FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70



Sam was pissed off with everyone. He couldn’t imagine Farida telling anyone what happened between them. His father disowned his first son because of Farida. What concerns him about husband and wife matter? He will challenge him but not now. When he has won the election then he will desire him as a son.

He was happy though. Farida had been subdued. She now knows he can have when he wants in Nigeria. Once he knows where she is, he will have his way with her. He knew Wale would not desire her anymore. It was deliberate. At least he won’t touch her until she returns to London, not with those bruises. Once he knows he will be sharing Farida with him, he would have no choice but to dump her. Wale was a stupid guy. How can you want a woman who has been with another man for seven years and even had children for him? What kind of blind love is that? He even had a young girl who was pregnant for him but chose Farida over her. Stupidity. He will never give up Farida for him. Farida was his forever whether they liked it or not.

He bought a house in Uyo and had enough land in his local government to build his country home. He decided to shame his father and begin work on his site close to his father’s house. He believed Idara wasn’t aware of what happened and he hoped it remained so for a while. He had told her he was no longer interested in Farida but the son. He didn’t know the defence he would give for his actions this time. He would come up with one when the time comes.

Farida stayed on with Iya Agba for three more days. She felt energized. She ate fresh soup and wara (local cheese). Her body and soul were healing at the same time. She spoke with Wale every day and she sounded even better as the days passed. Wale had to get back to his job before Farida came back which was a welcome idea.

Iya Agba spoke to Farida before she left. She told her, “This body is yours and it does whatever your mind tells it to do. You look better than when you first came here. Once you leave here, it would feel like you have left your safe place but you haven’t; your safe place is in your heart. I know you are still afraid to mate with Wale; you don’t have to. Do not allow the boy win by giving up on your love. If you are not ready, give him an excuse not to for now. The truth is, the only time you will be at peace is when you put Sam in his place. It is you that can do it. Knowing you, it will be the legal way but my dear, that guy will regret what he did. He won’t last long. Don’t look at me like that; I have no hand in it. It is his destiny”

“I hate him but I can never do him any harm. I am no longer afraid of him. He is still the father of my children. Please don’t do anything against him”

“What will I do against him? I am a devoted Muslim; I don’t practice black magic. I am not a witch. I only know about herbs and how they work. Someone with this type of character doesn’t last long”

“Farida, would you want me to come with you to UK?” Iya Farida asked.

“No maami, I am fine. I know how I will manage Wale. We are going back in a few days. Don’t worry about me. I am going back with incense. When I am ready, Iya Agba will get me those herbs that will help me rock Wale’s world”

“You are smiling. I am happy you are better” maami added.

“We are going to Lagos first. I have to write a statement for the court over this issue. Sam’s father is helping me with the case. He has assured me that in Nigeria, Sam can never come anywhere near me again”

‘He is a good man. Unfortunately, he didn’t raise his son right”

“I didn’t have a father but I turned out right. The son didn’t want to turn out right”

“Hmmmm Farida. I trust you; your children will turn out right”

“All three of them”

“Yeah, your Morenike, three of them”

Iya Agba concluded by saying, “You have to have a child for Wale so it will be on record you are his wife whether you marry him or not”

“It is not part of the plan any time soon. One marriage is enough. I don’t want to marry again. I love Wale and he loves me. We can live together happily as long as we both can. If any of us wants out of the relationship, we will not need to go through the court to dissolve it. Men can change. Sam changed. Wale too can change as time goes on. I don’t want to be tied down for any reason”

“My granddaughter has become wiser. But having a child together wouldn’t stop the separation; it just gives you right in his family”

“Iya Agba, I don’t need such rights. I am not answerable to anyone right now and I want to keep it that way”

Iya Agba nodded with a smile on her face. Farida was stronger than she knew.

Farida arrived Abuja optimistic. She told Wale she was coming home and he promised to pick her up. He came to pick her up but he wasn’t alone; he came with the family which made Farida teary. Morenike stretched out her hands to be carried while the twins tugged at her p@nts. She was home.

When they got to the house, the children continued to cling to her. They missed her. They were leaving in two days and Wale and Farida hadn’t had anytime together. They had a lot to talk about but the children won’t let her be.

The opportunity came very late at night. They quietly carried them to their room to sleep with Kufre. Immediately they were alone, Wale put his hands around Farida’s waist. She stiffened. He observed it then he released her and turned her to face him. He pulled her close and k!ssed her on the lips. As the k!ss was advancing, his hands began to roam. Farida had to stop him somehow. She tried to wriggle out of his embrace but he held on to her and whispered in her ears, “Stop struggling. You are not getting away this time”.

‘I have bad news for you. I am on”

“How can you be on? You are not due to be on until next week”

“I think the medication pushed it out”

“Right now, I really don’t care. I’ve missed you. We will use a condom”

“I can never do that. I can make you feel good though”

“I want you. That’s all I want”

“I’m sorry”

“How will I cope? I won’t be able to come over until March. How do I cope until then”?

“Get a girlfriend”

“What did you say? You, Farida is offering me the chance to cheat? You that made me promise you I won’t be with anyone else is saying I can? What is the problem Farida? What is wrong?”

“I was joking; I just wanted to hear what you would say”

“Let’s do this thing now. Please, I will be fast”

Before she could respond they heard Morenike cry out loud. She quickly left him to get her. Wale sensed there was a difference. Farida of before won’t let this chance slip away. This period story sounded strange. He watched her bring Morenike into the room. She placed her on her chest while she suckled on her pacifier. Before long both of them were asleep. Wale wasn’t happy but there was nothing he could do.

It was the same thing the next day. She avoided him and refused him all his r0mantic advances. She tried not to make it obvious but Wale was sensitive enough to know. He knew she wouldn’t have s*x on her period but she enjoyed other things. He was worried.

He became more worried after she took her bath the next morning and he observed he saw no wrapper for pad or tampons. He watched her dress up and she didn’t use anything except a panty liner. She didn’t realise he was watching her carefully. When they got to the airport, he drew her close k!ssed her and asked her if she had anything to tell him. She smiled and said no. He knew this was serious. Something apart from stomach bug happened. Just as Hugh mentioned before he left, Farida was there but she wasn’t there.

Monica stayed back because of her father. She was to catch a flight back to Lagos. Wale walked with her to the local airport so she could leave. As they walked, Wale said to Monica,

“For the first time I would make advances at Farida and she would refuse. What happened to Farida? Tell me the truth; I can handle it”

“Nothing happened to her. What was her reason?”

“She said she was on but she wasn’t”

“How did you know?”

“I know. I also sense there is something wrong. Farida is distant although she is acting like she’s fine. She is using Morenike as shield against int!macy. If you say Farida is fine, then I will take it she no longer finds me attractive”

“This babe just recovered from an illness. Please give her time and talk to her”

“I have heard. I know you won’t lie to me. I have my doubts right now but no problem”

Monica planned on letting Farida in on their conversation when she landed UK. Her flight to Lagos was delayed, she had to wait another two hours. Along the line she forgot.

Farida settled down at home before she called Wale to let him know they had arrived. They spoke for a while and then Wale said,

“Are you still on?”

“What do mean?”

“Is your period still on?”

“O, yes it is”

“It’s no longer heavy?”

‘Why do you ask?”

“Because you used a party liner to travel instead of a tampon or pad. I checked your bag, there were none in there too. I know how meticulous you are when you are on. So, tell me what it is. Why didn’t you want me to make love to you? Why did you offer me a girlfriend? Is something going on? Did something happen to you?”

“I am sorry. I just didn’t feel up to”

“It’s more than that. Are you dying? Do you have a terminal disease? What is wrong?”

“No, I am not dying or ill. I was still recovering so I didn’t want to disappoint you”

“You should have told me”

“Would you have listened? I am sorry I lied to you”

“No problem. When will you feel up to it? I could come over for a weekend and we spend it together in the hotel away from Eni, Dayo and Morenike”

“I will let you know”

“You know I love you right”

“Yes, and I love you too”

Wale still had misgivings about their conversation. Something was wrong, he could hear it in her voice.

Before Sam’s father left the village, he hosted his family and there he declared Sam was no longer his son. He said he has been disowned as his son but his children can bear his name and inherit from him. He meant every word of what he was saying. The family tried to find out what caused the problem between father and son but Sam’s father refused to disclose.

Sam was invited for the issue to be resolved but he refused to show up. He told them it was a personal issue between his father and him. He treated the issue with so much laxity that Idara had to voice out. She warned him of the adverse effect this could have on his career and his life but he paid no heed. She asked him why he raped Farida, he claimed she seduced him. She saw the way Farida avoided him when she was around. When did this sedu.ction take place and where? Sam couldn’t answer. She said to him, “Your conscience is judging you and you are still lying. Are you the first man to be rejected by a woman? See what you have brought upon yourself and family. Farida will be your destruction”

The elections were three months away and Sam needed to concentrate. He was always in Abuja. He wanted to be sure his father’s decision to disown him towards an election wouldn’t have any effect on his agreement with party chairman and his link man. They assured him stories like do not have any effect on their voting. It is whom they ask to vote for they would vote for.

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