FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70


Episode 69

Sam was shocked when they got to Alhaji’s house and they had direct access without the help of the party chairman. They were directed into an inner room which Sam had never been before. Sam’s father and Alhaji spoke alone for some time while Idara and Sam waited for them to round up. Eventually, he called them to join in.

“Well, when a dog wants to get lost, it will not hear the hunter’s whistle. I have told your father all you have done after coming to us for assistance. You disgraced us, turned against us, secretly went into alliance with another group and feel you will go unpunished? You fought someone in my premises and even when I assured you, I will handle it, you still reported the matter. You have shown me disrespect simply because your father begged me not ruin your life. But now he can also see my hands are tied. You have bitten more than you can chew. You stabbed us in the back. you are not as smart as you think and you are constantly under our radar. I have told your father; I didn’t take your son. I investigated and found out who. You must do the rites to have your son back. once you do the rites, your son shall be freed”

“What is this rite?”

“You will be informed and it will be done in the presence of your wife so it will be clear it wasn’t coerced. It is unfortunate we have to get to this point. You were warned not to tell anybody about our deal but you did, don’t deny it, I have played the evidence for your father. You decided to form your own pressure group and tried to convince people to join; I also have the video. You must do the rites and once it is done, you will learn to be have yourself and your son won’t pay the price for you”

“When will the rites be done?” Sam’s father asked.

“He has to come willing for it to be done. He will the date and time then we will schedule the venue”

“Tomorrow sir. We will be available tomorrow” Idara quickly answered.

“Remain in Abuja, before the end of the week you will be contacted and directions given to you. Once the rite is over, your son will be returned. Let me give you the final warning, there is no going back on the rites”

Sam’s father couldn’t look either his son or daughter-in-law in the eyes. He knew what was coming would not be pleasant. He had tried to save his son but it had proved almost impossible. This was the best he could do as his son had placed himself in this position. It was a cabal thing and beyond Alhaji who is just the link man.

Sam’s father announced he was leaving for Lagos that evening. He believed by the end of the week Sam and Idara would have their son. What will follow after that was brought upon himself by Sam.

Farida had been ill for over a week now. She still had so much to do in preparation for her photography studio. She planned on creating a studio for children’s photography. She was working one evening and collapsed. The workers called for the nanny and ambulance. Farida was rushed the hospital. Kufre called Monica to inform her.

Farida was pale when she saw her. The illness had taken a terrible toll on her. Monica was scared when she saw Farida. Why was she looking like this? The doctors at the emergency revived her and asked for some questions. They discovered she was anaemic. What could be causing the anaemia? The Consultant asked for a series of tests to be conducted. They waited for the result.

“Madam, when was your last period?”

“Last month”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Very sure”

“Well, the result here says your pregnant. Obviously, you’ve not been taking care of yourself. We will need a scan…..”

“What did you just say?” Farida asked in absolute shock.

“You are pregnant. We just have to ascertain how long gone you are”

“I can’t be pregnant” Farida replied.

“A scan would prove it”

“Farida, let’s not argue. Let’s have the scan done” Monica urged her.

Farida was wheeled in for the scan. Monica was with her. She didn’t ask any questions. She just concentrated on the screen. It was obvious. She was pregnant and with twins again. Farida wanted the ground to open and swallow her. How could she allow this happen to her a second time.

When they got back to the ward, Monica talked to the doctor and they commenced treatment on her. She was sedated. She wasnt transfused but she was given drugs to boost her blo0d level and was asked to rest.

The next day, she was discharged. Monica came to take her home. She told Kufre to ensure the children don’t disturb Farida as she was placed on bedrest. She settled Farida in and made food recommended by the doctors for her.

Farida refused to eat. She was sad and confused. She wasnt ready for another child. The twins were barely two with Morenike. She couldn’t cope. Tears flowed from her eyes. She didn’t plan this.

“I don’t know why you are crying. I just knew something was amiss when you wouldn’t let me into your room and Wale’s car was parked outside. You think O didn’t know you slept out the next night. I just wasn’t sure it was Wale. So you guys were having a good time without protection. I thought you two used protection. Please don’t tell me it just happened. You have tell Wale he is going to be a father again”

“I’m not telling him. He would want me to keep it. I don’t want to. I am at a stage I don’t want to be tied down or dictated to. I want to live free. I’m enjoying my freedom. Wale will ruin everything”

“You should have thought of that before you opened your legs. No wonder he became insecure. What do you do to these guys that they don’t want to leave you? Is it not the same s*x or is there something more?”

“Monica, I can’t keep.this pregnancy. Promise me you won’t tell Wale or anyone. It’s strictly between us. I really can’t keep the pregnancy”

“Don’t do it Farida. Even if you want to, Wale needs to know. Please don’t take the decision just yet. Think about it. It’s overwhelming now but with time you will ease into it”

“Promise me you won’t tell Wale or my mum. Promise me!”

“I promise you. I won’t tell him. But I won’t go with you for the ab0rtion. I’m against it. You will do it yourself”

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