Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 71

Martin’s Pov;

I handed the nylon to Arya’s aunt who gasped in shock.

“All this for my Arya?” She asked with her palms covering her mouth.

“Yes ma’am…. And here I got her a teddy to wish her safe recovery” I gave the lady who smiled broadly at me.

“Arya has such good friends…. You still remembered her even if she’s lying in a hospital bed” She said.

“It’s nothing ma’am…” I smiled softly.

The lady placed the teddy right beside Arya and dropped the bag too.

“Thank you so much” She thanked immensely.

“Once again… This isn’t a thing ma’am” I chuckled.

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“So who should I tell her have the gift?” She asked as I gulped nervously.

I turned my gaze to Sofia who winked at me and nodded to assure me that it’s ok if I tell her my name.

“Uhmmm… Tell her Martin did” I said sluggishly.

“Alright then dear… Thank you once again for the gifts” She said as I nodded.

“We should be on our way now aunt” Sofia said.

“Already? Thoughy you guys would stay longer huh?” She sadly muttered.

“We would have wanted to aunt but we have many things to attend to so don’t worry we will come back later and then she should be awake” I assured her.

“Okay then dearies” She said as we waved her goodbye before leaving.

We walked straight to the garage and hopped into the car.

I drove out of the hospital’s compound with Sofia sitting beside me.

We were both silent and my mind didn’t stop wandering.

Even with the bandages on her face,,,, I still think of her as beautiful.

I mean it sounds really crazy to think that I find her beautiful even without seeing her face.

“When is she going to be discharged?” I broke the silence as Sofia breathed heavily.

“Anytime soon according to the doctor” She said uncertainly.

“I wish her speedy recovery as soon as possible…. She should really be healthy before the vacation runs out” I replied.

“Thank you so much Martin for caring about my best friend” Sofia said with a smile.

“That’s nothing! I just thought it is just to come see my classmate who was hospitalized” I said.

“Many people won’t do that… I mean after the fracas you had with my friend” She said politely.

“That’s not a problem… I’ve long forgotten about those! Bygones should be bygones” I said as she smiled.

“And I never knew I could ever sit this close to you as well” She joked as we shared a laugh.

“I don’t bite” I laughed as I continued driving.

And this time in silence.

But then my cell phone rang aloud…..

I picked it up and looked at the phone’s screen.

It was Idris.


Idris’s Pov:

“No… This fking ridiculous and unbelievable” Anita screamed on top of her voice.

“Are you trying to tell me that Martin went to see the new girl in the hospital where she was hospitalized?” Olivia scoffed in disbelief.

“That’s it girls so we came before him to see Kimberly but he will be here in no time” Lucas said.

“What the fk are you saying Lucas? Why would Martin go to see that Arya in the first place?” Olivia snorted.

“To think that he chose to see her first before his very own girlfriend sounds more unbelievable” Anita added.

“But he didn’t say he wasn’t going to come see your best friend” I sharply cut them off.

“Even at that… He still went to see that Arya instead of his very own Kimberly” Olivia sighed.

“So who made you both a judge over his life? He can choose to do whatever he likes and you are not allowed to snoop around” I defended him.

Gosh…. I hate this ladies!!

I wonder what my friend ever saw in that rude arrogant girl that calls herself Kimberly.

She carries herself just like a peacock.

“I just want you guys to know that he will be here before you know it” Lucas said.

“Oh please Lucas you caused all this with your big mouth” I shouted at him before walking away.

I dialed his number immediately as I left the place where Lucas and Kim’s friends were.

“Hello man!” His voice echoed out of my phone’s speaker.

“Where the fk are you dude? You need to come over here” I said.

“Why? What happened?” he sluggishly asked.

“Come on man! You should know what am talking about… We are at your girlfriend’s…. Lucas insisted we go see her before you” I explained.

“What?? What did you guys tell them?” He asked anxiously this time.

“Lucas spilled everything and told her friend’s the truth that you went over to see Arya at the hospital” I told him.

“God! What? Why the he.ll did he do that? Has he gone bananas or something?” He screamed almost breaking my eardrums.

“This is no time to get mad just come over here” I said before hanging up the call.

He should be here quickly before Kim’s Mom heard about this and matters escalate.


Aliyah’s Pov:

I hopped into the car and Leo drove out immediately.

I was trying everything possible so that our eyes don’t meet.

I don’t know why but after what he told me yesterday I kind of feel uncomfortable when with him.

And that’s really strange cos I don’t normally feel that way when it comes to him.

He also looked like he wanted to tell me something but he didn’t say anything.

Could it be he wanted to confess his feeling truly?

I think so but what if that isn’t what’s bothering him and am misunderstanding.

Thoughts kept running through my mind and I didn’t even know which one to believe or not.

“Have you seen him again?” Leo suddenly broke the silence.

“Seen who?” I stared at him in confusion.

“Am talking about him” he said making me confused the more.

“Who is him? Is it the business partner? Well if it is then I met him at the….” I tried to explain.

“That’s not what am talking about and that isn’t who am talking about” He replied as he turned to me.

“Then what exactly are you talking about?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Am talking about your baby daddy” He said as I choked immediately.

I coughed slightly as I cleared my throat.

“What are you trying to say? Or should I say what exactly are you insinuating?” I gulped nervously.

“I wasn’t insinuating anything… I was just asking if you have seen him again after the last time you told me you saw him” He said as I shook my head negatively.

“I haven’t seen him since then” I replied.

“Do you still want to see him?” He asked.

And this time I couldn’t control myself so I coughed loudly.

Then I made for my cell phone…..

“Fifteen missed calls??? I missed Dora’s calls” I changed the topic immediately.

“Dora called you?” He asked.

“Yes she did… She must be so worried I didn’t even call her last night to inform her that I got to your place safe and sound” I sighed.

“Then we should hurry before she gets heart attack” he jokingly said as we shared a laugh.


Arya’s Pov:

I gradually opened my eyes and looked around.


Am sick and tired of being in this hospital like the smell I perceive here is really awful..

To think that I’ve been in this hospital for closely one month or maybe more than a month makes me so annoyed.

I miss doing things my way and not being aided to do almost everything.

Treated like a child and not even allowed to make decisions on my own.

Have you ever been in this shoe of mine before?

Like I feel so useless here in this hospital.

The worst part of it all is boredom…. Thank goodness for Sofia who keeps me busy with her chitchat.

Else I wouldn’t have died of this predicament of mine but would have died of boredom.

That’s even the least of it,,,, should we talk about the bandage on my face.


That one is the worst burden in the whole universe.

I can’t wait to have this removed from my face as soon as possible.

No one is in the ward with me so I looked around and sighed.

But then I sighted something beside me.

You wouldn’t blame me if I didn’t see it earlier I mean with all the bandages on my face.

I can barely see…..

It was a blue teddy bear… And goodness! It looks so beautiful.

I smiled immediately I saw the teddy bear beside me.

I saw a label tagged to it so I read it out loudly.

“Get well soon Arya” I read and smiled broadly.

Who could have gotten this for me?

I guess it’s aunt Dora cos I know how much she likes teddies too.

“This is so cute” I chuckled as I pecked the teddy bear.

I was still holding it when Aunt Dora walked in with a broad smile.

“I see you already like the teddy?” She asked with her cool smile.

“Oh Aunt….” I giggled.

“You like the teddy my darling?” She winked at me as I chuckled.

“I do aunt…. It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much for this get well soon gift you got me,,, I really appreciate it and I love it” I pecked the teddy again.

“Am glad you liked it but my darling I wasn’t the one who gave you that” She replied.

“Huh? It wasn’t you who got me a teddy bear?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Yes sweetie! I wasn’t the one who got this teddy for you” She repeated.

“Was it uncle Leo who got it for me?” I asked again.

“Wrong guess again….” She laughed.

“Then who? I know my Mom would never get a teddy bear cos she doesn’t like them” I said with so much assurance.

“Well your best friend Sofia came here earlier this morning and…” Aunt Dora started.

“Sofia came here? Where is she aunt? Why did she leave?” I cried out.

“She left with the one who got you the teddy and she promised to come back this afternoon” Aunt Dora said sitting close to my bed.

“I can’t wait for her to come… So who was it that gave me the teddy? You said the person came with her right?” I asked.

“Well yess… He also got some fruits and beverages for you” She said.

“He? So it’s a guy? Who is he?” I asked eagerly.

“He said his name is err… What’s that name again…. Martin” She said as I gasped.

“Martin???” I widened my eyes in shock.


Stranger’s Pov:

I hastened my steps as I followed the janitor into the room.

Thankfully he didn’t notice that I was following him…

Of course the hospital is too big for him to even notice that someone was following him.

I got into the room too and that was when he noticed…

I quickly turned the light off!

I took out of my trouser my gun and pointed it at him as he shivered in fear with his hands up in the air.

He looked so scared as he stared at me with fear written all over him but that’s not why am here.

“Please spare my life Sir…. Please sir do not shoot me I haven’t done anything wrong to you in any way” He pleaded.

” Shut the fk up” I gritted my teeth as he shivered the more.
“Pull off your uniform and hand it over to me immediately” I ordered.

“Sir?” he answered again maybe to be sure that he wasn’t hearing wrong.

“I said take off your uniform and hand it over to me right now” I commanded him and he quickly took off the clothes and gave them to me.

I quickly walked to him and placed a handkerchief on his nose and he passed out…..


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