Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 73

Anita’s Pov:

Olivia and I hopped into her car as her driver drove us out of the hospital.

“We’ll go to the new restaurant first” Olivia ordered him.

“Alright ma’am” The man replied immediately.

I was quiet the whole time pondering on what exactly happened at the hospital.

Why didn’t she remember anything concerning what happened to her?

That is so strange!

She didn’t incur any wound or something on her head so why is she losing some memories?

“Aren’t you surprised at what happened at the hospital today?” I asked.

“Am more shocked than you are my dear friend… Like I don’t just understand what happened” She scoffed.

“I mean how could she have forgotten everything about that incident?” I shook my head in disbelief.

“I don’t think that is ordinary… I really think something is wrong somewhere” She said.

“You are not the only one that thinks that way I mean of all things why should she forget the last thing that happened to her?” I gulped.

“This is really bad… How then would Aunt Felicia find out who it was that $tabbed her since she can’t even remember if she was $tabbed?” Olivia asked.

“I don’t know….” I shrugged.

“Whoever it is that $tabbed our friend had his or her plan mapped accurately” I bit my fingers.

“I still think Kimberly should be really careful cos we haven’t find the culprit who almost killed her” Olivia said.

“We are here ma’am” the driver said as he pulled over in front of the classy restaurant.

“Good” Olivia said as we picked up our handbags and clutched the handbags to our arms.

“We will be out in Forty five minutes or less” Olivia said before we slammed the doors and walked into the restaurant.

“Wow! This restaurant is really nice” I said looking around the restaurant.

“Well yeah… It was newly opened and I was even among the first vip customers on their launching day” Olivia smiled.

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me about it? You know how much I love good new restaurants at least for a change” I said.

“That’s what doing right? This is my way of showing you the restaurant” She replied.

“A little too late… Where do we settle down cos damn famished.. am just trying so hard not to belch like a local girl” I whispered as she chuckled.

“I made a reservation” Olivia said as we walked straight to the receptionist.

“Good day” We greeted her as she smiled warmly at us.

“Good day ladies… How do I help you ma’am?” She asked cheerfully.

“I made reservation here” Olivia said.

“Miss Olivia George??” She asked.

“Yes… That’s me” Olivia replied her sharply as she nodded.

“This way please ma’am” She pointed to us the direction and we walked along.

We walked into the reserved table and sat on the chair.

“Mmhh…. Impressive” I smiled as we high five.

The meals was served right on the table in front of us piping hot.

It was chicken and chips with some ketchup.

“Let’s eat” I said as we clinked our glasses together.


Arya’s Pov:

“Are you being serious here?” I almost screamed on top of my voice.

“Honestly… She also is in the hospital as we speak” Sofia continued gisting me.

“What exactly led to her being in the hospital?” I asked anxiously.

“She was $tabbed and surprisingly she was $tabbed right inside the school compound” Sofia disclosed.

“What?” I covered my mouth with my palms in shock.

“To be frank with you we are all so surprised how such a thing happened right inside the school compound” she continued.

“Isn’t that ridiculous? How sure are you guys that it was really inside the school compound?” I arched my eye brows.

“How else can we be so sure than that she was found in the pool of her own blood by the school garage?” She snorted.

“My goodness! This is really such a shock… Does that mean we are no longer safe even right inside the school compound?” I worried.

“The security guards said they are so sure that no one entered the school compound except the students” She said.

“Oh my gosh… Does that mean it was a student who $tabbed her?” I asked.

“Exactly… You need to see how interrogations kept going on still the police couldn’t find anything or any trace of who it was that did that to her” Sofia sneered.

“This is indeed so surprising…. So tell me how is Kim doing? Has she woken up?” I asked concerned.

“Well yes… I heard she already regained consciousness” She said.

“Then what? Was she able to see the face of the one that $tabbed her?” I asked eagerly.

“She wasn’t… She doesn’t remember anything” Sofia shook her head.

“You mean she does not know the person? Was the person masked or something?” I asked.

“Masked? She can’t even remember what happened to her… Like she doesn’t recall anything that happened that day” Sofia rolled her eyes.

“What? How is that possible? Is she suffering from amnesia?” I scratched my head.

“She’s not suffering from amnesia… She just doesn’t remember what happened to her that fateful day… She doesn’t even remember she was $tabbed” Sofia said as I gasped.

“Huh? This is really complicated… How is that even possible? Does she have any wound on her head?” I asked.

“She doesn’t and that’s what got everyone surprised” she said.

“My goodness… Something miraculous really is happening” I shook my head.

“Honestly… We don’t even know what to conclude” She replied.

I was so confused myself as I shook my head in disbelief.

Then i realized I was still with the blue teddy bear.

“Uhmm… That reminds me Sofia do you know who got me this teddy bear?” I asked her with furrowed eyebrows.

She smiled broadly.

“You won’t believe who actually got you that teddy” She laughed.

“Who? Who was it that brought the teddy to me?” I asked eagerly.

“Didn’t you ask your Aunt Dora?” She continued laughing.

“Come on now Sofia… Stop being so annoying and tell me who it was that got this teddy for me” I rolled my eyes at her.

“The least person you could think of… Alright guess” She chuckled.

“You of all people should know am not a good guesser so why would you tell me to guess when you know am not good at that” I feigned anger.

“Am doing you a favor here by telling you who it is so stop being angry or behaving like you are paying me for disclosing such an essential information” She continued laughing.

“Alright…. please just tell me already! I can’t wrap my head around what my Aunt Dora is talking about” I said.

“What did she say?” Sofia asked.

“Tell me already Sofia and stop keeping me waiting” I cried out.

“Fine…I’ll tell you who it was that gifted you that” she finally said.

Smiles escaped my lips immediately she told me that she was going to tell me who it was.

“Good… Am waiting! Who was it?” I asked.

“It was…. Martin” She said as I gasped.

“What?” I freaked out.

“You heard me! Isn’t that what you want to know huh? So why are you suddenly screaming now?” She shook her head.

“Enough of the jokes already… I know Martin can never come to see me in the hospital talk more of getting me a gift! Look if at all he came to see me here in the hospital it will be to check if am truly dead or still breathing” I signed.

“But am not telling you a lie here girlfriend… Am being very honest here” She said.

“Are you serious? Like Martin got this teddy for me? How did he know my favourite colour?” I asked with pooped out eyes.

“I don’t know… All I know is that he suddenly called me up asking me to meet him up,,, at first I didn’t want to go see him knowing how pompous he could be! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him say he wanted to see me” She started.

“And?”I asked again.

“Calm down already Arya… Am telling you what happened” She rolled her eyes.

“Am sorry girlfriend! Am just too surprised and eager to know what really happened” I said.

“Then I went to meet him then he asked about you and which hospital you were admitted and I told him so he pleaded with me to take him here” Sofia narrated.

“He pleaded with you? Like the arrogant Martin I know pleaded with you to take him to see me here in the hospital?” I asked in confusion.

“Yes… I was surprised myself so then I took him here after so much hesitation with him promising he wasn’t going to do anything bad but to come see you then he gifted you the teddy” She replied.

“My goodness… Unbelievable things keep on happening and am too shocked to say a word” I marvelled.

“Really weird… I can’t bring myself to believe all these” She added.

I scratched my head and scoffed in disbelief.

“Martin?” I muttered within myself.


Patrick’s Pov:

“My goodness… You mean she can’t remember a thing?” I asked the caller I was on phone with.

“Surprisingly she can’t remember any single thing… She does not even know that she was $tabbed” The caller said.

“This is really ridiculous… Who could have $tabbed her?” I tried to sound innocent.

“Everyone is as surprised as you are or even more surprised than you are” The caller replied.

“That is really such a shock…. What are they doing about it then since she can’t identify who it was that stabbed her that fateful day?” I asked eagerly.

“Everyone is really confused even the police too are stranded….. She’s still in confusion cos she only does not identify the one who stabbed her but she doesn’t even remember being $tabbed that very day” The caller scoffed.

“This is really terrible so we can’t be in school in peace?” I sounded like I was really scared.

“Unfortunately yes…. That’s the scary thing about school cos you never can tell what will happen to you next cos I think murderers are now in the school” The scared caller said.

I smiled crazily….

If only she knows that the so called murderer they are looking for is right here with them asking how everything is going.

“You are right… We call just need to be very careful” i said.

“Alright…. I have to go now” The caller said before I hung up.

I laughed hysterically with so much excitement….

How did my mom do it???

How was she able to make her lose her memories of what happened to her that fateful day?

Isn’t Mom such a confusing person???

I need to find out from her how she was able to do the magic cos this is more like a magic to me if not for what she did then I should be in a prison by now and nothing will save me cos that witch called Kimberly will surely tell them that I was the one who $tabbed her.

I hope her memory continue being lost forever…..

I rushed downstairs immediately to meet my Mom at the sitting room seeing a movie on the television.

“How did you do it Mom?” I asked sharply as she turned to me with a wild smile.

“Do what exactly son?” She smiled mischievously this time.

“You know exactly what am talking about Mom” I smiled broadly.

“it is called wisdom son” Mom laughed……


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