GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 34

Ara’s pov

“I can’t just wait for this three months to end so I can go back to my country am missing oppa and mom too ” I groaned.

“Same here, We’ve used three weeks here I can’t wait to see my parents ” Soo bin answered.

It Saturday, we were through with the training for today by 3pm. My phone beeped and I took it and click on the message that came in.

“I need to tell you something, From Tae ”

“What’s it? ” I texted back.

“Next week is my birthday!!! ”

I gasped, next week is his birthday and he’s just telling me.

” Next week what? ”

It took 3mins to reply back. ” Wednesday ”

“Oh, you should have tell me. ” I replied sending an angry emoji.

“Am sorry sweetie, I totally forgot ”

“It okay, happy birthday in advance ?”

“Thanks sweetheart, I gotta go now ”

I sighed and turned to Soo bin, she tied her shoelaces and stood up grinning. Yeah, we just need to take a stroll down the street.

We are new in London, so we need to know some places here. Though we aren’t going far and we gonna come back soon.

Lolita should have be our tour guide but I don’t want to disturb her precious sleep.

“You ready? ” I asked and Soo bin nodded.

“Yeah, Let’s go ”

Soo Bin’s pov

Tae and Seo should have join us but we didn’t want to disturb them. It not like we are going
far from the industry, just a thirty or twenty minutes walk and we will be back.

We got to the gate, the security opened the gate and we walk out.

The city is lovely most especially at night. The breeze were blowing. We walk down with the help of street lights.

“Wow! Look at that “Ara said, pointing to a stationery.

We passed the hotels, restaurants and even schools. I checked the time and gasped.

We didn’t check the time, we totally forgot that we had to come back home early and this is 9:30pm.

Did we really spent too much time outside? I tapped Ara on her shoulder and showed her the time.

“We need to go back to the industry now, it late” I said and she looked at the time carefully.

“OMG! We need to go, so we won’t get lost ” Ara replied and we turned back.

Still walking, I felt someone following us. Not one but two.

I and Ara increased our walking steps, and truly two people were following us. Two boys.

“Hey wait! We need to talk you girls ” one of them said but we ignored and continue walking.

“Hope we haven’t crossed our boundaries now? It like we’ve put ourselves into trouble ” Ara said quivering.

“Don’t worry, we will soon get to the industry ”

This is gonna be the last time am gonna go out of this industry. I just pray I and Ara won’t be r@ped.

The boys increased their pace too and soon they finally reached us. God of Jesus! Save me.

They were looking like hoodlums, in fact they are. One was smoking Cigarette and the other was with a stick.

“Didn’t you hear us calling you? Or who do you think you are? I, BJ no one dare disobey my call. “The one smoking yelled.

“We are sorry, it just that we are going to church and we are running late that’s why we didn’t answer you. ” I answered, trying to cover my nose from the smoke coming out of the cigarette.

“Where’s your Bible? ” He asked.

“Hmm ….we forgot to bring but we have Bible on our phones ” I replied grinning.

“You girls look pretty, how about we do a quickie before you go? ” The one with stick said.

You said what? Pardon? Excuse me, come again. That was what I wanted to say but I kept quiet.

“Sir, we won’t be able to do that now. We need to go please, we are running late ” Ara answered, and took my hand.

We wanted to pass them but they stopped us and my heart began beating faster. What are they gonna do now?

If it gonna become something else, then I know what to do.

“Please which street are we? ” I asked.

“Rosie street, you gonna accept the quickie right? ” I shook my head negatively.

“Nope, am not. Am going back to the industry. ”

“Industry? Wait you girls look like Koreans but am not sure cause I can’t see you well in this darkness ” The man with cigarette said.

I ignored the question and took my phone secretly from my pocket.

“If you don’t cooperate, I think the best option is to do it the hard way ” The cigarette man said and smirked devilishly.

Ara’s pov

Huh? He said what now? He must be joking.

“Brother, please let us go. You gonna find another chick. We are running late. ” I replied the man and he stared at me.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes” Then am gonna do this the hard way ” He came to me and tore my top.

I gasped loudly, thank God I was wearing singlet. The other boy covered Soo Bin’s mouth and dragged her away.

The smoking man took and flung me over his shoulder and followed the stick man.

Soo Bin’s pov

I just pray Seo see this message. He will surely come even if he’s new here.

I already texted him about our whereabouts and that he should come save us. But how will he locate us?

I just pray he and Tae come quickly before they r@pe us.

The man stopped at a corner and dropped me down, he held my top and wanted to remove it forcefully.

I used my strength to kick him in his leg then my leg went to his d***k kicking it. He gr0aned but still held me tight.

My eyes went straight to the stick beside him and smashed it in his head. I pushed him aside and ran to look for Ara.

Seo’s pov

My phone beeped and I viewed the message that came in. I rubbed my sleeping eyes, reading the message again and again.

I quickly wake Tae up, he stood up and I showed him the message. He jumped up from the bed and wore his slippers.

I stood up too and turned on the GPS, locating where Soo bin had send the message. Am tracing the phone number.

I wore my slippers and walk out of the room with Tae. G0sh!

Ara’s pov

The man took me down and I looked at his brown eyes. They are filled with hatred and lu*st.

Fck him!

“Calm down, it won’t hurt you okay? ” He grinned moving his hand to my chest.

His finger touched my mouth and I bit it. He screamed.

I hit him hard on the chest but that didn’t move him, an idea popped in to my head. I removed the cigarette in his mouth and placed it in his nostril.

“Aaaaaa hhhhh!!!!What the h*ell!!! You btch!! ” He screamed.

I used the opportunity to run since he was still trying to relief himself from the pain.

I thought of Soo bin, is she okay? Fortunately, I bumped into her.

“Are.. You okay ?” We said in unison.

“Yes, we need to leave here now before they catch us ” Soo bin replied tiredly.

I nodded and we kept running, don’t even know the way again. We are lost!!!!!

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