Episode 29

The unknown’s Pov:

My cell phone rang aloud and I quickly picked it up.

It was Helen… The lawyer that is working with us.

📱Hello📱 my voice echoed

📱Boss! There’s something very important you need to know… It is very urgent boss and if you fail to take quick action (Scoffs) you might lose all you’ve been striving for📱 Helen said as I stood up in annoyance.

📱Go straight to the point Helen📱 I yelled angrily

📱It’s about Sharon…📱Helen said as I inhaled sharply

📱What about her?📱I asked

📱She’s getting married to Mr Rodney Sanchez tomorrow 📱Helen said and I smiled calmly

📱Of course it’s a fake marriage 📱I said relaxed

📱Boss she’s back stabbing you! The marriage is a valid one… She’s deviating from the initial plans📱Helen said as I flared up.

📱That animal! How dare Sharon? Does she think she can double cross me? I will make life miserable for that bch!📱I panted heavily in anger.

I hung up in so much anger as I threw the cell phone away.

“Sharon just requested for trouble and she will definitely get enough of it…. I will finish her myself” I said

“Jack! Jack!!” I screamed as Jack rushed into the room.

“Yes boss!” He answered

“Get ready for war! Fill my gun with lots of bullets cos am going to scatter that butch’s brain all by myself” I said

“Boss are you going to reveal your identity?” Jack asked

“Yes Jack! And I will kill Sharon all by myself for betraying me… That slut I picked up from the gutters and cleaned her up! Sharon was nothing but a call girl until I gave her this contract… I will surely rip her heart out of her skin” I said as anger burnt through me.

😳This is w ar! 😳


Lissa’s Pov:

I was heading to the market with a tray of rice cakes on my head.

That’s what I hawk in the market just to make ends meet.

Ariana just stays at home with my mother.

She keeps her company and runs some light errands for her.

Actually Jessy and I hawk that everyday….

I hawk around the market while she hawks rice cakes on the streets.

“Buy your delicious rice cakes!” I kept screaming

Suddenly my eye caught something.

A newspaper hanged at a vendor’s shop….

“Excuse me sir! Can I get a copy of that newspaper” I said sharply to the vendor.

“10 bucks miss!” He said as I nodded and brought out some money from my purse.

He handed the newspaper to me and I gave him the money.

I quickly kept my tray of rice cakes and unfolded the newspaper.

“Mr Rodney Sanchez…the CEO of Sanchez’s group of companies is getting married tomorrow to his beautiful fiancee Sharon Acosta” I read as my eye popped up in shock.

“Sir Rodney? Getting married to Sharon?” I asked myself as I quickly rushed home to break the news to Ariana.


Ariana’s Pov:

“Come on mother! I want to hear more of the folktales please…” I pleaded

“Aren’t you tired of listening to my boring stories Ari?” Nanny Lissa’s mom smiled

“Of course not mother! They are not boring… It’s very interesting” I giggled

“Really child?” She asked feigning a surprise look.

“Mother am very sure!” I laughed

“Alright my child… I will tell you one more story and after that you will have to take your nap OK?” Nanny Lissa’s mom said

“OK mother!” I said

“Alright… Once upon a time in the animal world, there lived a very wicked tortoise.. It was so cruel and greedy and there also lived a white fowl, the fowl was contented with what it had… And one more thing… The fowl has a white shoe… It was so beautiful and everyone likes the shoe” She said and paused and I gulped in curiosity.

Then she continued…

“And the tortoise was jealous and envious of the fowl and wanted the shoe very badly… So one day the tortoise planned to steal the shoe so…..”Nanny Lissa’s mom was cut short by Nanny Lissa’s yell from outside.

“Ariana! Ariana!! You really need to see this…” She screamed and rushed into the house.

Gezz! She just ruined in the moment…

“What is it nanny?” I asked as she panted heavily.

She handed the newspaper she was holding to me.

I read the caption and gasped.

“What? Sharon and daddy are getting married? No way!” I screamed in annoyance

“Get prepared Ariana! We are going to Manila first thing tomorrow morning” Nanny Lissa said and I nodded

“Yes nanny! There will be no wedding tomorrow” we stared at each other and smiled.

I quickly rushed out and started packing.

“Manila here we come” I smirked


Sharon’s Pov:

I smiled broadly as I looked at my expensive wedding gown.

🎶 Here comes the bride 🎶

🎶 Here comes the groom 🎶

🎶 Approaching the altar 🎶

🎶 together we remain 🎶

I sang heartily as I laughed excitedly.

“Tomorrow I will officially become the First Lady… the wife of Rodney Sanchez” I said happily.

I picked up the expensive shoes and smiled.

“Sparkling shoes! I shall fit my precious legs into this” I said in pride.

“And I will be addressed as Mrs Sharon Sanchez… What an honor!” I said happily as I catwalked and happily laid on the bed.

And the day we all are waiting for…..


Aren’t you eager to see how tomorrow will be?

I can’t wait!

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