Episode 21

Sharon’s Pov:

I sat on my bed and watched the maids pack my stuffs and transferring them to Mr Rodney’s bedroom.

“Rachel! Be careful with that! It costs more than your miserable life” I screamed at the old housemaid.

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She picked up my make up kit and walked out of the room.

“It really feels so good to be in charge” I smiled devilishly.

Just then, Ariana who was about to walk downstairs became stunned on seeing what was going on.

She furiously walked up to me.

“Hey! Sharon what’s the meaning of this?” She asked furiously

“You know what Ariana? I can tolerate all your stupidity but you see I can’t tolerate you insulting me” I said as i picked up the packet of biscuit on the stool.

“Shut up Sharon! To me you will continue to be my maid and nothing more” She said as anger burnt through my heart.

“You have no single atom of respect you silly rude girl” I said

“I can see you are already packing your stuffs into my daddy’s room but let me tell you this… I will make sure you are thrown out of this house” She said

The nerve of that freaking little girl!

“That will be once your dad and i get married” I said

“In your wildest dreams Sharon” She scoffed and walked out on me.

“The earlier I get rid of this stumbling block of a girl, the better for me” I rolled my eyes


Ariana’s Pov:

I walked downstairs fuming with anger.

“Ariana! Baby are you ready for the shopping?” nanny Lissa’s voice echoed from the kitchen.

“Shopping? What is this about?” I asked as I sat on the cushion.

“Oh my goodness Ariana! Don’t tell me you have forgotten already?” She said as she hurriedly walked towards me.

“Am sorry nanny but I don’t remember anything!” I said

“Your daddy told me that you and i should go for a glamorous shopping” Nanny Lissa said

“Duh! Is that a kind of bribe so that I will forgive him?” I snorted

“Hey! Of course not… Here take a look at the calender” Nanny Lissa said and handed a calender to me and i sluggishly took it.

“Gezz! So today is 24th? Amazing! My birthday is next week..” I smiled

“Yeah baby! You are gonna turn nine next week” nanny Lissa said as i frowned again.

“What’s with that face? Ariana Mr John is already waiting for us” nanny Lissa said

“You mean Bull the driver?” I asked and Nanny Lissa frowned.

“What did I do nanny?” I asked

“I’ve told you already don’t call him bull again” nanny Lissa said as i bent my head and held my ears.

“I won’t do that again Nanny! Please…” I said

“That’s my baby girl” nanny Lissa said and pat my head.

“But why should I be celebrating when there’s a devil in our midst?” I asked furiously

“Come on baby! You shouldn’t make the dev il happy by being sad and keeping a long face” Nanny Lissa said and I sighed sadly.

“Don’t worry Ariana! Daddy said he’s gonna throw you a very big party so you can invite your friends I know you miss Quincy right?” nanny Lissa said as my face beamed in smile.

“Alright nanny!” I jumped for joy as we walked out of the house.


Sharon’s Pov:

“So Ariana’s birthday is next week?” I thought as i walked into the room.

I picked up my cell phone and called my boss (the unknown).

📱 Hello! 📱 my voice echoed

📱 Hey! Sharon let me warn you, you mustn’t get married to Mr Rodney… That is not part of the plan 📱 The boss said

📱 But I thought I will marry him? 📱 I asked furiously

📱 Shut the hell up Sharon! All I asked you to do is to get rid of Ariana and her good for nothing housemaid 📱 The boss said

📱 What about the marriage? 📱 I asked

📱 It will be a fake marriage because your so called pregnancy is fake… Leave it to me 📱 the boss said

I gnashed my teeth in extreme displease.

📱 Well I think they are throwing a party for Ariana’s birthday next week 📱 I said trying to hide my annoyance

📱 Wow! the long awaited day have finally come, I will make sure Ariana will never be a problem again for us after her birthday📱 the boss laughed hysterically

📱 And her nanny? 📱 I asked anxiously

📱 Both of them will be a part of the past 📱 the boss said and I smirked wickedly

📱 Better! Thank you boss 📱 I said and hung up.

“Am so sorry boss! But I have no choice than to leave our so called plans… I’ve grown to love Mr Rodney and I want him for myself so I will marry him legally” I laughed

“As for Ariana and Lissa you can go ahead and help me get rid of them but as for Mr Rodney, he’s all mine” I said as i opened the drawer and brought out a gun.

I kssed the gun and smirked wickedly…


Haa! This Sharon sef 😳😳

She’s deviating from her plans with her unknown boss….

What will happen to Ariana and Lissa? 😭

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