GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 31

Bianca’s pov

I watched as Ara dragged Tae out of the restroom. G0sh! This girl is really overprotective.

I break up with Henry cause of him, and am not sure Henry is gonna take me back.

He look like he was angry with me yesterday for breaking up with him. Well, I don’t care about that.

I walked away.

Soo Bin’s pov

I saw Ara and Tae coming, Ara’s face look moody.

They got to us, “You won’t believe that btch again “Ara said, and folded her arms.

“Huh? Tae what happened? Is it Bianca again? ” Seo asked.

“That btch, he broke up with her boyfriend cause on me. That’s ridiculous ” Tae answered, chuckling.

“I showed her how I and Soo bin got Young hee and Yoo nah’s bald head. How the work was done by us. ”

“Haha, Ara you shouldn’t have done that ” I laughed.

After the conversation…..

We went round the industry, it was very big. At the left hand side, there’s a garden. A beautiful one.

We went back to our room, Bianca isn’t here yet only Lolita. She’s having a nap.

I jumped on my bed, Ara was sitting on hers. My phone rang and I picked it.

The call was from mom.

?”Hello mom ” I squeaked.

?”Soo bin! How are you doing over there? ”

?”Am fine mom, how’s dad? ”

?”He’s doing good so how’s the training? Is there any problem you’re facing there? ” Mom asked.

?”No mom, am not facing any problem mom ”

?”Okay, just called to check on you. Bye and greet Ara and others okay? ”

? “Okay mom, bye. ” Mom hung up and I sighed.

Lolita’s pov

Next day…

I took my bath and wore a black jumpsuit and a blue sneakers. I applied lip gloss on my lips. I look perfect.

I just need to do what Ara told me yesterday, I just pray it works out fine.

“You look beautiful today, Lolita” Ara grinned and wiggled her brow.

“Thanks, you and Soo bin look beautiful too” I replied as I took my bag on the bed.

“Awwn, am blushing ” Soo bin answered.

“Let’s go else we will be late for the training ”
I said gently and they both nodded.

We got to the training room and met others, they haven’t start yet. Tae and the other guy was already there.

I looked around looking for Henry and soon my eyes landed on him. His hands were buried in his palms.

His hair scattered, but still look handsome. I got to him and sat beside him. I placed my hand on his shoulder.

“Henry! ” I called with a thick voice.

He looked up and saw me, then he faced back.

“Hmm… Sorry, I delayed today’s training. Bianca is gonna take over. Am not feeling too well now ” He spoke and looked into my eyes, his eyes were swollen.

Haven’t he been sleeping or what? G0sh I can’t believe breakups can cause someone to be like this.

“Okay, but Henry are you really okay? I mean your eyes are swollen like you have been sleeping for weeks ” I asked

“Am fine, is just that I can’t……. Am confused right now. Bianca is not supposed to do this to me. I love her with my whole heart “He answered sadly.

He loves Bianca with his whole heart. What if me? What do I do? If Bianca come back for forgiveness he’s gonna accept her back.

I gulped hard, “Don’t worry, everything is gonna be fine. Since you won’t be doing anything here, how about we go out?

I mean, take you to go chill outside. At least you will be able to forget this sad thing that happened to you” I said, politely.

“Yes, that will be good. Let go out and take coffee at least to calm my nerves. But am thinking about the training…….”

I chipped in. “Don’t worry about that, Ara and Soo bin are gonna teach me the steps ”

“Ohhhh, you guys seems to be pretty close now “He smirked and stood up.

I stood up too, close to him and Bianca entered. Only God knows where she had gone to again.

“Bianca will be in charge for now. “Henry spoke and smiled at Bianca but which she ignored him.

Tae’s pov

“Hello Rhee? ”

“Tae, I just need to tell you this. It funny though.” Rhee said, laughing.

“Fine, what’s it? ” I asked impatiently.

“Jae is going out with one Indian girl tonight. ”

“What? Indian? Where the hell did Jae met with the girl ” I asked.

Jae? This is funny. Indian girl?

“I don’t know but I think Jae is deeply in love with her. ”

“Okay, I will call you back. I gotta do something” I rushed my words and hung up.

“Indian girl? ” I said to my self.

Jae’s pov

I took my lemon shirt and my jean trouser then put it on. I jelled my hair back and wore my shoe.

I need to look handsome for Miss Indian, I can’t wait to meet her. Rhee came into my room.

He was laughing, “Greet your Indian girl okay? Tell her we are coming to pay her bride price ” Rhee said, he chuckled and I only scoffed.

“Just leave me okay? I need to go before I get there late. “I rushed my words and took my phone.

I left Rhee in the room who was still laughing, I got downstairs and mom stopped me

“Where are you going Jae? ” Mom asked.

“I need to go somewhere mom, I just need to see someone” I replied and quickly pecked her and ran out of sitting room before she could say anything.

I got to the car and drove out, I played my favorite song in the car and along as I drive the car.


Soon, I was there. Guess what? Am at her house. Am gonna be picking her. So I could at least show her some places.

I knocked on the door, and some minutes later the door was opened. A girl came out. Arrgh she’s ugly.

“Roshni what are you doing there? Haven’t I told you not to open the door for strangers? Or is the boy around already? ” A voice was yelling.

They were speaking English, though not good enough. Wait! This ugly girl is roshni?

Aahh.. I crushed on the wrong girl. The truth is that I have seen her pictures before. She refused to send it.

I just need to give back home. Wrong girl.

I turned to go to go……

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