FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


?Village Girl ?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode 39?

?Tiwalade ?

“What exactly is your problem, huh? Just say it”. I yelled at Justin.

“Am not the one with problem here. It you”. He yelled back.

“Oh now, you have the guts to talk back at me, right? I don’t blame you. It because Dad employed you, put this house in your name and took you like a son. You ordinary Village Champion!! ”

“Did I hear you say Dad? “. He smirked. “Do you think he sent you overseas to study and head his factory for nothing? “.

“Just shut the hell up!! You know nothing about it. You’re just an ordinary village boy!! “.

“Atleast people won’t see me like a gold digger and an ungrateful being. So the village boy is better, thanks”.

“Why the fck do you keep taking sides with Alex, huh? Do you know what I passed through in his hands. He almost hit me one day if not for his friend. And you want me to still go back to him.

After everything!! Why is everybody supporting him? Am I not human too? Don’t I have feelings too? Why can’t I be happy too for once in my life?? “. I yelled as hot tears pour down.

I pulled my top up revealing the burn on my stomach. “This was Nora’s work. An iron!!! “. I cried out.

“Am so sorry, Laura…. You know how much I care about you. But trust me, Alex regrets everything now. He loves you now”.

“You know nothing about love. You’re nothing but a fl!rt and that’s why you jump at everything under skirt. Just like your grumpy girlfriend, Ella!! “.

He was about to talk when his phone rang. He reached for it in his pocket and place it on his ear.

? “Hello…. Yeah…. Yeah… Okay.. No problem. I’ll be with you”.

“Going to fvck as usual. You should get a life”. I stormed out of his room angrily.

?Justin ?

I parked my car, got out and shut the door. I brought my phone out of my pocket and dialed the number that called earlier.

? “Hello, am at Judy’s place now”.

? “Yeah just come in. We’re at the VIP. You’ll see us in room 9”.

? “Right then”. I hung up and march into the resturant.

Actually this number had called earlier about my sister. It has something to do with Alex and thats why I came.

Am ready to do anything to stop my sister from divorcing her husband.

I don’t just know why I don’t want Samuel for her. I kinda like Alex for my sister and I don’t still understand the reason.

I know my sister hates me so much now but I can’t just let her get the divorce.

I opened the door. “Hey”. Someone waved at me and I recognize him to be Ella’s cousin.

I walk to the table and settled in a chair. He wasn’t alone. My brother inlaw was there.

This actually the fourth time we meeting one on one. When he first came to the village, the wedding day, when I met him in the elevator and now.

“Evening”. Alex said softly while I just face Ella’s cousin.

“Evening umm…

“It Rotimi”.

“Oh yeah. Mr Rotimi. How you doing? “.

“Am fine, I hope I did not interrupt anything or disturb you”.

“Nah, not at all”.

“What will you like to have? “. Alex asked and I ignored him.

“Mr Rotimi, you called me and thats why am here. Can we go straight to the point”. Alex sighed.

“Like is said, it about your sister’s marriage to Alex, my friend here”.

“Yeah, what about it? “.

“She’s wants to divorce”.

“Yeah, what about it? “.

“Alex doesn’t want it”. Okay this time to face Alex now.

“Do you have a problem with that? “.

“Umm. Ehmm…

I scoffed. “You don’t even know my name”.

“Am sorry about that”.

“Save your apology and go straight to the point”.

He look down and Rotimi nudged him. “I don’t wanna divorce your sister”.

“And why is that? “.

“Because she’s….

“Because she’s educated and classic now? Because your so called “LOML” has ditched you? “. I cut him off angrily.

“Am sorry but trust me, it not because of that at all. I’ve realise all my mistakes.. I wanna make it up to her…. Sincerely… Am inlove with your sister”.

I scoffed. “Love? Did I hear you say love? You maltreated my sister like an animal. You treated her like a piece of trash”. I yelled in annoyance.

“Am so sorry, thats why I wanna make it up to her”.

“Oh please… Just save it. Make up what up? Can you erase the burn on her body?? “. I yelled as I bang the table angrily. His eyes grew wide.

“Oh you don’t know. She fucking has a burn. Your LOML ironed her on her stomach because she scorch her dress”.

He was so speechless. “Am so sorry about everything”. Rotimi said.

“Stop being sorry. It your friend who hurt my sister not you”.

“He has regretted everything now, please”. Rotimi added.

“How am I sure, he means everything he’s saying? “.

Immediately Alex stood up from his chair, came to me and kneeled before me.

I was so shocked and so was Rotimi.

“I need you to help me please. Please give me a chance to prove myself”. He pleaded.

Wow. Thank you Alex. I know you’re the one for my sister.I said inwardly.

“It okay please. Stand up”. I said bit he did not stand untill I pulled him up and he sat back.

“Okay, so what do you want me to do now? “.

“We need you to convince Tiwa, please”. Rotimi stated.

“She’s not ready to listen. She’s bent on getting the divorce”. I said bad Alex face dropped. “But I have another way”. His face brighten again. Oh lover boy.

“And what is that? “. Rotimi asked.

“I know the guy, she wants to marry. I’ve gotten his address. We should go see him”.

“Can we do that now? “. Alex asked.

Rotimi took a glance at his wristwatch. “My wife……

“Rotimi please”.

“Okay let’s go”.


My car was ahead of Rotimi and Alex as they were following me. I got to Sam’s house, parked and got out. Rotimi did the same and they got out of the car.

“Wait.. He lives here? “. Rotimi asked.

“Umm yeah”. I nodded.

“Do you perhaps know him? “. Alex asked.

“Umm. Let’s go in first “. Rotimi said.

We proceeded to the gate, Rotimi knocked and the gateman opened.

“Oga Rotimi, longest time o”. The gateman said flashing Rotimi a smile, revealing his brown teeth.

Alex and I exchanged looks.

“Are you sure he stays here? “. Rotimi asked and I nodded.

“Yeah this the house. Do you know him? “.

“Umm.. I know a guy who stays here but maybe he has move out”.

We entered the compound because of Rotimi knowing someone there who once stayed or is still there. Well I don’t know know.

We got to the door and Rotimi knocked.

“Who’s there? “. I heard Sam asked.

Rotimi ignored and knocked again.

Samuel’s footsteps became audible. The door opened.

“Samuel!!!! “. Rotimi gasped.

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