FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


🎀 Village Girl 🎀

📝Written by Khalee📝

🔥Episode 35🔥


It been a week and Tiwa haven’t come around. I call her almost every minute. I’ve been able to stand on my own now and take few steps too.

I really want her to come. I want to surprise her about my progress.

Right now, am in my deck enjoying the cool breeze coming from the big tree in the middle.

I sat on a chair. I no longer use my wheel chair. At least am taking few steps now. I took my glass and sipped the content.

I heard a car honk outside. Wow that could be Tiwa. “Jackson!!, someone is at the gate”. I screamed out to the gateman.

“Yes Oga, am going”. He opened the gate gently.

I put my palms together. Oh God. Let it be Tiwa. King of King. I am that I am. Let it be Tiwa. The car came in and it turn out to be Rotimi’s car. I hissed in annoyance.

He alighted from the car and Lewis also came out. Rotimi said something to the gateman and he pointed at my direction. They walk to me.

“Hey man”. Rotimi and Lewis took turn shaking hands with me and they settle in separate seats.

Juliet came with a tray containing cookies and a Mixed fruit drink box with two glass cups.

“Good to see you guys, I thought you’ve forgotten me”. I said looking at Rotimi.

“Thats not possible, you know I can’t ditch you. Been busy with some stuffs at home”.

I face Lewis. “Hey Lewis, you kinda look terrible, am the sick one here”.

Lewis took a deep breathe. “I haven’t been able to sleep for days”.

Rotimi and I exchanged looks then face Lewis again.

“What’s the matter? “. I asked curiosily.

“Well, you know I’ve been trying to makeup with Fiona”.

“Umm yeah”.

“Do you remember Cindy? “.

I shook my head and look at Rotimi and he did the same.

“You dated… I think you dated three Cindy back then”. Rotimi said and I nodded in affirmation.

“It the Cindy that I met at the bar, the one that is a model”.

“Oh yeah… That slim black girl. Yeah”.

“We’ve become close recently again. I told her about my plan of going back to Fiona.

That same night, we had something. I won’t say she seduced me. Nah. You know am a fl!rt”.

I was shocked.”Not again, Lewis!. You promised to stop”. I half yelled.

“Yeah I know I did. I just wanna had the last time and guess what she did? “. He said staring at Rotimi and I. Who just watch him. “I never knew she did a video”.

“What?!! “. Rotimi and I screamed.

“Yeah and she sent it to Fiona”.

“How could she do that? “. I asked still in shock.

“Obviously, she wants to ruin Lewis. Since he wants to get back to his ex wife. And now she did”. Rotimi said.

Lewis ruffled his hair in frustration. “Am fvcking doomed. I swear! I thought I was gonna get a chance with Fiona and my son again but I messed up”.

“Gosh, that so terrible, I swear”. I said and sipped my drink.

Lewis opened the juice box and poured little content in the two glasses. He took one and sipped.

“You see what you’ve brought upon yourself, huh? Alex and I warned you then but Nope. You wanna flex yourself. You wanna get down with every lady you meet. Rotimi hissed and sipped his juice.

“Well, looks like, it only Rotimi that is lucky here”. I said bitterly. “I should’ve listened then”.

“How do you mean? You still have Tiwa”. Lewis said and I glare at him.

“Seriously? I can’t believe this is coming from you”. I said and Lewis looked away.

Rotimi smiled and sipped from his glass. “You see now, right? I warned you guys back then”.

“I never knew Nora could do such to Alex”. Lewis said lowly.

“What about her?”. Rotimi asked.

“I don’t know about that harl0t, w!tch, wh0re, slvt……

“Wait wait o”. Rotimi interrupted. “Do you realise you talking about “LOML”. He mocked chuckling.

I frowned a little. “That was then. Not anymore”.

“What of Tiwa? My wife has been disturbing me for her number”. Rotimi asked and I glare at him.

“Why do you want her number? “. I was very angry. Wait. Is that jealousy? Really.

“Why are you flaring up? You said I could have her if I want, so why are you feeling jealous, suddenly? “. He chuckled.

“Jealous, really? “.I scoffed. “Am not jealous”.

“Oh I see,…. You’re not.But it all written over your face. So tell us, what are your plans now? “. Lewis asked.

“Plans? About what? “.

“Tiwa and your job”. He replied.

“Tiwa is the only key to me coming back to the company, my Dad was right then”. I sighed.

“I must say, Tiwa is a very nice lady. Despite everything, she still took care of you”. Lewis said.

“Wait…. Is this not the same you, that was shouting Team Nora back then? “.

“Like I said, I never knew Nora was like this. Moreover I supported Nora because you love her. If not, I knew back then, that Tiwa is the one”.

I stared at Lewis in disbelieve. “Seriously Guys. Can I say something? “. I asked the duo and they nodded.

“This past few days, I want Tiwa around. I always miss her. I call her almost every minute even though she doesn’t pick everytime I call. I dont just understand, this feeling”.

“You’re inlove with her”. Lewis said.

I touched my chest feeling my heartbeats. “Could this be true?”.

“Yeah it is, she’s been right here with you. All this time but you were head over heels for Nora to see her. She’s the right one, bro. Your missing rib”. Rotimi said.

I took a deep breathe. They’re right. Am Inlove with Tiwa. No doubts.

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