GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 39

Yoo nah’s pov

“We gonna talk about that later. I love you Yoo nah ” He replied.

“I love you too Jun ” I said and he kssed me passionately.

We broke the kss and stared at each other’s face.

“You want to know how I survived? ” He asked and I nodded my head.

Back then, Flashback ???

” I will be traveling tomorrow, am gonna miss you Yoo nah ” He said as he hugged me.

“Am gonna miss you too, come back quick okay? ” I replied.

“Yeah, am coming back for you ”

Next day…

He was waving his hand in the bus, I waved back till I couldn’t see the bus again.

I sighed and walked back to my house. Getting home, I decided to turn on the television. I did and changed the channel to a cartoon show.

1 hour later…

Mom opened the door and rushed in, I watched her change the channel and what I saw made me lose control.

“Jun! Car accident! ” I said, lowly.

I placed my hand on my chest, the scene was horrible. A trailer crushed the car Jun was. The bus was crushed and all the passengers died.

“No! No! Mom don’t tell me that’s Jun is in there. No he can’t, I mean he just left here now. Like he can’t leave all alone mom. ” I cried and smashed the TV remote on the floor.

“Yoo nah, calm down. Just….. ”

I didn’t hear the rest before I pass out.


I opened my eyes, and I was made known to me that I was in the hospital. Yeah, I fainted.

Remembering Jun, I started another tears.


The corpses were shown, I can’t even recognize any of them cause their body parts were scattered. They were packed into a polythene bag.

Now am left alone, apart from my parents. No one else.

I decided to accept my fate that Jun is dead but I still feel his presence somewhere. And now he’s standing with me.

I mean we just kssed and now staring at each other’s face. Isn’t that wonderful? The dead is alive.

“Am gonna tell you, as the bus was moving, I suddenly wanted to pee. I can’t stop the driver but I got no choice.

I stopped the driver, and came down. I was peeing when a trailer was coming from the left hand side.

I could tell the driver was asleep cause his face was on the steering wheel. But it was too late when he woke, he had crushed the bus before he could stop the car.

Everyone died instantly, but I survived. Am supposed to come back but you know what? ” He asked.

“What happened? ” I replied, curiously.

“I lost my memory, how? As the bus was crushed, the trailer was carrying metal equipments like hammers, spanner and so on.

I don’t know how but some of the equipments went flying into the air and hit me hard on the head. I lost consciousness and landed in the hospital. “He explained and faced.

“What did the doctor say? ”

“I woke up, not knowing where I am. A doctor came and asked me if I could remember anything but I said no…. Not even my name. I was told I have….. ”

“Long story cut short, I got a job and was going to work that day when I saw your pictures on a magazine. I mean your face look familiar.

Your face kept playing in my head, I didn’t know when I called out your name. In fact I wasn’t sure if that was your name. That night I had wish and prayed to regain my memory back and God did it.

I remembered everything now and that’s why I came to find you here. You’ve grown so big now. More beautiful Yoo nah ” He grinned and I blushed at his words.

“I can’t believe you really came back for me Jun. I thought you were gonna leave all alone. But you came back. Have missed you so so much ”

“I missed and I love you so so much ” He answered and we started kssing intensely again.


Tae’s pov

“Wow, you girls first debut was really awesome. Check this Ara. About 1 billion views. ” I said and showed Ara the video.

“Yeah, we are the best you know. Well you need to get ready or you gonna get late ” She replied pulling me up from my seat.

“Okay, a kss please? ” I pouted.

“G0sh, you can be…..” I cut her off with a kss.

“Not a word. Bye ” I ran to meet Seo and others.

“Bro, where have you been? Oh he went to see Miss sweetheart” Jae said and winked.

Well he’s dating Miss Indian now… ?

“Are you guys ready? ” A woman asked and we nodded.

It our first debut too. We got to the stage and the lady at the front row fainted. Jesus! Are we that handsome or what?

“Good morning everyone ” I greeted and the scream I heard nearly the building collapse.

“Oppa, can I touch you?” ?

” I love you all “?

Soon, the screaming die down and we were able to sing our song. I threw my cap to the fans and….. I shouldn’t tell you what’s happening right now.

“Tae like seriously, those girls nearly killed themselves cause of that cap ” Seo said, chuckling.

“At least one of them got the cap, case closed. I can’t wait to get home ” I texted Ara if she was home and she replied “Yes ”

Ara’s pov

“Next Week Monday will be our second debut and you must be there. You girls must be there” Tae texted.

“Why? ”

“No question, just come. Okay? How’s the new song going ”

“Well good, we are currently waiting for Yoo nah’s solo ” I replied.

“Okay, I gotta go. I just got home now and am f**king tired. ” I smiled.

“Make sure you eat well today, I don’t want your tummy to start singing the way it did yesterday.”

“Arrgh.. Okay I will love ? ”

His tummy was singing yesterday, when I came to visit him. He forgot to eat lunch and actually skipped breakfast today again.

I sent a text message to Soo bin and others , telling them what Tae had just delivered.

“Do you know the reason he wants us there? ” Soo bin asked

“No I don’t ” I replied.

“Okay, has Yoo nah send the solo too? ”

“Not yet, but I think tomorrow she’s gonna summit the solo. ” I answered.

“Okay bye ”

My phone beeped again, “Here is the solo Ara ” it was from Yoo nah.

I click on the music and it was playing. She got a good voice.

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