Jimi touched Diana’s cheeks as she shivered, she had not said anything or moved since they got here. It was almost as if she freezed and wasn’t listening to anything he was saying

“Hey babe, are you OK”

“Am OK” she looked out the window trying to calm her pace with her hands still on the seatbelt

“You sure”

“Yeah I just need a minute”
She took deep breaths

“You don’t have to worry, my parents will love you” he held her hand and she slowly released her grip on the seatbelt

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“By Parents you mean your mom and dad”

“Yeah obviously”

“Your mom is here too” Diana’s head was spinning,she didn’t plan to see Mrs Benson today, what if…. What if she recognizes her

“Yes Diana, my mom and my dad are together… Duh and now they will be almost inseparable you have no idea how much my mom misses my dad, trust me those two are love struck…”

Diana faked a smile

“And you are nothing like them” she answers lightly to take her mind off her terrifying revelation

Jimi laughs briskly
“Well honestly I think my parents have a beautiful love story, the thing is am not a dream man and am not big on love stories and happy ending… If you get what I mean”

“Huh uh” at least you’re not lying about who you are…..’ Diana said to herself

“But with you it a total different scenario. You drive me nuts I don’t know how to explain it but it something that I look up to, spending time with you, talking to you and watching you be your amazing self”

“You’re jumping over the point”

“Ohh really”

“Yes ,the point is even though you don’t believe in eternal love do you think you can actually fall in love”

“Now that’s a cheesy question. Of course my heart are not made of stone. I feel something even though I don’t know what it is but it’s a strong force between us and it’s so special”

Diana raised a brow. He almost got her there acting all sincere

“Yeah I mean why else would you invite me to see your parents”

“Ohh this is just because you are adorable, I am not using this to flatter you… No, I need you here because you fill me with adrenaline that boosts my confidence…”

Diana burst into laughter.
This guy is crazy

” You’re the light to my dark life Diana, you bring spark to my life ,you enlighten me and rebrand my personality. It’s a path I never knew existed

“When did you start reading books Jimi, that’s a popular line from a book am sure of it”

He chuckles loudly
“this is my poem Diana, my poem about US”

“Wow I’m flattered, can we go now and get this done with”

“Yes my lady… And by the way you look..”

“I know I look beautiful” she cut in quickly

“No sweetie, You are beautiful. Inside and out you don’t need to look it but I must admit You look elegant.”

“I get it Jimi, enough with the flattering.
can we go in now?”
And get this over with


Inside the house, the view was overwhelming the changes had only made the house look like a paradise. The walls were glass walls on one side transparent and bright more like a glass house. The other side was concrete walls filled with antique paintings

Seven years ago the house look like heaven now there was no words to describe it

Diana decided to control herself instead of letting this beauty consume her, wealth make people look good but it doesn’t change that they are heartless

She watched a nurse pull a man on wheelchair towards them, Jimi stood up and Diana joined him

“Hey dad”

“Hello Jimi, “Jimi hugged him”. You look great dad”

“I feel great”

“What’s with the wheelchair pops”

“Well my surgery is still very fresh and the doctors insisted I stay like this for a while so it doesn’t open up”

“Folajimi ” a voice called from upstairs and they all looked up at a familiar face. Diana recognize her she’s Jimi’s mother. She’s still aging gracefully and looking gorgeous.
She trailed down the stairs like royalty and towards them

“Jimi I didn’t think you would make it”

They hugged

” yes mom, I had to be here.. I missed my dad”

“Just your dad”

“I miss you too mom”

“Oh Jimi see how rugged you look, when was the last time you had proper shave”

“Oh mom please don’t start”

“Am not starting anything.. You look so rough and unkempt the last time you came here I complained about the same thing and now you’re looking out of color”
His mom rubs her hand on his chin and he was beginning to feel childish in front of Diana

“Mom stop it” he held her hand

“Jimi won’t you introduce us “Mr Benson asked. Diana was already looking out of place staring her brown sandal heels

“Oh yeah…. So Sorry, my bad.
Uhm Dad ,mom this is Diana my girlfriend. Diana meet my parents”

Mr Benson was smiling broadly at Diana
Mrs Benson was glaring Daggers at Diana
And Diana was not such what to say or do

“Nice to meet you” she muttered at some point

“The pleasure is ours” Mr Benson answered

“Uhm Jimi I want to show you something. Your uncle sent “she starts dragging him upstairs

“Really now mom”

“Yes Jimi…. C’mon Let’s go “she pulled him upstairs

Diana stare at them till they were out of sight, Jimi did look like his mom more but that was the least of her worries she wondered if Mrs Benson recognizes her, if she did she could be telling Jimi right now and then everything would be doomed

“Diana please have your seat “Mr Benson was smiling at her she didn’t even realize he was still there

“Sorry sir”

“Over there Diana follow me”
He led the way to the living room directly facing the pool with the sliding transparent doors you could see through it

“You can relax, this is home”

“Thank you sir ”

Diana slumped on the couch
” how’s your health”

“Oh we thank God, I am not happy that I am stuck in this chair but am glad I survived, it is indeed a blessing”

“It’s a privilege”

“One that I am grateful for, I get to spend more time with my family and my wife she is always so worried and taking care of me.. I mean I promised to take care of her not the other way round”

“Am sure she understands if the case was reversed she knows you’ll have been there for her”

“Being sick is no one’s desire”

“Exactly Mr B”

“Huh.. What did you just call me”

“Mr B. Sir.”

“Oh I thought I heard Mr bean”
“They laughed

“No I said Mr B, I have this habit of calling people by abbreviation. But if you don’t like it I can always call you Mr Benson”

“No I like Mr N better, it makes me feel young”

As they chatted on, Diana realizes that Mr Benson is actually a nice funny man and that she liked him

Soon Jimi and his mom showed up

“What took you so long “Mr Benson asked

“We were catching up “his wife answered
Besides dad I left you in good hands so I wasn’t bothered “Jimi smiled at Diana

“Yeah… And we are getting along just fine.. Right Diana?”

“Yes Sir”

“Diana why dont you join me in the kitchen so we can prepare lunch… ”
That was Mrs Benson, and her voice made Diana jump

“Whaaat?” She was hoping she heard wrong

“Join me in the kitchen”

“Oh okay” she stare at Jimi hoping he would bail instead he said

“Didi is a great cook. Amazing”
Diana’s jaw dropped

“Then let’s put that work”

“Of of course ma’am”

“Alright this way please”

“The kitchen was nothing short of breathtaking, the gigantic kitchen was all round white, and way too big and spotless ”

“So what should we prepare.”

“Anything it’s your house ma.”

“But you are the guest”

“I’m fine with whatever you decide Mrs Benson.”

“Okay let do the regular white rice and stew then”

“Sounds nice”

“I’ll boil the rice, while you make the stew. There should be fresh pepper in the fridge or freezer just check”

“They went on in silence but as Mrs Benson second guess where the ingredients were kept, Diana was sure someone else manages the kitchen and Mrs Benson made her cook on purpose ”



“You know I always thought that bold people are not suppose to be cunning. They are too straightforward to be deceptive”

“I don’t understand”

“I always thought you were courageous and outspoken, is this your new line”

“What are you getting at ma’am”

“Oh sweetheart, I think you already know”

“Not quite yet”

“My family is the most important thing to me, so its highly impossible for me to fold my hands and watch someone mess with it.”
It’s certain Mrs Benson recognize her

“If you want to know if am messing with you, or your family then the answer is no…
Frankly I don’t have the time for that”

“A second attempt says otherwise”

“Then your version of this is a different one from mine probably because we don’t share the same mentality”

“First it was your sister now it’s you. What exactly do you want from my family. Now your sister has retired it’s your turn”

“Don’t involve my sister, maybe the problem is your son”

She giggles “still the same arrogance. I should have put you in your place years ago”

“You don’t scare me Mrs Benson”

“You are not supposed to be scared, just don’t get carried away. My son is a very attractive young man you can lose your senses just by staring at him am just saying I hope you’re smarter than your sister and don’t make the same mistake.”

“I am not…. The food’s burning”


Jimi took his dad to the garden, which was his favorite part of thethe house.. His father is a conservative and a lover of nature

“Surprise this place has boomed over the short period I was away”

“You call that a short period, mom worked endlessly to keep this passion of yours alive”

“I know Jimi, I know… I just wished things were different and I could shower her with all the love in the world and work endlessly to make her happy”

“That’s.. That’s very sweet”

“I know you don’t believe in this things jimi but trust me when you fall in love, all that matters is making your partner happy…..
So Diana how did you meet her”

“She lives next door”


“And that’s how we met”

“I see the way you smile at her like”

“Like what”

“Like she’s special”

“She is special”

“Then don’t screw this up”
“I’m trying not to”

“You see find someone that makes you happy you have to be willing to do things the right way I know you might be thinking of spending time with other girls too but you should know that you can’t have it all”

“Actually I don’t think about other girls at all, she’s all I think about”

“Finally you are growing up, do you realize this is the first girl you officially introduced to us, we always run into them in public places or running out of your bedroom, this time you took the bold step and am proud of you .
permit me to jump the gun before your mother …… we have decided to let you run Benson’s corporation”

“What.” Jimi was stunt

“Yes Jimi, it is your responsibility”

“By run it do you mean ruin it”

“Then that’s totally up to you… I didn’t ruin it when my father passed it to me, but I don’t want you to dissapoint me or your mother, you have to be focused and set aside all distractions. You have to be willing to give it your all”

“I. Won’t dad, I promise…… Am overwhelmed This is great news thank you so much for believing in me dad.


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