GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence ?

Chapter 37

Bianca’s pov

It your choice. And less I forget, brush your teeth well next time. Not every one likes yellow colour. ” She giggled and walk out of the garden.

What the heck? That btch!!!

“Arrrgh” I gritted my teeth hard.

Did she just talk to me like that? What an insult!

I stormed out of the garden angrily.


Lunch was served, and I ate to my satisfaction. Lolita stood up and I immediately knew where she’s going.

She and Henry had been together now. Close together but am not sure if they are dating.

I need my Henry back. I made a mistake leaving him. Breaking up with him. Gosh! Am such a fool.

I glanced at Ara, who was about sleeping. Should I accept been her friend or what? Hell no. I won’t.

She should just go her way and I go mine.

Ara’s pov


Two months later…..

The morning was a lovely one, all the trainees had gathered in front of the CEO office.

He came out, dressed in a blue suit. He smiled at us and we smiled back. He’s an old man.

“Good morning everyone” He greeted.

“Good morning sir ” We answered.

A man was standing by his side, he had a resemblance of Bianca. Am sure that’s her father.

No wonder she has a btchy attitude.

“Am glad you guys are here this early morning, I will like to tell you that your training will be ending soon on the 28th of this month ”
He said.

“Okay sir!! ” We chorused.

I can’t wait to get back to Korea. ” You all will have to sing a song of your own with dancing steps.

That will determine your certificates. Whether good or bad. That’s all I have to say now. Good bye to you all. ” He finished his words and turned back, going into his office.


Soo Bin’s pov

Two weeks later….

Lolita had been going out with Henry, they are currently dating now. I can’t believe Bianca tried to win Henry back.

Well she failed. We just have two more weeks before we leave for Korea.

Each and every one had been working on their own song. Am working on mine too.


The day came quickly, and everyone stood in front of the three judges. The CEO, the managing director and a woman.

Am the 5th person, I was called and I sang my own song with my sweet voice.

Ara, Seo and Tae did theirs too. They sang beautifully.

“Well, since you all had impressed me. I guess you gonna get a great certificate. Your graduation will be coming up on Monday. ” The CEO smiled and walked out of the room.

I was happy, no one failed.

Seo’s pov

I took out my phone, it was a video call from mom. “Mom ” I called and Tae came to join me.

“Oh my sons, you boys are looking great out there. ” Mom replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“Mom, I think you and dad should come to our graduation day. On Monday ” I said.

She gasped. “On Monday! Of course am coming with your father. Am gonna talk to him. He will surely come.

What of Ara and Soo bin? Are they okay there too? ”

“Yes mom, they are fine. ” Tae answered, rubbing his nose.

“Okay, I just called to check on you. Take care and bye. Love you ” She hung the call.

I sighed and rest my head on Tae’s shoulder.

“Hey, am not your girlfriend ” He said and I scoffed.

“At least you are my brother, so can you let me think well now ” I replied, my eyes closed.

“Think what? The good you gonna eat this night? ” Tae said and laughed.

“I feel like eating kimchi ”


Ara’s pov

I just called mom, telling her about the graduation. Soo bin called her dad too.

Now, gonna do shopping for the dress we gonna wear that day. But I don’t want to get kidnap like the other hand.

Well, we are in the morning not night. I still have money with me. That will do.


2 hours in the boutique, I haven’t found my type in here. It either tight, too big or old fashioned.

My eyes finally caught a peach gown. I took it and bought a white stiletto heels. Soo took a yellow gown and black sneakers.


The graduation.. ?

The hall was decorated beautifully, mom and dad came. Soo Bin’s parents and Tae’s parents came too.

It was a happy day for them. We were called to the stage. Our certificate were given to us. We took pictures with our parents.

Bianca’s pov

Fast forward…… ?

The graduation ends so quickly, Ara and her parents were talking. She saw me and smiled.

She’s really going today? Of course she is? Will I miss her? No. Why will I miss her?

“Bianca !” I heard my name and I turned to see Ara and Soo bin.

“Are you really gonna miss us? ” Ara asked pouting her mouth.

I wanted to ignore but I can’t just do that.

I gulped. “No, I can’t miss ” I replied, nonchalantly.

“I know you gonna, well I just came to tell you that I and my friends are gonna miss you. Not only you though ” She replied folding her arms.

“You can miss me if you want ”

“Okay, I guess I have to go now. Bye till we meet again ” She waved and turned to go.

“I will miss you Ara ” I blurted, and looked up to her.

I ran to her and hugged her tightly to myself.

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