Episode 26

Mr Rodney’s Pov:

Someone tapped me….

I sluggishly opened my eyes….

I was still at the bar where I went to drink….

“Sir! Please leave now…its time to close the bar… It’s almost 3:am” the waitress said as I belched loudly.

“No! I don’t wanna go home yet… I need more drinks” I coughed

“Sir please leave…” She repeated as the security came over.

“Mr you have to go now” the guard said calmly.

“I don’t want to go! I can’t you get it?” I yelled angrily

Just then, my cell phone rang aloud.

It was my friend Albert calling…. I was too drunk to pick it up.

The waitress picked the call up.

“Hello Mr Albert” She said on seeing the name I saved the contact with.

I kept screaming and causing a scene as the waitress went outside to answer the call.


Some minutes later 🕒 🕒

Albert stormed into the bar.

He talked with the security before helping me out of the bar.

“What the hell is wrong with you man?” He asked angrily.

I couldn’t reply cos I was already snoring.

We drove off…


Lissa’s Pov:

I laid Ariana on the old spring bed and turned around.

“Thank you so much Kyla! I appreciate” I smiled

“It’s nothing Lissa but you can only stay here for today… You and Ariana have to leave this place first thing tomorrow morning cos it’s not safe for you guys” Kyla said

“I don’t know what would have been our fate if not for you” I said in tears

“If anything had happened to Ariana, I don’t think my conscience can take it” Kyla said

“But why did you save us?” I asked as she burst into tears.

“Two years ago, I lost my only daughter Nelia… I was happily married to my husband who was a wealthy politician and we had a little adorable daughter Nelia… My husband’s rival killed both my husband and my daughter Nelia right in front of me and I couldn’t save Nelia and I have been living a life of regret until I saw Ariana… She looks so much like Nelia and Nelia died two days before her 9th birthday… I also learnt Ariana is 9” Kyla cried bitterly.

“Am sorry about that Kyla! I shouldn’t have asked cos I just reminded you of…” I said as I wiped my tears.

“That’s nothing Lissa! All I want you to do is to leave Manila as soon as possible cos with the little I know, the boss hates you and Ariana so much and it’s better if the boss thinks you are dead” Kyla said

“But whose the boss? What wrong did Ariana and I do to the boss?” I asked

“I have no idea! But make sure you leave this place before tomorrow morning” Kyla said as she rushed out of the room.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I sat on the chair heavily.

😜Are you still confused on how Ariana and Lissa survived the 💣 bomb explosion 💥 😜


Ariana and I saw the bomb ticking and tears rolled down our cheeks.

Our hands and legs were both chained to a gallon of petrol.

“Nanny! I think we are really going to die” Ariana cried

“No Ariana! Even if I die, I don’t want you to die” I wailed

We kept struggling to no avail.

When we already lost hope, the door was thrown open and Kyla walked in.

She was holding a key…

She quickly unlocked the chain.

“Follow me right now! We have to go through the back door cos there are CCTV cameras in the front door and don’t worry I already disconnected the CCTV cameras in this room and the boss will not notice” She said as she ran out and we followed her.

Immediately we stepped out of the house the bomb exploded 💣 💥.

Ariana quickly collapsed.


I breathed heavily as I recalled all we went through.

I quickly brought out the money Kyla gave me.

“I think this will be enough for Ariana and I to travel to Cebu City tonight” I said calmly.

“Nanny!” Ariana called as she gently opened her eyes.

“Baby! Thank goodness you are awake now… Come on get up! We have to leave right now” I said as she sat on the bed confused.

“Leave? Where to?” She asked

“Cebu City! You don’t want the wicked kidnappers to come back for us… Do you?” I asked as she shook her head.

“No nanny” She said

“Then move it! Put on your sandals let’s get going!” I said

“But nanny! Why don’t we go back to the mansion?” Ariana asked childishly

“No baby! The kidnappers might come back to take us if we do! We have to leave here” I said

“But we don’t have any house in Cebu City” Ariana said

“That’s where my mom and my little sister lives” I said calmly

“Nanny! Please don’t ever leave me alone OK!” Ariana cried

“Sure baby! I will never do that” I said as we hugged each other.

I quickly wore a hood so that I wouldn’t be recognized.

I also wore Ariana a hood and we headed straight to the park.


I paid for the tickets and were about to enter the bus.

Suddenly I heard someone’s voice.

“Hey! You…the lady with a child” the voice yelled at me and Ariana.

I became very scared.

I froze in shock….

🤔Who could that be? 🤔

I pray Ariana and Lissa are safe

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