Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 74

Martin’s Pov:

“So where exactly are you heading to Martin?” Idris asked as I drove him in my car.

“Why do you keep asking me that like am going to sell you off?” I laughed.

“Cos we know your heart is all on that girlfriend of yours” He sneered.

“Girlfriend? Well you should know what am not going to see Kimberly” I said immediately.

“So you think I see Kimberly as your girlfriend?” He scoffed.

“Isn’t that what it is man? Is she not the official girlfriend I have?” I shook my head.

“She might be the official girlfriend but I know where your heart lies my dear friend and it’s not with her” Idris laughed.

“Idris? What’s wrong with you? You think I already love Arya so much or something?” I smiled.

“Isn’t it obvious that you do? Was she not the one you went to see at the hospital?” Idris snapped.

“Well I just…. just went to…to…to see her cos she’s my classmate and I heard she was…she was hospitalized and it’s…it is only right for… for me to go see her” I stammered.

Idris burst into laughter as I rolled my eyes at him.

“What? What’s funny you dumb?” I groaned.

“Is she only your classmate? Like really?” He kept on laughing.

“Well what else do you think she is? She doesn’t even like me to start with so why the so much insinuation?” I replied.

“Well let’s keep watching if she will continue being just your classmate after the whole drama” He laughed.

“You’re just so bad minded that’s one of your problems” I chuckled.

“The thing is that am so in support of this Martin… You know that I never for once liked that girl you call your girlfriend Kimberly” He snorted.

“I know you never liked Kimberly even for a bit and you never even supported our relationship” I laughed.

“She’s just too proud of herself and that’s what I hate so much about her… You should have seen how happy I was when Arya stood up to her when others students tremble only when they hear her voice” He said.

“To be honest her bravery made me like her guts and her too” I finally opened up.

“Now he has finally admitted that he likes her afterall” He nudged.

“You’re really silly… You made me say that didn’t you?” I laughed.

“Well it’s good you are finally loving her cos that’s the right thing than to be with that peacock of yours” He said as we shared a laugh.


Kim’s Pov:

I sipped the yoghurt slowly as mom watched me keenly.

“So what’s the next step Mom? What did the doctor say?” I asked with a teary voice.

“He said he found a trace of one substance in your blood and that could possibly be the reason why you couldn’t remember somethings especially the last event that happened to you” Mom said.

“This is really getting me more than confused so how did the substance get into my body?” i asked anxiously.

“That is still the puzzle we are yet to solve… Everyone is just as confused as you are” Mom said.

I scooped the yoghurt into my mouth again.

“Whoever it was that stabbed me really covered his or her track properly” I said.

“Honestly I don’t know what to think anymore and the police will soon be here” mom said.

“The police? What for?” I asked still scooping the yoghurt into my mouth.

“They said they would like to ask you some questions” Mom said as I scoffed.

“What questions would they possibly ask me that’s going to help? Don’t they understand a simple word? Don’t they understand that I fking don’t remember anything” I almost screamed.

“Calm down Kim…. They are just doing their job and you have to give them the chance to do it properly” Mom said.

“Mom their work is not going to help here… What exactly would I answer since I don’t even know what happened to my leg?” She cried.

“You don’t have to cry child… Am surely going to get justice for what happened to you and that’s a promise” Mom said as I hugged her tightly.


I glared hard at the inspector right in front of me with a paper.

“So tell me Miss Kim… Don’t you remember anything pertaining to what happened to you that landed you here in the hospital?” The inspector asked.

“Don’t tell me I have to keep repeating myself again and again inspector… Didn’t you hear from the doctor that am not yet that strong to keep talking and talking?” I sounded rude.

“This is for your own good Miss Kim… It will help us find the one that almost got you murdered” He said.

“Can’t you get it? I don’t remember any fking thing” I shouted on top of my voice.

“Calm down Miss Kim… I know how hurt you are but it will be better you keep your calm else we might conclude that you wanted to commit su¢ide” The inspector said.

I wanted to sprang up but the pain from the sound stopped me.

“How dare you say that? Why would I do such a thing inspector?” I burst into tears.

“Because you act like you don’t want the culprit to be caught” the inspector said.

“I just feel miserable that I can’t help out with finding who it was that almost killed me… I feel useless” I cried.

“You shouldn’t feel that way my dear…. Investigations are still going on and the culprit must be brought to book” The inspector promised.

“I just pray so that I can feel safe again” I said.

“So tell me… Do you know anyone who would want to do this to you?” The inspector asked.

I kept mute for sometime lost in thought.

“I would have said Arya but that isn’t possible cos she’s still in the hospital and I don’t think she can do something like that” I thought within myself.

“Do you know anyone?” The inspector’s voice brought me back to consciousness.

“No… I don’t really see any reason why someone would want to do something like this to me cos I haven’t wronged anyone” I became sobber.

“You don’t have to worry yourself my dear…we are definitely going to try our best to make sure the culprit is caught’ he said before walking away.

“Thanks inspector” I said still lost in my own thoughts.

Who could have the guts to $tab me of all people.

How I wish i could remember who it was so that the dmn person will pay dearly with his or her life.

That dmn person will pay dearly for trying to toy with me.

I don’t think anyone would have the guts to do anything to me in school.

Who could have gotten so courageous to coming to stab me???

This is all the fault of my god-dmned memories……


Arya’s Pov:

“Mommy when did the doctor said I will have to take this bandage off?” I asked anxiously.

“Very soon my darling… They just want your face to heal properly before you can take the stuff off your face that’s al” Mom said as she patted my hair.

“Thank you so so much Mom” I started.

“Why? Why are you thanking me baby?” Mom asked as she stared at me in surprise.

“Am really happy Mom cos you didn’t leave me… You were here with me even if it was tough for you” I said with a teary voice as my Mom smiled.

Tears circulated in her eyes as she smiled…. She pecked my forehead still wearing her smile.

” I will never ever leave you my dear child no matter what it is that is the problem… I will always be here for you because you are all I’ve got” She said as she patted my hair.

“I can’t wait to have my beautiful face back again so that I won’t have to put this uncomfortable bandage anymore” I said as mom and I shared a laugh.

“Of course you will have your face back once the doctor takes this bandage off then you will become very beautiful again like you have always been” my mom said

“Then I will go back to school to see my friends there…” I chuckled.

“But you know baby.. it would have been better if we leave Capetown to somewhere safer” Mom started.

My face countenance changed immediately mom said what she said.

“Why mom? Why would you say that? You know how much I love it here” I burst into tears.

“Come on my princess I didn’t say we are already leaving here… Am just suggesting that we should leave this place as soon as possible” Mom said calmly.

“I don’t want to leave Mom… I really don’t want to leave Capetown… I love it here mom and I don’t want to leave my friends behind! Am tired of being a tramp mom” I continued sobbing.

“Of course not baby… We are not tramps and you know that right?” Mom said as I shook my head in disbelief.

“Do we need anyone to tell us that we are when we keep moving from place to place like we don’t have a home” I sniffed hard.

“Well anything you want my daughter… All I want is for you to get and never to get hurt again cos I won’t be able to take that” Mom said.

“I won’t get hurt anymore mom… As you can see am already fine mom” I said as my mom smiled broadly.

“I know you are and will continue being ok” Mom kissed my forehead.

Just then the door creaked open and Sofia walked into the ward.

“Hey girlfriend” Sofia called with a nylon on her hand.

“Oh… Good day aunt” she greeted my mom.

“Good day to you too my dear… How are you doing?” My mom asked as she stood up.

“Am doing great aunt and you?” Sofia replied but my eyes were still fixed on the nylon she was holding.

“Good too my dear… I’ll leave you too to chat for a while… Call me when you need me my darling” Mom said as I nodded and she walked out of the room.

“What’s that you are holding?” I asked still looking at her hand.

“Can’t you ever get your eyes off this nylon you glutton” she laughed so hard.

“Shut up $illy… What the fvck are you holding already before I smack your face then you will have to come to the hospital to stay with me for good” I teased as we shared a laugh.

“Well it’s from someone that’s all I can tell you” She said as I feigned anger.

“Who is that person? Tell me already” I glared hard at her.

“Why are you being so nosy huh? You can never get your eyes off this… Can you?” She laughed.

“This isn’t funny cos am not finding it funny… Why aren’t you telling me what’s that and who gave you that?” I eyed her.

“You already know what it is so why do you have to keep asking?” She sighed.

“Fine… Let me stop pretending like I don’t know that’s coldstone ice cream already” I chuckled letting the cat out of the bag.

“Good… So what else do you want to know when you already know it’s coldstone ice cream” She sighed loudly.

“I want to know where you got it from and from who” I bit my lower lip.

“The truth is that this isn’t for me in the first place am only going to deliver it to the owner” She said.

I arched my eyebrows in confusion.

“You’re going to deliver it to the owner? What do you mean?” I asked anxiously.

“The gift is yours…” she said as I gasped in excitement and took the nylon from her.
“From who?” I asked quickly.

“Him… She pointed at the door.

I gasped in shock ……


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