Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 75

Arya’s Pov:

My eyes widened in shock as I looked through the door and who I saw made me shocked the more.

“Hi” he waved at me as I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

“You? What are you doing here?” I managed to ask.

That was all I could say since I was really so shocked.

“Am here to see how you are doing and say hi to you” He smiled at me as I gulped hard.

I turned to look at my girlfriend who eyed me immediately.

“Nothing really… I just came to see how you’re doing” He smiled at me to my greatest surprise.

“Wait… You mean you actually came to see how am doing?” I scoffed.

“Yes and I also want to know if you really loved the teddy?” He chuckled.

“So it’s actually true that you are the one who gifted me that teddy?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Yes I did… Don’t you like it? If you don’t then I will get another one just describe how you want it to be then it’s done” he said as I shook my head in disagreement.

“Nope… I really like the teddy so much and I want to say thank you” I snapped immediately.

“You like it?” He sounded so happy.

“Yes I did and I will love to thank you again immensely for the teddy” I said as he nodded his head.

“And you even got me an ice cream” I said as I turned to the nylon on the bed.

“Yes I thought you would like that too so I had to drop by and get you that” He said.

Is this really happening for real or is this a dream?

How come he is being so kind and lovely all of a sudden?

Is this really the guy I slapped in the school cafeteria or is it someone else cos I can’t still believe my eyes.

He is acting all nice and kind like we have been friends from kindergarten when I know we are worst enemies.

I can’t remember both of us apologizing to each other or something.

“How did you know I like coldstone ice cream? Am sure that isn’t a coincidence too” I asked.

Sofia coughed slightly immediately she heard me say that.

She scratched her head but still kept quiet.

“Tell me the truth… How did you know I like coldstone ice cream?” I asked with a smile.

“I actually wanted to buy it so I had to ask someone to know if you like it” He chipped in.

“And I know she told you that I liked it right?” I burst into laughter as we shared a laugh.

“Why are you calling my name now? What have I got to do with the ice cream?” Sofia pouted her mouth.

“Too bad…. Your friend knows exactly the kind of friend she has” idris laughed.

“Well she can’t say I told him anything.. did she see me telling him anything?” She said with a smile.

“All the same thank you again Martin” I said as he smiled then placed his hand on top of mine.

I couldn’t hold back the surprise anymore so I had to gasp a little.

What the he.ll is he trying to do?

What if that girlfriend of his comes in?

I managed to hold myself until they left before I could pour out my mind to my girlfriend.

I’ve been holding myself back all the while just so i won’t be seen as ungrateful.


Martin’s Pov:

As I drove in my car I couldn’t help but smile broadly at nothing.

The fact that am at least friends with her already makes me so happy.

We are no longer the enemies we used to be and that’s a very good development.

“What the he.ll is wrong with you Martin? Why is your whole body smiling?” Idris snapped.

I gulped hard as I scratched my head a little before looking away.

“What do you mean by my whole body smiling?” I tried to sound annoyed but it wasn’t working.

“Isn’t it obvious? Ever since we got out from the hospital you have been so happy like you won a lottery or should I say like you got a visa” He replied.

“Am just happy or is it now a crime bring happiness?” I shrugged.

“In as much as it’s not a crime for you to be happy like you said you are acting crazy like a lunatic” He said as I gulped hard.

“I don’t understand you… Was I screaming or did I remove my shirt for you to say am acting like a lunatic?” I tried to cover myself up.

“Just quit the pretence already and tell me what exactly you are up to” He sighed.

“Isn’t it obvious that I keep falling even if I try to hold myself” I opened up immediately.

“I knew it… I know and I support your love for Arya but what about that wtch on the hospital bed” Idris worried.

“I don’t love her even from the start and you know that too right?” I exhaled deeply.

“I know but your family does and that’s what matters to them right?” He said.

“That’s not what matter… What matters is my happiness and I can assure you that am happy with her” I said as he nodded.

“I will encourage you to do what you really like” He said as I nodded.


Kim’s Pov:

I sipped the milkshake gradually with my friends still all around me.

I was still in the hospital yet to be discharged.

“You won’t believe what am about to tell you right now girlfriend” Olivia started.

“What’s that? Any latest gist?” I asked as she clapped her hands in gossip manner.

“What exactly are you talking about?” I asked staring at Anita who looked lost too.

“Your boyfriend went to see Arya the new girl in the hospital” Olivia said as I choked immediately coughing helplessly……..


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