FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


? Village Girl ?

?Written by Khalee?

?Episode 36?

?Tiwalade ?

? “Hello sam”. I said into the phone,blushing. Not like he’s here.

? “Hi Tiwalade”.

? “Ummm, Are you free? “.

? “I think so, why? “.

? “Want to go see a movie? “.

? “Am not sure yet”.

? I felt sad. “Okay”.

? “Let’s do it this way. How about a date in your house? “.

? “My place? “.

? “Yeah”.

? “Why not blossom or love garden or even Judy’s place”.

? “Tiwa, let me just come to your place”.

? “Alright, i’ll text you the address. And I should be expecting you, right? “.

? “Yeah baby”.

He disconnected the call and I smiled at my phone. I hurried into the bathroom for a shower.

Settled for a short simple gown then left to get groceries. I wanna do it myself that why I did not bother ti send my maid.

Soon I was back.

“Have you finish chopping the vegetables salad? “.

“About to finish, ma? “. Chidima replied.

“Okay”. I opened the pot of pasta on the gas cooker. It was still steaming. I went over to the other pot, where the sauce was.

I smiled at myself. I don’t mean to brag but am a very good cook. And it all because am a fast learner.

“Hey sis”. I heard Justin say and I turn to see him resting his back on the kitchen counter with his hands in his trouser pockets.

“Hey darling brother”.

“Looks like someone is in a good mood today. It all written over your face”.

“Yeah, am expecting somebody”. I beamed with smiles.

“Brother inlaw, Alex? “.

“Mood killer. I muttered under my breathe. “The guy, I met at Judy’s place”.

“The one, you yet to reveal his identity”.


“Chidinma, please excuse us for a while”. Justin said, the maid suspended what she was doing, bowed and left the kitchen.

“I don’t understand you anymore”.

“In what way? “.

“You’ve been all over that unknown guy”.

I turn to continue what chi was doing before. “Calm down, he’s someone you know very well. You know I love surprises. That why, I haven’t reveal his ident……..

“Laura…. “.

I was startled for a while. Justin just appear behind me, I did not even hear his footsteps when he approached me. “Do you wanna kill me? “.

“Do you realise, you’re still married to Alex and yet you wan…….

“Am getting a divorce”. I cut him off and his eyes grew wide.

“Di-Di-Divorce? Why the h*ell do you want to? “.

“Wait… Are you kidding right now. You know everything I passed through in the hands of Alex”.

“Not after, everything his parent did for us. No No”.

“Us? Whats really going? Years back you supported me but now, it not the same. Is it because his parent employed you and put this house under your name? “.

“It not about that, don’t talk like that. What do you think people will say? That you’re a gold digger, thats it”.

“You kn……..

I was interrupted by a car hink. Justin left the kitchen in annoyance.


“Hope you’re enjoying your meal? “. I asked Sam, suddenly feeling nervous around him.

“Umm yeah. It delicious. You’re a great cook”.

“Thank you. Your day? “.

He drank water. “It fine, Sundays as usual. You? “.

“Seeing you right here, makes it great”. I said shyly and look down at my plate of pasta and sauce.

“The pleasure is mine”.

Everywhere became silent except for the TV sound coming from the sitting room.

“Umm, you have something beside your mouth”. I lied and my hand travel to his face. I wiped nothing off and my finger trace to his lips.

I don’t care if he’s not taking any move yet. I’ll do it,I don’t wanna lose him. Not now that I got a chance to be with him.

I don’t know for how long my thumb was on his lips untill I heard someone cleared his\her throat.

I removed my finger. “Hi”. I said nervously.

Justin ignored me and took a seat facing Sam and I. “Chidinma, come and serve me”. Wait.. What the h*ell is he doing? He’s not suppose to be here.

“Wait… You’re Olamide, right? “. Sam asked Justin who just nodded. Why is he being like this?. Chidinma came into the dinning and started to dish Justin’s food.

“You dont seem to remember me, do you? “.

“What the h*ell are you doing, Chidinma? “. Justin half yelled at Chidinma. She was shocked cos Justin has never raise his voice at her and I was surprise too.

“What have I done, sir? “.

“Just shut up! I don’t care who you are and I dont give a damn. All I know is for you to be careful, Else!!! “. He said stabbing a finger at her.

“Sorry Sir”. She bowed and left the dinning room.

Immediately something stuck me. Justin words echo in my ear. He was referring to Sam.

“Umm, i’ll like to take my leave now”. Sam said standing up.

“But why? You haven’t even eat half of the food. You don’t like it? “.

“Not at all, it delicious. Just that I have to go do something at home”.

“Alright”. I said sadly.

“Yeah. Thanks for the delicious meal. And umm… Olamide. It nice to see you again”. He said and to Justin who just nodded. He stretched his hand to Justin for a shake.

“Umm. Sorry, let not saint eachother’s hands”. Justin said rudely.

I went ballistic but controlled myself. Sam gulped down and dropped his hand.

“Right then, let me take my leave now”. Sam said lowly.

I stood up immediately. “Don’t bother seeing me off, i’ll be fine. Just finish up with your meal”. He said and I felt so ashamed. He must feel very embarrassed.

I move to him and hugged him tight. “Am so sorry about what happened today”. I whispered into his ear.

“It nothing”. With that he disengage from the hug and left. I face Justin immediately.

“Olamide, what the hell is wrong with you? “.

“Am not the one with problem and moreover, what did I do? Huh? “.

“You pretending not to know, right? “.

He ignored me eating.

“Chidinma! “. I called out. She came in. “Clear this table, I lost my appetite. Thanks to someone”. I said glaring at Justin.

“Ummm Chi love, am sorry about what I said earlier. I was not referring to you, I just said that to get rid of a fish bone stuck in the throat”. Justin said and I scoffed.

“No problem, sir”. She said and parked the plates then left the dinning room.

“Listen Justin, you have no right to tell me what to do. Sam is the one I love and I don’t give a damn about what you think. Am getting a divorce”. I yelled angrily and left the dinning.


I stirred my pasta,dip it in the sauce then stuff it in my mouth.

Let me see how Tiwa will marry someone else. Not even date. Am not gonna allow it, not when am still alive.

It not just about what Alex’s parents did for us but because two wrong doesn’t make a right.

Not that Sam is a bad person. Nah. I knew him back then in the village but my sister is married. So he should go else where.

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