FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


?Village Girl ?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode 31?



Basil ran into my arms crying. This boy just pushed Nora because of me.
“Daddy. I love you. Please tell mommy to stop”.

“You stupid boy! “. Nora came to me and pulled Basil off.

“He’s not your father. I’ll take you to your father”.

“He’s my father! Right, daddy?Please daddy”. He cried.

I look away, I feel so stupid. I can’t talk, I can’t do anything. Am so useless. I love Basil despite he’s not my son.

“Shut up, he’s not your father. He’s cripple and dumb. We can’t stay with someone like him”. With that she carried Basil who try to wriggle free from her. Struggling in her arm.

“Daddy!!!! Daddy! I dont wanna leave you! Daddy please”. He kept wailing till Nora took him out.

I love Basil so much even if he’s not my blood but if I decide to raise him. He might bring problem in future. He might want to claim first child. If at all, I later I have a child.

I wheeled my chair to the table where my phone laid. I strolled to Tiwa’s number. Do I still have any shame at all? But I really need someone to talk to.


“Oh my goodness, you’re looking Muah Muah!!! “. Justin complimented.

I just finish dressing up for the date and came out to see Justin, looking charming and very handsome as usual. “Thank you”. I blushed.

He open the car door for me and I got in. He shut the door and came to the driver’s seat then drove out.

“Seriously, I wish you’re not my sister”.

I was stunned. “What?!! “.

“Hey calm down. What I actually mean is assuming, you’re not my sister. I would’ve gotten married to you already”.

I hit him softly. “Jerk”.

He smiled and focus on his driving.

“Justin.. Uptill now you haven’t tell me what happened between you and Joyce. Dont lie to me, I know you guys are not together again
It was after the breakup that you became a fl!rt”.

“Which of the Garden, would you like to go? Blossom or Love Garden. Or Judy’s place? “.

“Olamide…. I insist. You were not like this before”.

“Let’s go to Judy’s place. It a new place. Am sure it gonna be fun there.

I took a deep breathe and everywhere became silent till we got to the so called Judy’s place. Wow it more like a paradise.

“Shall we? “. Justin smiled at me and i nodded. We held eachother like lovers. We walked in.

He took me to a table in the garden. The table was full of of delectable meals and drinks. That means, he had it planned already.

“Wow”. I exclaimed and took a seat.

He took a seat opposite me. “You like it, right? “.

“Like? You fool, I love it”.

“Can’t you just stop insulting for once. Mind you, am your date tonight”. He winked.

I smirked. “Date, my foot. Am sure if you see any fine girl. You’ll forget me. My friend pop the Cocktail”.

He took the wine and shook it a little before opening it, making it to make a sound pop. Some spill on the table.

I cheered. He poured little in our glasses before sitting.

I took my glass and gulp down. I moaned. It so sweet. I look up to see Justin glaring at me. “What is it? “.

“I told you, you’re my date tonight. We should’ve atleast make a toast. You just ruined it”. He pouted.

“Huh really? Must we always make a toast?”.

“Just forget it and enjoy your meal”.

I opened the plate in front of me. OMG. “Justin, you’re a darling. The best brother in the world”. I exclaimed. This boy is just too sweet. In front of me is a big fish barbeque. I grinned before washing my hand.

“Wait…. What you tryna do? “.

“Eat of course”.

“With your hand? “.

I stared at him. “Justin, just because we’ve lived in England doesnt mean, we’re not villagers again. Am still that village girl, got it? “.

“Whatever….. Wait, is that not your secretary? “. He asked looking past me and I traced his eyes turning a little.

“Yeah thats her”. I said as I saw her. She was with a guy but I couldn’t see his face.

“Wow.. I’ll be right back”. He said whist smiling and stood up. I knew it.

“She’s with a guy”.

“Who cares? “.

“Justin stop it, dont get in trouble, please”.

“Hey common, am a man now”. He said and left. I tried stopping him but no, he wouldn’t listen.

I focus on my barbeque devouring it. Licking the corner of my mouth.

“Ma’am Laura”. I heard someone say and I look up.

“Hey Ella”. I waved flashing her smile.

“Common sit down”. Justin gestured she joined us. Wait.. Whats going on? She was with a guy.

“Actually that’s my cousin brother. He brought his wife along. He dragged me here but I wasn’t comfortable, am glad Justin came to save me”. She explained smiling at me.

I never ask you though.”Wow, it so good to see you here”. I returned the smile.

“I must say, you look very beautiful tonight. Very very gorgeous”. I heard Justin say. God this boy is a fl!rt.

Ella blushed. “Thank you Justin. You looking very handsome too”.

“Umm… You have something on your lips”. Justin said and his hand travel to her lips, and he cleaned it with his thumb. Ella blushed. Wait they’re flirting right in front of me.

“Umm, I wanna take a walk”.

“Sure no problem”. Ella said smiling. I stared at her.

My Brother’s trap has caught you too. Wait till he gets into your skirt. I wash my hands and left.

Wow this place is nice, I must say. I continued walking to nowhere in particular.

My phone beeped. It a message. I checked the sender. Alex.
? “Can you come over, please”.

Oh oh. What happened to him? I was about to reply when I heard my name and I turn to look. And guess who’s standing in front of me.

“Samuel!! “. I screamed in joy and jumped into his arm. I clung onto him bad he hugged me tight.

Samuel is my first love. The guy I was crushing right from childhood in the village. The king’s son. I unlock from the hug. Checking him out. He has grown handsome than before. We never talk back then. I doubt if he knew I was crushing on him. But seeing him now, I can’t help it.

“It so good to see you, Tiwa”. He smiled revealing his not too deep dimple.

“I never imagined, I could see you again, you just left”.

“Yeah I went to school in New York”.

“Yeah I heard it back then. It so good to see you”. I hugged him again and disengage from the hug.

“Are you with someone? “.

“No… I mean yes, my brother. But he’s with someone”.

“Okay, if you dont mind……

“I dont mind,Sam”. I grinned.

I held his hand and we found a place to sit.

“How’s life with you? I heard you got married”.

“Yeah, it was an arranged marriage, so we divorced the following year”. What?? Did I just lie? OMG!.


He was interrupted by my phone. I stared at it. A messenger from Alex.

? “Tiwa, can you please come over, please???”.

? ” Sorry am in the middle of something. Sleep tight. Please don’t text me back, am so busy”. I texted back and put my phone in silent.

Samuel and I talked to length. I enjoy every moment. I never imagined we could talk. I wished it never come to end but it came.

He drove me home cos I told Justin to leave earlier.I can’t deny the fact that I still feel something for him. I need to act fast. Alex need to sign the papers.

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