Episode 32

“Yes, I should bid you farewell decently, if you’re leaving” he told her again as he stood over her, his gaze hovering all over her delicate features. “Don’t look at me like that” Valerie stammered as she kept stepping back each time he got close enough to make her feel his breathe on her face.

Leonard kept covering the space between them until Valerie was trapped between him and a wall. “I’m going to scream if you touch me” she threatened and Leonard grinned involuntarily, his dimples appearing as his face lowered over hers.

“I’m not going to touch you, I promise. I’ll only hold you to keep you from falling” he assured her “and yes my love, feel free to scream when the fire gets too intense for this man here isn’t going to hold back tonight.” He informed her before his lips covered hers.

Valerie was angry with herself, because even though she had been willing herself to stand firm with her resolve to walk away, her body was quivering and her lips parting shamelessly as his face inched closer.

Her betraying throat even let a soft m.oan escape as soon as his lips touched hers, and her hands moved to hold his face as his tongue kept frolicking the interiors of her mouth.

“Why does he have this kind of power over me? Why is he able to make my knees buckle so easily? Oh what a shame that his assertion that I’d need him to keep me from falling is coming true again!” She worried as she found herself melting into him, her entire being getting consumed by the kss.

Valerie tried to hold onto her resolve one more time. To pull out of the kss and tell him how she wasn’t ready to be with him, but when she did pull out from the kss, she didn’t expect Leonard to let her go, yes he did, and she had the walls to thank for the support that kept her from falling.

He stood in front of her looking at her strangely and waiting for her to make her next move. She was confused at first, not knowing what he was up to, but when she had gathered the courage to say a word, he surprised her with his next move.

Leonard bent down and scooped her off the floor, taking giant strides towards his bedroom. “Put me down you pünk. Put me down will you?” Valerie screamed, so afraid of what she could allow him do to her.

He laid her carefully on the bed and jumped besides her instantly. “What are you doing Leo? Let me go at once” she demanded as he lay close to her, letting his hands hug her firmly to himself.

“Baby, I’ve told you that I’m sorry, I’ve assured you that I’ll never let myself get into any form of troubles ever again, but it seems you don’t understand how sorry this man is, so I have to show you. I have to show you how sorry I am my love” he told her and swooped on her again, kssing her in places he’d never ventured to before.

Valerie was shivering and wincing as though in pains as her delicate front twins got tormented for the first time. Leonard’s lip was hovering over one, while his fingers nibbled the other in so much expertise and passion that Valerie knew she was going to dïe of pleasure.

“Is this what it meant to be in bed with a man? Oh no! I have always willed not to let a man bed me until my wedding night. Why is Leonard making me lose my mind?” she thought as her hand moved to his head, pressing it to herself, yes, demanding for more.

Her m®an filled the room as he kept doing those things to her. “Why did you hurt me? Why do you let them come between us?” she cried sometime in between the touches.

“I have no excuse my love. I take full responsibility for my actions, but you can’t let me drown in this pain and failure. You can’t let those baddies have their way with me, no my love, you won’t make them succeed in ruining the beautiful thing we share. Please my empress, give us one more chance, and I’ll spend the rest of my days with you, showing you how much I can fïght for us” he pleaded again

“You promise never to let your hands touch any other woman? You promise never to let me find you anywhere close to another girl?” she asked him childishly.

“Cross my heart a thousand times, I’d dying if I ever betray you and our love” he told her, sitting up to cross his chest with his hands, not caring if she was sounding like a child. He was ready and willing not to ever let anyone f?õl him again.

He knew Mary wouldn’t see the light of day again, not when Tricia was on her case for making a move on her man. He didn’t have to worry about Vivian, she was getting married to her partner in crïme, but even if these women and a thousand of their kind teamed up to hatch another plan to mess him up, he’d never fall for their gimmicks again.

Valerie was very happy, seeing how serious Leonard appeared and how solemnly he had promised to be by her sides. She sat up herself and gave him a quick kss on his lips, before jumping out of the bed.

“Then I’m going to show you what I planned for us tonight before those scoundrêl got on our way” she said, racing to the sitting room to get what she brought in her handbag when she left the Spa.

While Valerie and Leonard were making up and making out, Vivian was explaining what she went to do in Leonard’s house to Jeremy. He was looking at her fiercely and making her shiver in fear with this hostile voice.

“So you expect me to believe he didn’t try to get into your pa.nts? You want me to assume that you just went in, picked your stuffs and came out of that house without getting any physical contact with him?” He asked her, looking very upset with her

“Believe me Jeremy, I only went there because I needed to get my stuffs and to tell him that we’re together. I needed to make him see there’d never be anything between me and him ever. And that’s all” she assured him, walking closer to him. But when she got closer to him, he could smell the alc?hol in her breath.

“Oh! So while you were telling him it was indeed over between you two, he managed to get you take a shot of whiskey?” he asked her in obvious sarcasm and disgust.

She opened her mouth to talk and he made her close it with a shove. “Shut it bïtch! Enough of your lies. I may not know why you chose to pin your pregnancy on me, I don’t know why you chose to come to my sides pretending to want me, but I know just what I can do to you when that child is born and its not mine. I know what I’d do to you when I find you cheating on me.

You must know that I am not that weakling you called a husband. I won’t find a man on you and turn around to leave. I’ll tear you apart after I’ve separated the man’s balls from his freaking body” he screamed at her before pushing her roughly out of his way.

Vivian sat frightening on the couch she had fallen into. She couldn’t believe he could get so physical with her when she was still in the very early stage of her pregnancy. A pregnancy she knew he was too pleased and anxious to protect.

She shuddered as she thought of what he could do to her if he wasn’t being careful about the foetus in her. She could hear him shouting and shattering things in the bedroom, and she could tell he was indeed a scoundrêl.

“Am I sure I’m ready to take this long walk with this man? Wouldn’t it be better if I returned to Leonard while I still can? But how can I do that with Mary already having his child in her? Oh Vivian, you have messed up!” She soliloquized, beginning to have a rethink about being with Jeremy.

He was indeed good in bed no doubt, he could take her to cloud nine with his wildness in bed, but that wasn’t all there was to life. How was she going to cope with being shouted at and being shoved at any slight provocation? Who knows, he may even hit her!

“Vivian, you have to calm down, he’ll change once this child is born”. She told herself again,trying to console herself and see the brighter side of the new relationship


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