FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


? Village Girl?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode 40?


“Samuel”. Rotimi called immediately the Samuel guy came in view.

“Hi,longest time”. Sam said and flashed him a smile.

“Is this the guy? “. Rotimi asked facing Justin, who nodded. Sam stared at Justin and I.

“You’ve got some explanations to do”. Rotimi said sternly as he push the guy and went into the house.

Sam gestured us to go in and we did. He locked the door behind. Rotimi was already sitting looking very angry.

Justin and I sat opposite Rotimi. Wait.. Whats their relationship?

“You and Justin knows each other from the company but I don’t know this guy”. Sam said and gaze at me.

“I need answers right now, Samuel!! “. Rotimi yelled. Whats going on?

“I don’t get you, Rotimi”. Sam said. He’s a very handsome guy, nice body structure and voice. But he has to leave my wife.

“First of all, Justin. Is this the guy with your sister? “. Rotimi asked.

“Yeah he is”. Justin replied.

“Samuel”. Rotimi called.

“Yeah, whats going on? “. Sam asked.

“Why don’t you just stop the pretence. Am so disappointed “. Rotimi yelled again.

“I don’t get you”. Sam said.

“Whats going on? “. I asked. Cos I was totally in the dark.

“This guy here is married to my wife’s twin sister. Kehinde. They have two kids already”. Rotimi half yelled.

“What?! “. Justin and I chorused.

“I need an explanation, Rotimi”. Sam said.

“What other explanation do you need, huh? Just because your wife is out of town with the kids. The best thing is to cheat now, right? “. Rotimi yelled.

“I wasn’t cheating on my wife and i’ll never cheat on her”. Sam yelled back.

“Oh please… Then what the hell are you doing with my sister? “. Justin spoke up. Samuel looked away.

“I can’t believe this. How will kehinde feel when she hear that you’re cheating on her, huh? “. Rotimi asked.

Samuel stood up immediately. “What the h*ell are you saying? You just came into my house and started accusing me wrongly”. Samuel flared up.

“Oh I see. I know what to do”. Rotimi said and brought his phone out.

“Wait, what are you trying to do? “. Sam asked a bit frighten.

“Trying to call my wife and tell her, her twin’s husband is cheating in her sister or better still, call kehinde and expose your dirty secret”.

“Wait Rotimi, please. Am not cheating on my wife, I swear”. Sam begged.

“Then what are you doing with Tiwa? “.

“Tiwa is the one who loves me”.

She doesn’t love you fool. I said inwardly and glare at him.

“Shut the h*ell up! Why didn’t you tell her, you were married instead of cheating”.

“For God sake, am not cheating on kehinde, you know I love my wife”.

Okay. Am loving this part. If he’s married then Tiwa is still gonna be mine. Awwwn.

“Answer the goddamn question, why didnt you tell her? “. Rotimi asked again.

“Because she never give me the chance to. Trust me, am planning to tell her soon to avoid problems just like now that you think am cheating on my family”.

Rotimi sighed. “Are you sure? “.

“I swear with my life, trust me. Please”.

“Then you have to stop seeing her”. I said.

“Right. If that will prove my innocence then I will”.

“Maybe he’s right after all”. I said.

Justin nodded. “Am sorry about how I had treated you the last time we met. Actually this is Alex. Tiwa’s husband”. Justin said and I smiled at Sam.

“Husband or ex? “. Alex asked and I frowned. Is this guy cr@zy?.

“What the hell do you mean? “. I frowned again.

“Tiwa said she’s a divorcee. That she got divorce a year after the marriage”.

“What?!! “.

“Why will she say that? “. I asked. My body went weak. She denied me.

“Because she loves him”. Justin answered.

We all sighed. I rested my head in the chair.

“Hey, you don’t have to worry. Samuel is married. All that matters now is for you to make up with your wife”. Rotimi said.

Justin and Samuel nodded.

“Okay since thats settled. How about a drink, huh? “. Samuel asked smiling revealing his not too deep dimple. He’s a cool guy. No wonder, Tiwa likes him.

“Not really. My wife and son are at home and it getting late already”. Rotimi said and I must say.

I so much love our friendship. He’s the best. He cherish his family and friends alot.

“Oh oh, alright. We can do that some other time then”. Samuel said and we all stood up.

“I hope we cool now? You almost killed me”. Samuel asked Justin.

He chuckled. “Am sorry. Just trying to save my sister’s marriage”. He said and embraced Sam.

“It nice meeting you, Alex”. Sam said.

“Yeah, thanks so much”.

“It nothing. Please take care of Tiwa. She made bad comments about you guys marriage. She’s a friend and I don’t want to see her hurt henceforth else am gonna kill you”.

“Yeah I promise”.

“You don’t have to promise, after Sam has killed you. I have a butcher knife at home. Am gonna chop you into pieces”. Rotimi said.

“And am gonna eat you raw after Rotimi has chop you”. Justin added.

We all chuckled.

“Thank you so much guys, I owe you”

“Especially Justin. He almost cut off my balls, the day I came to their house”. Samuel said.

“O-o-o-ops, sorry”. Justin laughed.

“Alright good night dear”. Rotimi said.

“Yeah, my regards to Taiwo and Ryan”. Samuel said.

“Yeah you too when you call your wife, I hope she’s coming soon? “.

“Yes, they’ll be back in two days time”.

We bade eachother goodnight. Rotimi left for his house and Justin drop me off at home.

I showered and got into the bed.

I slept like a baby. It was the best sleep I’ve got after years.

“Am coming for you. Queen Tiwa”.


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