Episode 33

The doctor had just finished examining Vince and was talking to the two love birds about his findings.

“I’m glad to announce to you Miss Tricia that your fiancé is very okay. He passed out because of the pressure the impact of the assault object exerted on certain vital organs of the body. But not to worry, the x-ray results here, shows everything is perfectly okay with him” the doctor assured Tricia.

“Thank you doctor. It’s quite a relief to hear that nothing had been tampered with. Thank you for attending to us as promptly as always” Tricia thanked him profusely.

“Thank you doctor Clement for the reassurance, but why do I still feel so heavy up here?” Vince asked, placing his hand over the back of his head.

“I really do not wish to go into the technicalities, but my friend, I can assure you that in a few days time, you’re going to feel as new as a baby; the pains all gone, because the pain you’re having now is more psychological than clinical” doctor Clement informed him

“I’ll take your word for it, you’re the professional after all. And once again, thanks for seeing us on such a short notice” Vince told the doctor, shaking his hand warmly as he got up to leave.

Vince and Tricia returned to the force headquarters to know how far the case instituted against Mary was going. They were glad to know that all the evidences they had got from the CCTV footages, plus the exhibits they found in Mary’s house were enough for them to put her 30 years away.

Mary was shocked at how fast and efficient the law enforcement agencies worked to ensure she was brought to book. She had been hoping that Vivian would somehow find a way of getting her out of that place after she was arrested.

But when she called Vivian to tell her of her predicament and what she needed her to do to save her, Vivian had handed the phone to Jeremy without hesitation. It was clear she didn’t want to talk to her.

“Why are you calling my woman Mary? I’m going to be nice and gentle with you today because I haven’t told you before. I don’t want you anywhere around her. She’s carrying my child, and we’d be signing the dotted lines in a few days, please stay away from her, you’re such as terrible person no reasonable person would want around his woman” Jeremy told Mary bluntly.

“So you’re reasonable now Jeremy? You’re now to be imagined a reasonable man because a woman who had liked you in bed had decided to abandon her husband for you and pinned a pregnancy on you while she was at it? No my dear, I won’t call that being reasonable” Mary taunted and Jeremy laughed coldly.

“Thanks for the information Mary, but let me worry about the paternity of that child, when its born, I know what to do. But I won’t let my first child be born by a woman who isn’t mine, so please stay the fcuk away from Vivian. I’m not going to sit by and watch you push her into a pit. Don’t dare me Mary!” Jeremy warned.

“Oh! Isn’t it so wonderful how you’re acting all doting and wonderful today? You could easily convince a f??l that you’re going to be a good husband and father, but you and I know Jeremy, you’re not going to stop jumping into different pants as payments for setting innocent ladies up. It’s now a part of your DNA” Mary fired at Jeremy.

“That’s enough ma’am” the officer she had seduced to allow her do her biddings told her, trying to get the phone out of her hands.

Mary cupped the receiver of the phone, to block the voices from her ends as she looked up at the officer, speaking quickly. “Just a second more, and I’ll make it up to you” she told him, winking flirtati?usly, and the already entrapped officer smiled happily, licking his lips in anticipation.

Mary said some more hurtful things to Jeremy before she eventually hung up. She wasn’t ready to take the fall alone. The agreement was to have Vivian help her get Leonard in exchange for her help to ensure Jeremy accepted her and the unborn child.

Not only had she been unable to get Leonard, she had lost her freedom as well. She even had to offer her body to the officer who had given her the phone to make the calls, to be able to reach out to people she thought would be willing to bail her out.

Turns out everyone wanted nothing to do with her. So she could as well make Vivian suffer. How dare Vivian imagine that she could go on and get married again and live happily with Jeremy and her child, while she lost Leonard and her freedom?

Not only was Vivian not willing to visit her in the facility where she was held in custody, she didn’t even.want to speak with her again, after she had told her of her predicament.

“I hope you have a painful life Vivian. If you hadn’t shown up in the first place, who knows, I would have been able to find a way to get Leonard back. But you came in, and made him rush into marriage with you for whatever reason. And then, you made him so obstinate about thinking of a place for me in his life. Look what you’ve done to me now!” Mary had cried

Tricia and Vince left the force headquarters happily after they had been assured of the prompt actions that would be taken on the findings they had gathered so far.

“Be rest assured that justice will prevail” they had been told, giving the the assurance that the law enforcement agencies could still be trusted.

“Thank you officer” Vince said warmly as he shook hands firmly with the officer and headed out with Tricia. “Good riddance to bad rubbiïsh” Tricia hissed as they walked out hand in hand


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