects and he is trustworthy. If he appeals to Alhaji, he would listen”

Sam swore within him; he would never approach Wale for help. Never. The only other option was his father. He could just imagine his father gloating over him coming back to beg. He hated subjecting himself to other people’s pleasures. To make it easier, he went to Idara to Lagos to see his father.

Sam’s father knew his son wasn’t remorseful. He just wanted his son back and Idara off his back. A male child is a big deal where he was from. He listened to him talk about the situation and not knowing what to do. He was more concerned that the country was aware his son was missing and he couldn’t do anything about it. He felt powerless and not in control. But he didn’t regret his actions which caused a rift between himself and his father.

It was Idara that laid on the floor crying that touched his father’s heart. She was in genuine pain and anguish. As the days went by chances of finding him were getting slimmer. Sam knelt before his father waiting for the lecture. He didn’t get one. all his father said was,

“I am doing this because of Idara. I still stand on my words, you are disowned. I don’t want to have anything to do with you or what you stand for. Your children will inherit your possession from me. You are a disgrace to me and all I stand for. Book my flight to Abuja”.

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