GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 33

Ara’s pov

I turned and saw Bianca hiding beside the flowers. My smiling face turned into a frown. What the h*ell is she doing here?

I stood up with annoyance and walk to her, I grabbed her hair forcefully, “What the fck are you doing here ” I asked, hoarsely.

“Hmm.. Nothing. Just leave my hair alone! ” She screamed.

“Nothing? But you were eavesdropping our discussion right? ”

She nodded. “He said he wants to spend time with you and he will love you till his last breath”

“Good, next time you do this I won’t hesitate to cut your hair. Understood?” I said, touching her mouth and squeezed it.

I released her hair and she took her heels. I turned to Tae who was smiling.

“You really don’t want any girl flrting around me “Tae said as he made me sit on his laps.

“Of course! I won’t let someone take you away from me. I won’t ” I replied and chuckled softly.

“I really love you Ara ” He said with passion.

“I love you too Tae ” I answered and brought my l!ps to his then kssed him intensely.


Yoo nah’s pov

Next day…..

“Yes, young hee? ” I called.

“Yoo nah, are you at home? ” Young hee asked.

“Yes, I am ” I answered.

“Okay, help me bring those shoes and clothes in your wardrobe please ”

“Ohh! Okay, I will bring that. ” I said and hung up.

I and young hee are back togther now. Am happy she’s a changed person now.

I stood up and wore my sandals, and took the clothes and shoes Young hee asked me to bring.

She forgot them yesterday, when she came to visit me. And since am also going to her house. I need to give her back.

Rhee’s pov

“Hi Ha rin ”

“Hi, how’s your night? ” She asked as we walk together.

“It was good, hmm… How about what I told you? ” I replied, scratching my hair.

She suddenly smiled and turned to me completely, “Yes, have agreed to be your girlfriend ”

“OMG! I can’t believe this! I thought you will say No but I got a yes ” I squeaked like a baby and kssed her on the l!ps.

We both went into different directions. Different classes.

Seo’s pov

Two weeks later…… ?

I wore my T-shirt and turned to Henry who was wearing a polo shirt. He look really happy today.

Maybe he got another girlfriend.

“You’re really smiling like something else now ” Tae said.

“Am meeting someone today. A date. ” Henry answered.

I nodded understandably, “I get that, is she beautiful? ” I asked.

” Yeah, than Bianca ”

He told us about he and Bianca’s relationship to us. He was just heart broken just the way k was before the love of my life came. Soo Bin.

We told him, he can move on since the the girl doesn’t like him anymore. And I think that’s what he’s doing.

He wore his red cap and bounced out of the room.

“My birthday is coming in the next two weeks, I need to tell Ara about this. We gonna celebrate it here in London. ” Tae said, dropping the bag in his hands down.

“How about mom and dad? ” I asked

“Well, I can celebrate my birthday myself. They call me and wish me a happy birthday ” He grinned.

“That’s good, can’t wait to eat on your birthday”

“Gluttton, and even if you eat the whole world food, you won’t get fat. I don’t know where all the foods you ate since your childhood goes to” I glared at him and hit him playfully on the head.

Bianca’s pov

Am just gonna hurt Ara soon, not now, not tomorrow but soon. Am gonna tell my dad not to give her certificate.

Her three months in this place is gonna be in vain.

They gonna seize it, the rest can collect theirs but Ara, No.

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