FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


? Village Girl ?

?Written by Khalee?

?Episode 37?


Have been able to sort things out with Samuel. I apologized about Justin’s attitude and he forgave me. I told him to bring me to Alex’s house on purpose.

Samuel dropped me right inside Alex compound. After I alighted from his car, I hugged him tight.

So Alex or one of his maids can see and tell him. All I know is am getting a divorce and he must sign the papers today.


I don’t know whats wrong with Tiwa. She no longer answer my calls. I’ve been able to walk freely now but I can’t drive yet.

I heard the sound of a car and I moved to my window. My eyes grew wide when I saw Tiwa hugging a guy. I felt so jealous. She’s married to me. Mine and mine alone.

I left my room and proceeded downstairs.Tiwa entered the sitting room at the same time. She stared at me for a second.

Maybe because she’s surprise to see me walking now. I expected her to look surprise and talk about it but her face was expressionless.

“We need to talk, Alex”. She said sternly.

“Umm okay. Should we go somewhere and……

“No we should right here, right now”. She half yelled. Her voice was stern just like how she sounded when I went to see her at the office.

“Let’s go to my deck please”. I begged.

“Alright “. With that we walked into my deck and took our seats. Janet brought cookies and a juice box with two glasses in a tray.

She set it on the table and left. Anytime I have a guest, I don’t need to tell them what to do. They already know it.

Tiwa opened the juice box and filled our glasses. She took one of the glasses and sipped. I stared at her.

Why was I blind to see how beautiful she is, both in character and physique? Will she ever forgive me?

“Why arent you drinking? “. I heard her ask.

“Yeah”. I pick my glass and sipped. Silence took over.

Wait.. Is this not the same person that was flaring up minutes ago? My friends had told me to at least tell her the truth about my feelings. But How do I open up to her?

“I wanna tell you something”. We both chorused.

“Ladies first”. I said.

“Nah, you go first”.

I suddenly felt so nervous. For God sake! This the same Tiwa that i maltreated in the past. So why am I feeling so nervous?

“I just wanna apologize for everything that happened in the past. All what I did to you. I hurt your fee…….

“Stop it, Alex. Please dont open up my wounds. Just go straight to the point”.

“I want your forgiveness and a……

“I’ve forgiven you along time ago”.

“Tiwa…. Please, am really sorry. Sincerely”.

“Since this what you wanna talk about then let me say mine cos it important”. She said and fold her arms under her breast.

I watch her closely. Am such a fool. All this while, am just noticing.

“If you can remember, the first day we met and went to the river and also our wedding night.

You said it was a forcible wedlock and you doing it because of your Dad”. She took the glass and sip.

The way she handled the glass was outta the world. She’s not that village girl of mine again but a queen.

I bite my lower lips. “I was blind then but now I see everything, it so clear now”.

“Yeah. I was blind too but have gotten a solution”.

“A solution? “.

“Yeah”. She dropped the glass and reached for her classic bag. She dip her hand into oy and brought out a envelope. She opened it and brought out a paper which she handed to me.

I stared at her wondering what’s in the paper.

“Common take it. It the solution to our forcible wedlock”.

I collected it from her, drop the paper in front of me and my eyes ran through it with my heart beating very fast. My eyes grew wide and my heart skipped.

“A divorce? “. I shouted and immediately she gave me a pen and dropped her wedding ring on the table.

“Tiwa listen….. Let’s not do this”.

“It what you’ve always wanted, so let’s do it”.

“Tiwa please. I beg of you, let’s not do this. Nora charmed me, please”. I said placing my palms together.

“Nah, she did not charm you, you love her. So it wasn’t. Just sign the papers and let’s end this”.

I suddenly recall what Nora said. “Are you getting married? “.

She stared at me for a while. “Yeah, I don’t know if I truly love the person but I want to”.

“I can’t sign it”. I pushed the paper back to her.

“And why can’t sign it? “.

“Because….. Because…. Am… Am in…

“You see, you don’t have any reason not to”.

“Am not signing this, Tiwa. I swear”.

She stared at me. “Okay. Let me give you time. I’ll be back soon”.

“It not gonna change my mind”.

“Let’s see till then”. She carried her bag and walk out.

No this can’t be happening. No No… I can’t sign it at all. No way. I have to do something about it.

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