FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 31 – 40


?Village Girl ?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode 32?


I carried my bag into the boot. Basil sat in the car crying. That Stupid boy doesn’t know am helping him.

I got into the car ignoring his cries. I drove off to Bernard’s place. I got there and drove into the compound.

I parked my car, came out of it and brought out our bags.

“Aren’t you gonna come out of the car, Basil? “. I asked Basil who kept crying in the car.

“Take me to my daddy….

“Just shut up, you fool! Am saving us here”. I drag him out of the car and we went into the duplex.

I opened the door to behold an ugly sight. I covered Basil’s eye immediately.

“Bernard!!! “. I screamed in disgust.

Gross. He was totally n@ked b@nging a lady right on the sofa.

“Sh!t”. They both cursed covering themselves.

“Go inside, Tracy. I’ll be with you”. Bernard said to the girl who hissed at me before leaving the sitting room.

“What the h*ell is this, Ben? “.

“What does it look like, huh? “.

I scoffed. “Really? You’re banging a girl right in your sitting room”.

“You just said my sitting room, not yours. Hey boy, come here”.

I release Basil and he glare at his father. “Oh oh, you so much look like me but you look devilish like your mom”.

“What sort of insult is that? “.

“Wait… Why are you here with bags? You only said you’d bring my son to visit. Whats up with you? “.

“I left Alex, we’re your family and that why we are here”.

He burst out laughing. “Did I hear you say, move in? Move in where?. Listen Nora, you should be glad I accept the boy’s responsibility despite what you did years back.

You told me to get lost and took my own child to someone else because he’s rich.

Now you’re here to drain me with your blood sucker son. Vampire. Because am rich now, right?

Listen I can’t take any of you in. Am not ready for a family and even of I am, not with a gold digger like you”. He blurt out.

I went ballistic. “How dare you talk back at me?!! Just because I brought Basil here, doesn’t mean I can’t cater for him.

Just so you know, I have someone who is far better than you. I only came because the boy is yours and……

“Go to him, b!tch!!! “. He cut me off angrily. “Am out of here. I have something to finish”.

With that he pick his stuffs from the floor, standing up from the couch, not minding that he was half n@ked before little Basil.

“Mind you, close my door”.

“Son of a b!tch! “. I cursed after him. “Let’s go Bas”. I carried my bags and Basil followed suite.

I have my plan B and that’s Alfred. My man friend. He’s freaking rich too though I don’t know his work but he’s freaking rich.

We met four years ago and since then we’ve been together.


I laid on the floor crying my eyes out. I tried to take something from my bedside table and fell.My nanny is not around.It been one week since Nora left.

I regret everything. Nora is a very cruel human being. How could she hurt me this much despite everything. She almost killed me, thanks to Tiwa who made the food slip from her hand. Maybe I would’ve been died by now.

Talking of Tiwa. Is she really getting married? I have lots of questions to ask her. She needs to forgive me. I regret everything seriously. She’s a very a nice girl, she stood by me despite all I did to her.

“Alex! “. I heard someone call and I look up to see Tiwa.

I groaned in pain. She rush to me and tried to help me up but we both fell. “Ouch”.

She tried helping me again but the same thing happened. She wanted to help me for the third time and I yank her hand off. She was surprised.

“What happened? “. She asked in confusion.

I shook my head. How do I tell her that she should stop hurting herself because of me. I deserve the pain am in. I caused everything.

“Alex. Please stop. Just try please. Okay where are the maids? “.

My parents have got me new maids. I pointed at the door.

“Okay let me call them. “. She stood up. “Janet!!! Juliet!!!”.

The door opened almost immediately and my maids walked in. Together with Tiwa, they helped me into my wheel chair.

The maids left and Tiwa sat on the bed. “Umm Alex, there is som….

She was interrupted by the door squeak. It opened and my mom walk in. “Alex”. She called softly and came to me, giving me a warm motherly hug before disengaging the hug and went to sit on the bed too.

I have a lot to ask. Where is my father? Why is he not here? Why is he not checking up on me? Is he still mad at me?. Gosh! I can’t talk. I allow the tears fall freely.

Tiwa stood up and came toe. “Why are you crying? “.

“Alex, what happened? “. My mom asked immediately too. She came to me and cupped my cheeks. “Is it Nora? Come on son, I warned you about that girl bit you won’t listen. Now see, she ditched you”.

I have to talk. Atleast the doctor said I still have chances. So why not. I screamed out. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa….

“Alex, what are you doing? “. My mom asked while I just ignored.


“Alex? “.

Let me try it again. I must do it. Alex, you must. “Mhmm.. “. I can. “M-mh-mo-mom”.
What?!! I was shocked and so was Tiwa and my mom.

“Dont give up, Alex. Do it Alex. You can do it”. Tiwa encouraged as she held my hands.

“M-m-mo-mom-mom-mommy!! I- can talk. I can talk!!! “. I screamed in joy.

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