FARIDA : Episode 61 – 70


Episode 67

“A woman who was once vulnerable and weak; who was abused by an ex and dumped by a lover. A woman who decided that she can live without a man but fell for her lover again. A woman who doesn’t want any confusion; who wants peace. Her reason are valid, I mean talking about Morenike and the divorce but the truth is she doesn’t ever want to be in the situation you left. Learn not to just act but reason it through. You young people are too emotional. Reason beats emotion anytime. Allow her, follow what she says. Make each time you spend together memorable. She will come back to you”

“This man always gives me food for thought each time we discuss” Wale thought to himself.

Monica looked at Farida on their trip back to the UK. She was just smiling to herself. Monica wondered what was making her smile. She expected Wale to see them off to the airport but Farida told her he had to get to Kaduna. She didn’t tell Monica what she discussed with Wale which made her more suspicious. That first night, she on her way upstairs, she saw Wale’s car. She wondered if he was still around or something. In Abuja, she came downstairs to look for them but didn’t see them. Farida was not in her room either. She suspected they went out and sent her a message. But the way Farida was looking made her believe there was more but Farida will never divulge any information without her enquiring.

“Have both of you settled now?”

“Who and who?”

“You and Wale now?”

“Settled how? Where we fighting?”

‘Are you back to being an item?”

“We are back to being friends that relate when it is convenient”


“I am too busy for a serious relationship now. Try and understand”

“What has come over you?”


“Wale loves you and I know you love him too. He must have apologized for his behavior. Let all this end”

“I have heard you. I will take my time and think about it”

“So, nothing happened?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

Monica could have sworn something happened but Farida demeanor was saying something else.

Sam began to show his real nature to the chairman of the party and Alhaji. They wanted him to be in a particular committee to influence certain policies which would favour them in the long run but Sam lobbied to be in another committee. When Alhaji heard it, he summoned Sam and warned him against going against their instruction otherwise he will be dealt with. He piped low.

In the new committee, he argued against what he was asked to do. The video was sent to Alhaji. He knew Sam could not be tamed easily. It was time to tame him for good. They gave the last warning. After their agreement was reached, he was relieved from his committee duties. He didn’t find it funny. He came back to Alhaji on the matter.

“You are still owing us and you are uncontrollable. We have played our part. Now it is time to fulfil yours”

“Once I fulfil it, would you allow me be?”

“Yes, I will. What we want you to give us something precious to you once you do; we will let you be”

Sam stared at Alhaji. “What do you want?” he asked Alhaji.

“There is a rite you have to do. If you do that rite, you will be under our protection. If you don’t. it is either or you lose your seat and your life”

‘What are you talking about?”

“This is our process. We told you from the onset. If you do the rite of passage, everything will be sorted. You have to do it willingly”

Sam couldn’t understand what they were saying. The rite of passage was what? There seemed to be so much secrecy in this rite which made him believe it had diabolic undertone. He wasn’t ready to do any rites. He would have to look for a way to avoid ylthem completely for now. They were becoming a pain in the butt for him. He could flex his muscles in the house with caution from them. He was tired and wanted to be set free.

All the thought vanished from his head when he saw Wale sitting and waiting to see Alhaji. He approached Wale feeling like a king. Wale chose to ignore him. He then said,

“How is Farida?”

Wale ignore him completely. Sam was ready for a fight. He had his aides with him and was ready for a showdown.

“Hey, I am talking to you. Do you know who you are talking to? I am Honourable Sam…….”

‘The r@pist. I know who you are. Don’t bother introducing yourself. I have seen you. You can leave now”

“You are accusing me of rape? Who did I r@pe? Can I be accused of r@ping my wife? She told you at last”

“I am trying to avoid another fight. Let’s leave it that way. Our paths only cross here, let us respect the person we have come here to see and not wash our dirty linen in public”

“You are a shameless man keeping a married woman as a lover. I have warned both of you but you won’t listen”

“You haven’t gotten the memo then, I dumped her after what you did to her. You are a sick man who can kill over a woman. She’s all yours if you can have her. O, I forgot, she doesn’t want. The only way you can have her is by pointing a gun at her and threatening to kill a child. You can have her; I want my child to live”

Sam was surprised Farida gave him all this information. He was happy Wale said they were no more together. He had been too busy to be monitoring Farida. He had to teach Wale a lesson he would never forget. He will have s*x with his babymama and send the video to him; there was nothing more to talk about there; he walked away.

When Wale met with Alhaji, he asked him to tell him what the problem was with Sam. Wale opened up to him. From his relationship with Farida until Sam came on the scene. He told him Farida ran to him in Abuja when Sam broke her heart by having children with another woman. He encouraged her to go back and then better her life.

“They would still have been married if this man had allowed her travel to the UK peacefully but he tried to block it until she left. She told him she was no longer interested in the marriage and wanted a divorce. I have always been in love with her but she fell in love with me just before she travelled. I had to bring a girl to the house otherwise we would have lost control. It was while there she discovered she was pregnant. Not for me, for Sam. This was after seven years of marriage and no child. She didn’t tell him That other lady seduced me and got pregnant for me too. I told Farida. Farida filed for a divorce but Sam was playing games with it. She had twins; a girl and a boy. His second wife had a son after two girls recently. My babymama had a daughter for me. It was after the children we began to date. I bought my father’s house in Northampton and moved Farida and her children there”

“Why? Sam’s father is very rich. Why didn’t he step in and get his son to do it?”

“Sam father is a good man. Farida is an independent woman. She accepted the house because she believed we were building a home together. Did you remember the lady with Farida on the day of Akram’s wedding?”

“Yes, I remember. She is fatter than Farida”

“She is Sam’s sister. They have been best friend since their university days. Her father chips in through her to Farida. All the money the father gave Farida is in an account. She said she would return if she perceives foul play or keep for her kids. My daughter, Morenike is with Farida. She took her like hers and is raising the three children. I play my part every month. That’s why I work hard. We don’t survive on hand outs; we work to make money. My father can afford to take care of my responsibilities but Farida would rather I be a man and stand by myself and I have. Last Christmas holiday, Sam’s father invited them to his hometown promising to secure Farida and her kids. Sam had access to Farida’s room and r@ped her vi0lently. He threatened to kill my child if she struggled pointing a gun at her head. He sod0mised her. He killed her physically and psychologically. She didn’t tell me until Sam did. I investigated and found out. I ended it with her. We are no more together. I still love her but as long as Sam is in the picture, we can never be together. She doesn’t want anything to happened to me or my daughter. She still has my daughter. Sam is the stumbling block of this relationship”

“What did the father say concerning this?”

“He disowned him”

“He whom the gods want to destroy, he first makes mad. What do you want me to do for you?”

“Nothing. We are fine. We talked the other day but we have to wait until the divorce is over”

“There won’t be any divorce until I say so. But it is beyond divorce. Sam needs to be taught a lesson. I made him an honourable and he has no respect or regard for my instructions; he goes contrary. His father knew his son was stubborn and wanted to manage the situation but he went behind him seeking my help so he can remain married to a woman who doesn’t love him. I didn’t have all these details. He will be dealt with. It’s not just because of you but his stubbornness”

Wale called Monica and they talked for a while. He told her about his encounter with her brother recently. Then he asked her, “Have you noticed Farida has changed?”

“Changed how?”

“She’s different”

“Is she? I didn’t notice”

“Is she seeing anyone?”

“I don’t get”

“This is between us Monica, please is she dating anyone? I want to know”

“Why do you want to know? You were the one who called off the relationship and left her heartbroken”

“I know. I’ve apologized. It was for our safety and that of the children. But tell me if she is seeing anyone”

“Not that I know off. I don’t think she even has the time”

“Are you sure? I want to know if I can hope”

“I don’t understand you or even Farida. If you still want to be together then do it”

‘I want to. She gave valid reasons why we shouldn’t but I am uneasy. Only a woman with other lovers doesn’t want a new lover close”

“But you know Farida. She doesn’t have a man lover; work is her new love; she’s doing every damn thing. I know you are worried she getting laid somewhere, trust me, she’s not”

“I believe you”

“You should trust Farida. The divorce isn’t over yet. Once it is, she will perform”

“I know. Just want to be sure no one is helping out in the meantime”

“You are sounding like Sam. After how many months did you remember you had a babe? It is because you met her looking smashing that’s why you are interested in her. Now you are worried another man might be helping out. If she was looking unkept and unhappy would we be having this conversation?”

“You are right. I love the new her. Please talk to her to open communication with me”

“I will but I can’t promise you anything”.

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