FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70



They were at Iya Farida’s house as early as 7am the next morning. Hugh saw Farida, she didn’t look sick to him. He knew there was more but he felt if they wanted to keep it a secret, they should. Their flight was for 9am so they had to leave for the airport. Farida k!ssed each of the children and then she laid back on the bed. Monica took them to the airport.

Farida was physically stronger but psychologically broken. She blamed herself for what happened. She wanted to be left alone. Monica could see she was slipping into depression. She then told her.

“I told dad yesterday and he is currently in the hospital. He suffered a mild heart attack. He couldn’t believe Sam could have done something so terrible to you. He is coming to Lagos soon. He wants action taken against Sam. We will have to handle this legally and also help you recover”

Farida looked at Monica and smiled. She knew how she felt but couldn’t put it into words. There was no use fighting. Sam has done his worse; he has dehumanized her to the extent she didn’t feel like living anymore. They didn’t know her plans. She died that day. She had given up.

Maami could see the emptiness in Farida’s eyes. She could see that Farida’s soul was gone only her body remained. She couldn’t judge how Farida felt. She couldn’t judge how Farida was reacting. Exactly what happened to her had happened to her daughter. Her luck was that he didn’t sodomise her. But he did every other thing and more. She made a decision to leave and live because of her children. She wasn’t strong or confident enough to fight back but she could run.

Farida is strong and confident; she is no coward but sometimes she underrates herself. Marrying Sam was one of her mistakes; he wasn’t worth her. Now Sam had capitalized on her weakness to abuse her. Well, she Iya Farida, didn’t know how to handle this but she knew someone who knew. It was time to take action. She informed Monica and Farida they were going on a journey. She went to make arrangement for the trip.

The children arrived Abuja into the waiting arms of their Wale. Hugh and Wale had always gotten along so it was easy for them to enjoy each other’s company. After they had settled the children in the house, Wale and Hugh had drinks in the sitting room and talked about Farida’s illness. Not wanting to sound suspicious Hugh mentioned he not getting the whole suddenness and secrecy in her illness. Wale didn’t understand and Hugh couldn’t give an explanation. He said Farida was well enough to travel to Abuja or back to London for proper treatment. But she looked different; she looked distant and she hardly spoke.

Wale pondered on Hugh’s words for a long time. He had been having the feeling that all wasn’t well. He knew immediately they were hiding something from him. Did Sam threaten Farida to the extent she is too scared to come back to him? Is this what it is about? He had to find out but how? Talking to Farida and Monica wasn’t get the desired result. Farida sounded tired and distant on the phone but Hugh said she was fine physically. Should he come to Lagos and check on Farida? He might have to see her tomorrow. He got a temporary nanny to join Kufre to care for the children while he is away.

Maami hired a Toyota Sienna to take them to Ilorin. Monica didn’t understand why but maami said Farida will get better over there. Farida asked Monica join Hugh in Abuja as she was in safe hand in Ilorin. Monica didn’t want to leave her but Farida insisted. Farida joined maami in the Sienna and they went to Ilorin.

Monica caught a flight back to Uyo. Her father was recuperating. He asked why she left Farida, she explained everything to him. She wanted to know what next. Farida was in a bad condition psychologically and something needed to be done urgently.

“I have spoken to my lawyers and they say nothing can be done except it is a case of assault. But he can claim he didn’t as$ault her”

“Is that all the law can say? A husband can dehumanize his wife and it is ok under the law? What stupid law is that?”

“There is no r@pe under the law between husband and wife. They are legally married and it had been dragging. We can push it but there is little we can do legally. Sam knew what he was doing”

“Will you still allow him get into the house of reps? I think that should be his punishment”

“It is beyond me. Sam has gotten himself involved with some elements that will ruin him. He doesn’t know what he has gotten himself involved in. But there are still other ways of dealing with him. For starters, I am disowning him and making it public. He has no share in whatever I own. He cannot answer my name anymore”

“Now you are talking. Have you told mother about his recent escapade? What did she say?”

“I informed her and she was dumbfounded. She can’t understand what is driving Sam. She, in her usual character put the blame on Farida for seducing him or something like that. I stopped listening when she was making no sense. Your mother is his problem. She has encouraged him in his negative behavior. She pitches him against me. She thinks she is smart but she doesn’t know she may soon mourn over her son at the rate he is going. I told her. Some things can never be forgiven”

“While I wait for what we will do about the issue, I want to get to Abuja. Wale needs all the help he can get and Hugh will be leaving for London soon”

“No problem. I will talk to Farida and her mother”

They got to Ilorin in five hours. It was a smooth journey, no traffic on the way. Farida laid down all through the journey. She was blank. She had no thoughts. She just enjoyed the tranquility the journey offered.

It wasn’t the same with maami. She was watching her daughter slip away. The trip reminded her of her decision to leave. She left not because she was brave but because she could see the future of her children especially her daughter Farida. Now, what she was avoiding had come upon her daughter. She had called her mother and told her everything. Her maami was a wise woman but also a conformist. She believed in Allah and obeyed his instructions. Farida reminded her of her maami. Her maami asked her to bring Farida to her immediately. She was unhappy she was just informed.

Iya Agba as Farida’s grandmother is called in the family was waiting outside to welcome them. She led Farida into her house and took her to the room. She lit incense for her there and asked her to sleep. She also asked maami to rest, they would talk in the night.

Later at night, Farida came out feeling refreshed. Her mother was shocked when she stepped out looking much better. She turned to Iya Agba and asked her what she did.

“I warded off the evil spirits that occupied her mind. She will be able to talk and feel better now” she offered her granddaughter a seat beside her and said in Yoruba, “Omo mi, tell me what happened. I don’t want you crying or getting scared. Just say what happened on that day. I want to hear everything he said and did to you”

Farida calmed her self down and told her grandmother how it all happened. She didn’t leave out any detail. She spoke to her in both Yoruba and English so she would understand perfectly. Her grandmother listened with rapt attention. It was maami that was stifling her sobs, Iya Agba wasn’t moved a bit. When she finished Iya Agba asked her,

“Is that why you want to kill yourself? Farida, you disappoint me. I knew that arrogant boy was no good for you but your mother said you are in love and it could work out. You are a modern girl, instead of you to stand up and teach him a lesson he will never forget, you are here wanting to die. Let me tell you, I grew up where girls were married out as young as twelve years. At night, we will hear them crying and screaming in pain and anguish while they are being disv!rgined. It was normal. No one went to their aid. It was the price she has to pay for being a woman. Your mother’s first night with your father, he r@ped her and continued after that. Let me tell you, many of these men also have an@l s*x with their wives. The first time is usually just as you described. It is not new. The difference is; you can do something about it. I do not believe in court. I do not believe in letting people know what happened to me. If you going around talking or you are hiding away, it means he has won. That is what he wants you to do. I am going to burn some incense for you and give you herbs for you to heal fast. I want you to know you are not the first and won’t be the last. But know that I, Iya Agba, does not know how to go to police or court. He will think he has won but he will get what he deserves”

“What about Wale? How do I tell him? What do I tell him?”

“Take your tell. Tell him when you are ready. I want you to heal well first. You can tell him nothing for now but eventually please tell him. It is best it comes from you”

The words of encouragement she heard lifted her spirit up. The herbs helped with the healing and the pain. She didn’t care much about Sam but she was worried about Wale. She knew he had missed her and would want to have s*x with her. How would she manage it? Should she endure him having his way even though it hurt both physically and psychologically? She loved Wale and would love to be with him in that way but she felt the body was no more the same and he would know. She worried.

Monica arrived Abuja in time before Wale left for Lagos. She was the one that informed him Farida and her mother went to Ilorin for Farida to rest. Wale knew Farida didn’t really like Ilorin, so what was she doing there. It was all so confusing. He had spoken with her and planned to surprise her by seeing her that evening but she never told him she was traveling. He called her. Farida picked the call. She sounded much better.

“Where are you?” Wale asked.

“I came to Ilorin to see my grandmother. She actually sent for me when she heard I was sick. We are using herbs for the treatment. I feel much better already”

“You didn’t tell me?”

“It happened suddenly and I dozed off during the trip”

“How are you now?”

“Much better. I got a mail from the school. I have to return soon ….”

“All that can wait until you feel better. I want you to be well before you travel”

“I will be”

Farida’s mother received a call which caused her to run out to the sitting room where Farida was. “She Is here” and she handed the phone over to Farida.


“Words fail me my daughter. I never thought Sam could defy me. I never thought him capable of such evil. I have disowned him. He is no more my son. I am making it official when I am discharged. He has been informed to leave the family house. He no longer bears my name”

“Isn’t that too harsh?”

“I will never forgive him for what he did to you. You are like a daughter to me. So, he defiled my daughter and will never get away with it” Farida could hear his voice shake in a bid to stifle his pain.

“I am sorry dad. I am partly to blame. I shouldn’t have trusted Sam”

“You have no blame. We watched the CCTV. He was smart. But not smart enough. He didn’t expect us to know. He thought you would keep quiet. Heal my daughter. Take it that I offended you. Please forgive me. I have asked the doctor to forward the documents she has to my lawyer. He will forward it to yours and work with him for the next court date. Whatever you decide to do to him, I am in full support. He is an outcast. He is not my son”

When Sam’s mother heard her husband had disowned Sam, she began to fight him. She flew in from Lagos to confront him over the issue. Idara wasn’t aware of what was going on. She just knew Sam packed a few things and left the house. It was while his mother was talking to his father she realized there was a problem. She heard his mother say something about disowning him. As it was getting heated, his stepmother stepped in. She heard her speak to Sam’s mother so authoritatively for the first time. She said to his mother,

“This man had a mild heart attack because of what Sam did to Farida. He is home to rest but you wouldn’t let him. You can come back and have this argument with him when he has fully recovered. He is more useful to talk to alive than dead. Come back when he is fully recovered”

‘Are you talking to me? Is this thing talking to me? Who are you to talk to me?”

“I can see where Sam got his bad character from. Save it; not here. If you do not leave, I will have you bundled out of here. If you had raised your son right, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now. I said leave”

“I hope you can see your wife walked me out of your house. She thinks her son will be the first son. Idara has a son so your son cannot be the heir”

“Point of correction, Farida (whom your son r@ped mercilessly) has Sam’s heir. All the sons are equal. You want to bring division between Farida and Idara; It will not happen. Idara is no longer your puppet; she has a brain and she is using it judiciously. Please leave or I will call security” She picked her phone to make a call. Sam’s mother looked at her from head to toe and left.

Idara came down while the exchange was still going on. She asked her stepmother-in-law what was going on. She told her to ask her husband what he did. She ran after Sam’s mother and asked her what happened. She too told her to ask Sam. She called Monica instead.

“I beg you in the name of God, tell me what is happening at home. What did Sam do to Farida?”

Monica was silent while Idara pleaded with her. Finally she said, “He r@ped Farida and threatened her”

“He did what?”

“He r@ped Farida. I can’t say more than this”

“But why would he do that? Why will he jeopardize everything? What is wrong with Sam? Hasn’t this obsession with Farida gone too far? It is now a mental case”

“Well, he is your husband, deal with it”

“Father disowned him and mother was here to challenge his decision. Stepmother walked her out”

“Are you serious?”

“Dead serious. I was also shocked. So was mother. She has taken her rightful position now. Sam has a mental problem. Please greet Farida for me”

‘I will”

With the turn of events, it is looking like the election will no longer be in Sam’s favour. What could Idara do? She has to remain in this house so her children will have rights. Sam can go to hell for all she cares.

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